Macintosh, or simply Mac is one of the widely used personal computers at present. It is designed, developed, and sold by Apple Inc. As such, Mac computers have evolved over the years and one of the newest Mac computers is the MacBook Air.

The MacBook Air is the lightest and most portable MacBook ever produced as of this date. According to reviews, it is just like a full size Macintosh computer when it comes to function, making the saying size doesnt matter completely true. It has two models, one is the 11-inch model and the other is the 13-inch one. Most of its features were inspired by the Apple iPad like the standby time and the flash storage capacity. The MacBook Air weighs 2.3 pounds. It has a multi touch trackpad which enables you to click, pinch, drag, rotate, and zoom on text and images on the screen. It has a long battery life which can stay in standby mode for a month. It also runs on a Core 2 Duo processor. It has a built in camera and stereo speakers which you wouldnt even know are there due to its slim design. MacBook Air has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity with two USB ports and 1 SD card slot. You have the option of connecting it to a HDTV, projector, or Apple LED Cinema display if you want to enjoy videos or pictures at a larger view.

To make the MacBook Air more enjoyable for users, there are many applications you can download for it. You can look at Mac application blog sites for available applications and you can also shop at the Mac Application Store. Here are some of the best applications for the MacBook Air.

"Time Machine

Backing up your data is very important. You want to make sure that you have your files intact in case your MacBook Air crashes. The Time Machine software application can help back up large amounts of storage and data files on your Mac.


If you love blogging, then you will love Ecto. It is primarily an application for creating blogs offline on the MacBook Air. It supports different blogging software like WordPress. Another application similar to Ecto is MarsEdit which is also related to blog creation.

"iMovies and iPhoto

iMovies will help speed up video creation on the MacBook Air and it allows you to export videos directly to websites or to mobile handsets. iPhoto helps you manage photos albums and tag photos with ease.

There are other applications for Mac. Some are available for free while some have to be bought. Its up to you to choose which ones are most useful for you.

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This laptop is ideal for travel due to its light weight form and it is not heavy like other Apple models like Mac book Pro or Power book 170.

Features: It has been designed carefully for ultra portability weighing only 2.8 lbs. It has an Intel core processor and is priced 1300 dollars. (base price)

Air 13 is Ultra slim but not rich

Anyone who first sees this laptop will surely be impressed, by its ultra slim beauty. The functions are quite good and silent. You can switch it on in just 10 seconds because of the SSD software. You will literally find no difference at all between this model and a traditional desktop. While comparing it on the aspect of performance Air 13 is little low.

The Air 13 has extended battery life for about six hours if you use it stringently. Hence you can conveniently play non stop game when you are traveling from New York to Los Angels in Air 13. Its speed is very impressive for this range of size and processor.

You will openly admit that this Air 13 is the thinnest piece of laptop if you happen to take this on your hand.

It contains 2 USB ports, with one port on each of its side. However, it does not contain Ethernet port and FireWire. It also has a web camera in built, a headphone and a microphone jack. And remember this; it does not include an optical drive which may upset the DVD users.

It does not have more storage

Mac book models of laptop with 11 inches have only 64 GB storage capacity, and its 13 inch sized laptop have 128 GB which may not be enough for many users. In this model, you do not have more storage and hence you cannot do any big task. Hence, this Air 13 is ideal for watching videos and browsing net.

For whom Air 13 is most suited

If you prefer only Mac book but with less weight then this is for you. This is not suited for browsers who do hours of surfing relaxing on the couch. It can be an alternative for Mac book Pro if you are going to use only for watching movie and viewing photos.

You have to pay more if you want more storage. Hence, I paid $ 1800 for 256GB storage with 4GB drive for memory for buying a Sony model. So, it cannot be liberally used as a laptop full time. It has to be preserved for some special occasions only.

Good: Extremely thin body makes this laptop well suited for your travel. The quality of contrast is very good and it has an extended battery life.

Bad: This model is not suited for high powered jobs. It does not have an optical drive and has only 2 USB panels in it.


This model of Air 13 from Mac book is meant only for persons who give more preference to light weight than any other thing.

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Fall of 2009, a historical moment for computer lovers occurs when Apple Inc. released Macbook, widely recognized as being unibody mobile computer like no others before. Apple Inc. however doesn't stop pushing through the market of mobile computers, and so they added several updates to the existing Macbook and released as Macbook 2010 at spring of this year.

Many of you may know that, Apple Inc. does produce another line of Macbook called Macbook Pro which is considered the ‘higher end' Macbook. Apple Inc bridged the gap between Macbook Pros and the usual Macbook by the current Macbook updates. Updates done are mainly on internal specifications and so externally you cannot differentiate Macbook-2009 from Macbook-2010, and at the same price tag of $ 999, it is a deal fair and square.

