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Toronto plastic surgery has become simpler due to the iPhone.

It is official, Technology has taken over plastic surgery in Toronto. If you were curious about what you will look like with your favorite celebrities' nose you can now see yourself. Should you are one of the thousands of people that own an IPhone now you can receive an app that will show what your post-procedure will look like after Toronto cosmetic surgery. There are already a number of these apps out there as well as new ones are in the works.

The Shafer Plastic Surgery App was created by a plastic surgeon based out of New York named Dr. D. Shafer. This application offers over one thousand questions and answers about numerous matters on cosmetic surgeries in Toronto. It is made to be a info application and is on Apple's iPhone App Store in 2 different versions; a Lite version and a $ 2.99 version available for purchase.

One other app called iSurgeon was created by cosmetic surgeon Dr. M. Salzhauer, based out of Miami. The app is offered exclusively through the iTunes Store and enables people to imitate Toronto plastic surgeries, for example tummy tucks, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, lip enhancements and many others. The application additionally features a game which allows the user to try their hand at executing plastic surgery.

The Tanimania app was developed by Kayac, a Tokyo based developer. It's a breast enlargement program that allows you to take a image and change the image position so it can be changed as the users sees fit. The app also has an option to place a mole on your face virtually. This app is available in the App Store for only $ .99.

The Dr. Denenberg's iPhone app is an intuitive new application that allows the used to communicate with the developer, renowned plastic surgeon Dr. S. Denenberg.You can see tons of before and after photos of the doctor's former patients and also take a picture of yourself and email it to the actual doctor! It is featured on The site includes screenshots and videos of the app in operation, as well as how to use the app.

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