Apple iPod Obsession (04/09/2010)
Image by Brice675
19 iPods:
7 iPod classic
6 iPod shuffle
2 iPod touch
1 iPhone
3 iPod nano

BRIEF: Notre Dame recruits reveal embarrassing songs on their iPods
With that in mind, we asked the Notre Dame's 2016 recruiting class, who became an official 23-man group on Wednesday, for the most embarrassing song on their iPod. Many of them were good sports, though some couldn't come up with an answer.
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The TouchArcade Show - 243 - A Trip to Blizzard
About Us. "TouchArcade covers the latest games and apps for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch. We are the largest site dedicated to iPhone and iPod Touch gaming." Promotional Codes. While we now accept iTunes Promotional Codes for games, we can't ...
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Is Apple iPad Pro too big? [second in a series]
But touch's role started to expand with release of the click-wheel iPod in October 2001 before taking a huge leap with iPhone in June 2007. Apple is too obsessed with touch nearly nine years later, I contend. Touchless, voice-response interaction ...
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Kawaii Macbook Cover

A few nice macbook images I found:

Kawaii Macbook Cover
Image by ShuffleArt
Customer's Macbook with Peach Koobniks Cover

My Macbook Pro RAM upgraded 01
Image by Buou
除了螺丝刀之类的工具,还有一个工具必不可少,那就是说明手册。其实不单是这个 Macbook Pro 的说明手册,其他产品的说明手册也会让你有很多收获的。

Nice Ipad photos

Some cool ipad images:

iPad accessory
Image by bm.iphone

iPad & Friends
Image by Yutaka Tsutano
iPad is a Wi-Fi 64 GB version (another one behind is a 16 GB version).

Two boys and an iPad
Image by Ant McNeill
My two sons are watching a YouTube video (a Star Wars/Numa Numa thing) on my work iPad. It's kind of grist to the mill to those who argue that the iPad is really a consumption device. It seems to work really well in those on-the-sofa browsing moments: catching up with the news online, flicking through houses I can't afford on a property site, checking out train times, reading and replying to emails and tweets etc.. Yup, 'couch computing' seems to describe it well. I'm also finding I'm using my laptop less as this kind of 'casual' browsing and production of short textual content is maybe about 80-90% of what I use the web for at home.

However, is the iPad any good for educational purposes and, more specifically, should I order another 6 for staff development workshops? Hmm ... need to live with it longer but think not. It feels too limited in what it can do - in spite of multiple apps which extend its capabilities. It offers more than an iPod Touch but much less than a cheaper netbook (Asus, Acer etc.) occupying a niche for which I hadn't realised there was any demand.

See for longer reflection.

Need some juice? Here's how to charge your iPhone almost twice as fast
As a result, charging up your iPhone as if it were an iPad can reportedly get you to a 10% charge in half the time it would take with a regular charger. What's more, charging your iPhone to 100% with an iPad charger will save you upwards of an hour ...
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8 tips and tricks for Chrome browsing on iPhone, iPad
Even though iPhones and iPads come with Safari as the default web browser, many users are turning towards Chrome iOS as a firm favorite. In October, Chrome for iOS was updated to simplify multitasking on your iPad by adding support for Apple's new ...
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An easy way to fix a sluggish iPhone or iPad video - CNET
[MUSIC] There's an easy way to fix a sluggish iPhone or iPad without having to perform a complete reboot. As you can see I'm using a lot of memory right now, but when I do this trick it should be able to free up almost half of it. Make sure your device ...
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Apple to Unveil New iPhone, iPad at March 15 Event (Report)
Apple is looking to introduce new iPhone and iPad models at an event on March 15, according to a report from 9to5Mac. The company may also introduce new band options for the Apple Watch at the event. An Apple spokesperson didn't immediately respond ...
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Nice Apple Watch photos

Check out these apple watch images:

Apple Watch 開箱實用照
apple watch
Image by Alan from Taiwan

United Airlines boarding pass - Now access with an Apple watch!
apple watch
Image by mighty.travels
Apple watch and United picture courtesy of The Mac Observer
What’s the scoop with United Airlines and the Apple Watch?
United, like many other airlines, has kept on top of the Apple Watch release by updating its iOS app. It was speculated that there would be a new app just for Apple Watch...

Palm Pilot Apple Watch custom face
apple watch
Image by blakespot
Get the bitmap here: