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iPod is most popular and trendy device among the music lovers for its convenience to listen to songs anywhere and everywhere and to refresh yourself. It behaves like a good friend when you are in journey of feel lonely. iPod has become a popular entertaining media and becomes a part of our life. But have you ever lost favorite and precious iPod music files, videos or photos? Once the problem happens, dont panic. As there is iPod recovery software to take away all your worries. Whether iPod files were deleted, formatted, crashed iPod media, hardware malfunction or lost due to virus attack, iPod recovery software gives you the opportunity to attempt risk-free iPod recovery and recover iPod files with just a few clicks!

Common iPod Data Loss Scenarios

iPod Volume Format 'Unknown'
Accidental file deletion
Improper handling of iPod
Update or Restore operation performed using iTunes software

Human error
iPod reports incorrect capacity
Reset or removal of battery results in lost contents
Reset the iPod to its original factory state

What can iPod Recovery Help You?

With iPod recovery - Wondershare recovery series you can recover all the data available in the memory space of your iPod whether it was a sound files, a picture files or a video files.

Wondershare has 3 products which can be used for iPod Recovery, Please read the below information carefully to determine which one you should download.
Photo Recovery for Windows - non-destructive and do-it-yourself photo recovery software available for Windows Operating Systems to recover deleted, lost, formatted and inaccessible photos, videos and music files from PC, digital camera and digital storage media including iPod (iPod nano, iPod shuffle, and iPod classic). It is compatible to Win7 64 /32 / Vista 64/32/ XP / 2003 / 2000.

Photo Recovery for Mac - special-designed and cost-effective Mac photo recovery software for Mac users to recover lost, deleted, formatted and inaccessible photos, videos and music files from Mac computer, digital camera and digital storage media including iPod (iPod nano, iPod shuffle, and iPod classic) . It supports Mac OS X 10.5 or above.

Data Recovery - a comprehensive data recovery program to recover deleted, formatted, lost and inaccessible documents, photos, videos and audio files. It's an iPod Recovery software to recover iPod Photos, iPod Music, and iPod video files.

Note: all the 3 products currently dont support iPod touch.

Steps to Recover iPod Files with iPod Recovery
1. Download Wondershare Photo Recovery for Mac/ Photo Recovery/ Data Recovery / and install it on your computer.

2. Connect your iPod to your computer.

If your iPod cannot be shown as a drive letter on your computer, you can follow the below steps:
In the iTunes program, right-click on your iPod and select "iPod Options"
Under the "iPod" tab, place a tick in the box for "Enable Disk Use". Click OK.
Disconnect your iPod, and then reconnect it.

3. Run the program. In the drive selection window you should see your iPod as a drive letter. Select this drive letter to start the automatic scan.

4. Preview the photos and select a recovery path to save the recoverable iPod files.

This author is data recovery specialist in recovery tools and regularly writers for photo recovery and Mac photo Recovery .

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Happiness w iPod
Image by mgstanton
Everyone loves a relaxing moment in the garden, listening to your favorite playlist, on your strategically placed iPod.
Week 18 theme: Happiness

Image by @cdharrison
A stack of the iPods I now own... included are the 1Gb iPod shuffle (2nd Gen), iPod nano Product(RED) 4Gb, iPod mini 4Gb, iPod 20Gb (4th Gen), and iPod video 80Gb (5.5 Gen).

APPLE iPod was launched a large-capacity MP3 player produced by Toshiba 1.8-inch disc drive as the storage medium, up to 10 ~ 160GB of capacity, can store 2,500 ~ 10,000 MP3 songs, it also has sound management processes and innovation. The mode of operation, appearance and unique creativity, is the APPLE of the few across the PC and Mac platforms, hardware products, in addition to MP3 players, iPod can also be used as a high-speed mobile hard disk, you can display contacts, calendar and tasks, and reading plain text e-books and listen to Audible's audio books and podcasts. We can know more about it through the following ipod cases. The development of ipod is so fast now, you will get more and more surprises through the ipod cases.

RED Special Edition Added under: iPod (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition (the red type) is not a limited edition, red iPod nano4 and shuffle, is Apple in conjunction with the Product Red built a special version of the iPod, now buy iPod (PRODUCT ) RED Special Edition models, Apple will sell a part of the proceeds donated to the Global Fund, for AIDS prevention in Africa. So far, only sold in the APPLE Store only (such as: Beijing Sanlitun apple store). Since the Scheme has been introduced, (PRODUCT) RED Global Fund has donated more than 100 million U.S. dollars. Now, if you buy (PRODUCT) RED, can donate their love.

The First-generation iPod First-generation iPod's release caused a stir at the time, it is not only beautiful, but also has a unique and humane mode of operation and the huge capacity, iPod 为 MP3 players has brought new ideas, since similar products on the market after another, But the iPod is still as it's unique style has been sought after.

