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Cupcake a Day, Day 2: Billy's Bakery
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Image by Rachel from Cupcakes Take the Cake
See Cupcakes Take the Cake for more cupcake photos, news, and information.

Sometimes the iPhone takes these weird photos so I'll go with it. I
was in Chelsea at Olive Garden and it got late so I came to Billy's,
with Katie Holmes' photo on the wall and the staff getting ready to
close up but a few last customers coming in.

The cake (vanilla) is pretty dry but I don't really mind. I wanted
some super sweet buttercream cause I've had a kindof rough day and it
did the trick bit I ate 3/4 of it and that's more than enough.

Cuteness - a guy came to the door with a dog and couldn't come in so
the staffer brought his order to the door. I just scored a free scone
and a blueberry muffin! Just by being here late. Will have in the

I say: good if you're in the neighborhood. Best I've ever had here was
a chocolate cherry with real cherries in the cake but that must be a
special one.

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