iPhone Glass Replacement

iPhone repair shops have all of the details about iPhone problems first hand. Regular telephones are relatively inexpensive and to replace. However, replacing a broken iPhone is just too expensive to consider. Millions of new iPhones have been sold all over the world and as a result someday you may need to replace your iPhone's glass.  

Owners are constantly causing physical damage to their iPhones. They also lack the understanding of how to open and repair an iPhone. As a result there are numerous do it yourself repair videos out there. There are numerous people who aren't repair experts will try to open the iPhone 3G in the same way as the iPhone 2G. By doing so they are making a simple iPhone glass replacement job into a more expensive repair. There are only 2 small screws that have to be removed from the docking port in order to open the iPhone 3G. By placing a suction cup by the home button area, you can lift the glass away from the iPhone.

After this is done, you can proceed with your iPhone glass replacement on your iPhone 3G.

When you are servicing the 3GS phones, you should now that it opens like a 3G iPhone. Doing other repairs and replacement on the 3GS iPhone is also the same as on the 3G iPhone. The 3G parts aren't the same as the 3GS parts. While the main parts of the 3G and 3GS look similar, they have different connectors.

There are many self repair iPhone owners who don't realize that finding a supplier for parts can be very difficult. It also takes some time to get the parts for your iPhone when it breaks. For this reason, you should find a good supplier in your country for 3GS, 3G, and 2G parts. Therefore, when you are doing an iPhone glass replacement, make sure to select a good supplier of parts. You should find a supplier who sells the repair parts and can do the repairs in house themselves. The reason for this is that if you can't complete the iPhone glass replacement, you should have an option to send them the iPhone, so that they can complete finish the job for you. There may well be times when you may break a good part while trying to repair your iPhone and than realize that it would be better if someone else completed the job for you. That's why you should try to purchase the repair parts from a supplier who can also help with the repairs just in case.

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Regardless of how cool the iPhone is, it still need to be charged occasionally just like any other regular phone. This means that it has to be plugged into a power outlet or a computer, complete with the 30 pin connection and all of the tangled wires. If you want something a little better, there is a wireless iPhone charger that uses inductive charging. Although the iPhone didn't have a solution for this problem, but the smart accessory makers have managed to put the charger into the iPhone cases. These wireless iPhone chargers are inductive and are for the iPhone 3GS and 3G. The best part about the wireless iPhone charger is its simplicity. You simply place the iPhone in the case and then you place the handset on the tray. When the tray is connected to a power source the iPhone will begin to charge. There is also a USB port for charging/powering USB devices. Another feature of the wireless charger is an LED indicator that flashes a steady green then the iPhone is finished charging, green/red alternatively to indicate that the iPhone is charging and red when the tray is powered. The amount of time it takes for the wireless charger to charge the battery in the iPhone is the same as it takes when using a standard charger. Unlike the standard iPhone charger, the wireless charger shuts off automatically so that you don't have to worry about your iPhone getting overcharged. The tray is made of black plastic and is a small device that is also lightweight. It seems somewhat flimsy but because it doesn't have to travel it shouldn't cause any problems. On the underside is the mysterious battery compartment that has no connections. The iPhone case is coated on a soft touch material and is a sleeve style. It covers the bottom of the iPhone, although it has vents placed by the microphone and speaker so those aren't closed. Although the bottom of the iPhone is completely protected, the front and top and are both left exposed so the case only provides some protection for the iPhone. There is approximately a 50/50 chance of the iPhone not being protected in case it is dropped. The ear area, buttons, and camera aren't covered so access to them isn't a problem. The best part about the case is that it is light and slim and only adds a minimum amount of material to the slim iPhone.

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Palm Pre Vs iPhone

The showdown has officially begun. Both phones have grabbed the attention of every man, woman, and child who has a cellphone. The question now is will the iPhone reign supreme or will the Palm Pre take the cake.

For awhile before the release of the Palm Pre sprint marketed heavily for the new phone. From television ads to web ads that seemed to be everywhere. So how good did the Palm Pre actually do. Sprint released a statement saying that the Palm Pre has the highest weekend sells of any cellphone on our network to date. So in general Sprint is saying the Palm Pre is the best. While the iPhone has not yet been released, it has had attention drawn will leaked images of "what the phone might look like", of course of which was actual pictures of the phone itself.

Both phones have a nice look with pretty intuitive interfaces, both have minor complaints nothing to big to stop people from buying either phone, so what's the biggest differences between the two.

The two biggest difference are the carriers and company support. The iPhone has their infamous app store totaling around 50,000 as of today. The app store alone drives people to buy the iPhone and with the inclusion of the new graphics capabilities, allowing better interactive games, Palm will have a hard time keeping up. The Palm on the other hand has a better carrier. Now to all the AT&T Cingular fans out there I'm only saying this, because AT&T is havng to catch up technology wise to bring full the capabilities of iPhone 3Gs to it's users. iPhone users will have to wait for better tethering and data services Sprint on the other hand is already offering 4G speed to it's costumers which will offer faster download speeds and maybe soon offer live video feed, something Europeans already have and love. Last but not least the price to upgrade to the new iPhone is extremely high. The lowest price to upgrade is a wopping $ 399.

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