Macbook pro is currently sold at the price of $ 1199. In fact, as from the current updates on Macbook, no average users can tell the differences between home and professional lines in terms of internal specifications. Of course certain gross differences still exists, for instance the casing is aluminum for Professional Macbook, while the Home version are encased by plastic materials. Other minor differences are of course present, for example number of ports available and presence or absence of particular ports.

One way or another, Macbooks in general are equipped with cutting edge operating system, with a design that is appealing to the eyes and technologically distinguished from other computers, one more advantage when you own a Macbook is its extra long battery life. Customer support service are offered by Apple Inc. are as good as their computers and no wonder despite its higher price tag, consumers still tend to choose Macbook. Well, of course, what you pay is what you get, there are certain thing in Macbook Pro that you just can't find in Macbook, fair and square.

Specifications of Macbook 2010 -  2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, latest Mac OS X, 10.6 Snow Leopard, 2 GB RAM, 250 GB hard disk, NVIDIA's GeForce 320M graphic processors.

Additional specifications - 8.0211 a / b / g WiFi antena, Bluetooth 2.1, EDR.

Pros vs Cons

A brief conclusion we can give here is that, Macbook retained it's unibody design, which is simple, clean and yet simply eye catching. Additionally, a highly sensitive touchpad is added, and according to certain independent reviewers, this touch pad is by far the second best available on the laptop market today, second only to its sibling, the Macbook Pro's. An impressively long battery life is another advantage of Macbook, lasting up to seven full hours when used continuously. Macbook, as all other Apple computers, has the fastest boot up time, and perhaps this is a favorite feature of people today who are constantly swept away by the fast pace of life.

Now, just as no human is perfect, so as no computer is perfect, the features of Macbook tend to be passed down from one generation to another, which mean, you cannot expect any major changes soon. And yes the price tag is definitely one of its major setback, in comparison to other low end laptop of its class, Macbook is way too expensive, and teenagers and young adults that have only a few pennies in their pocket would surely avoid it. For the price, and the specification, one can pay much less for computer of the same specification of other brand. Mabooks have no SD card reader, only one extra USB port, and one HDMI output.


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One of the most frustrating things is to bring your Macbook to an Apple repair center because it is malfunctioning only to have the service staff there tell you that the repairs are not covered under the product warranty. This happens because the product warranty only covers defects that are the fault of the manufacturer. If the technician at the service center believes that the malfunction is your fault, then the repairs are not covered under the warranty and are not free. When this happens, you will either have to find a laptop repair shop that offers Macbook repair services, or pay the exorbitant prices that Apple repair centers charge for repairs that are not covered by the product warranty.


The problem, however, is finding a shop that provides reliable Macbook repair services. Macbooks are notorious for being particularly difficult for anyone outside of Apple to repair, because they are specifically built to be inaccessible to everyone except Apple technicians. Even the battery cannot be replaced by the user and can only be removed and changed at a repair center. This also means that most regular laptop repair shops are reluctant to provide Macbook repair services as such repairs are more difficult and time-consuming than repairs for laptops from other brands.


There are, however, laptop repair shops that do offer Macbook repair services at lower price than you would have to pay if you were to have your Macbook repaired at an official Apple repair center. In order to achieve greater accessibility, many of these laptop repair shops can be found online, and the best offer both walk-in servicing at their physical locations or mail-in repairs for those who do not live near any of those physical locations.


Of course, it would be most convenient for you to locate a laptop repair shop in your vicinity that provides Macbook repair services. If you are unable to find such a laptop repair store, however, there is always the option of mail-in repairs. Some people worry about getting Macbook repair services through a mail-in repair arrangement, but it really is quite simple and risk-free. You simply send your laptop to the stipulated address via registered mail and purchase insurance for your package. This way, if anything were to happen to your Macbook while it is in transit, you would be fully compensated for the loss. Sending it by registered mail will allow you to track the progress of the package through the internet, so you know where it is at all times.


Then, when the repairs have been completed, you can simply request that your Macbook be sent back to you using the same arrangement. The best laptop repair stores will already use such an arrangement by default, and if not, you should be able to request that they do so. If the laptop repair store refuses, then you should definitely find another store offering Macbook repair services that is more interested in providing quality customer service.


If you want the best risk-free arrangement for getting Macbook Repair services with a minimum of fuss, then you should definitely pay a visit to the Laptop Repair site of Dr. Laptop, where you will find all that and more.