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Some cool iPhone News images:

Illegal Crown Structure
iPhone News
Image by stevegarfield

"Last month, the city filed a court complaint against Luberto, saying he ignored an order to remove the crown.

"It is a structure," said Bill Good, commissioner of the Inspectional Services Department. "He built it without a permit. We gave him 24 hours to get a permit, and he has not complied."

Luberto argues that the crown is a temporary Christmas decoration that doesn't require a permit."

And we wonder why some in NYC think we all have farms in Cincinnati
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Image by Just Nora
Seriously, is this the best pathetic breaking news WCPO could come up
with this am? What an embarrassment. No news outlet should feel proud
of this as quality breaking (or otherwise) news.

#googlerally @google don't be evil
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes

Google was a strong supporter of Net Neutrality

until they made an announcement with Verizon

More coverage,2817,2367814,00.asp

He'll be covering the rally

Public policy groups rallied online & gathered 300.000 signatures

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