iPad Hook

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iPad Hook
Image by kentkb
Using a suction cup glass holder from a Garmin GPS system, I hooked it to the back of my iPad so it can be held one handed.
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Wifi symbol at iPad
Image by lottech
Wifi and symbol at iPad

Nothing Left To Say

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Nothing Left To Say
Image by michelle-robinson.com
~ 01.11.14 ~

Another day has come and gone
And I've been holding in
Not holding on

Feeling out of place, I
I'm wanting to escape, I
I pack my bags
With nothing left to say
- Late Night Alumni

Procamera 8

iPad ereader
Image by Constance Wiebrands
Note the onscreen reflection.


iPad Air
Image by makipapa

Just imagine that a phone of a screen size 9.7 inches isn't that commendable and that too unbelievable, but now the unbelievable has taken the shape of reality, in the form of apple ipad that is the new invention of apple and the effort imbedded in the phone cannot be explained in words. As the mobile phone gadget has more than what a kindle, palm top, laptop or a computer has. The technology is of that kind that is of the supreme nature. Now if one expects that  cheap ipad will be available than its a little tough and unfair to the efforts that are endeavored in the phone.

There is a lot in the apple ipad wifi is enabled in the phone, the option for 3G connectivity (data only), the miraculous feature of all is the 64GB in built storage (this is the maximum till date in any phone),  being very slim that is just 12.7 mm of waist line, the gadgetry phone has all in it and can stay on for 1 month during stand by,  Compatible with every iPhone app without any modifications, there is a ibook application, all this make the mobile phone a gadget, and the gadget a gizmo.  

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