The First-generation iPod on October 23, 2001 release, a capacity of 5GB, 2002 年 3 月 21 Shelby 10GB version of the iPod, both equipped with APPLE's selections as scroll-wheel drive, just a thumb to complete to operate, 10GiPod also added 20 species of equalizer settings, iPod bandwidth is 400Mbps of IEEE1394 interface transmission, with the Mac operating system to manage iTunes, which was very advanced design, combined with iPod unique design, it becomes another APPLE create a myth.

The Second-generation iPod Early first-generation iPod models for the Mac operating system design, PC, difficult to use it, for like iPod, PC users had to use some third-party software to use, Apple saw the opportunity which, in June 2002 17 released to support Windows operating system "Windows version of iPod", while increasing the 20G version of the iPod, since Mac and Windows version of iPod has 5GB, 10GB, 20GB three kinds of capacity, which is known as the second on behalf of the iPod, this iPod from a PC user APPLE camp one of the products recently.

The Third-generation iPod April 28, 2003, with the iTunes store opened, Apple announced the release of third-generation iPod (left). This is the iPod family, the greatest change in generation of members. Full use of the touch operation.

The Fourth-generation iPod Apple Computer in July 19, 2004 issued a fourth-generation iPod. Steve Jobs to publish new promotional methods, he was "Newsweek" (Newsweek) and shoot the cover of Time magazine interview, released a new iPod.

Initially, these fourth generation iPod only black and white screen, and with its predecessors have not pictures. First published two:$ 299 for 20GB and $ 399 for 40GB (Apple Computer in February 2005 to stop selling 40GB version, sales of black and white 20GB version only). Black and white of four generations of iPod, a little thinner than the third generation (less than 1 mm), and provides ability to charge via USB interfaces. There are some others ipod cases, these ipod cases proved that the growth of technology of the society. Are you interested in ipod cases? Please pay more attention to ipod!

After reading this article, do you know a little about ipod or some ipod cases? The same interesting with Angela? If so, you can click Ipod cases

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Image by Albert Ma

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This is a good song for 110rpm on the bike.

upgraded the operating system on my computer from Windows Xp to Windows 7 recently. I used to connect my fifth generation Ipod to my computer for syncing music and videos and it worked perfectly on Windows XP but now after upgradation of the operating system, Windows 7 detects my fifth generation Ipod as Corrupted iPod. Whenever I connect the Ipod to the computer, it shows the same message again and again. I cant figure out what is causing this problem and hence need your help in solving the issue. Any help regarding the issue is highly appreciated.

my fifth generation Ipod as Corrupted iPod


Probably the problem is with the connecting cord which is used to connect the Ipod to the computer. The connecting cord which is used to connect the Ipod to the computer is a USB cord. USB cord have lines of conductors which can get damaged due to improper storage and handling of the cord. If the connecting cord is faulty then the communication betweenthe computer and the Ipod will not be proper and hence your computer is reporting the Ipod as Corrupt Ipod. Change the connecting cord and then see if the Ipod gets detected or not.
Windows 7 has many incompatibility issues with many of the devices. This incompatibility issue rises due to lack of proper drivers for all the devices which are available. As the drivers for many devices are not available for Windows 7, many devices dont work properly in Windows 7.The Ipod which you are using is very old and hence the drivers for Ipod has to be installed on the computer. Go to the official Apple website and check if the drivers for the model of the Ipod which you are using is available for Windows 7 or not. If the drivers are available then download them and install it on the computer. Once the appropriate drivers are installed, you will not face the same problem again.

my fifth generation Ipod as Corrupted iPod


Ipod has an internal operating system known as Firmware. Like any other software the firmware of the Ipod can also get corrupt and stuck. If such situation arises then the Ipod will not be detected by the computer. To bring the Ipod out of loop, you will have to reset the ipod. To reset the Ipod, press and hold the Menu and Center click button. Keep the buttons pressed till the Apple logo appears on the screen. Once the apple logo appears, release the button and letthe Ipod restart. Now connect the Ipod to the computer and then see if the Ipod gets detected by the computer.

It is possible that the Ipod which you are using has really got corrupt and hence computer is not detecting the Ipod. Ipod contains hard drive which is similar to the hard drive of the computer. The hard drive of the Ipod can also get corrupt due to excessive usage or development of bad sectors. If the hard drive of the Ipod gets corrupted then the Ipod will be reported as corrupted Ipod by the operating system as there is no readable or writable media present. Take the Ipod to some Apple store and get the Ipod checked.


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Image by Jayna
Argh, I think the iPod initlaized when it ran out of battery and not expecting the language screen to come out, I accidentally chose the wrong one. I have been surviving based on trial and error, getting around my iPod...

(btw, thats the iPod cover I got for about 40p)

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