Apple Tree

Long time ago,there was a huge apple tree. A little boy loved to come every day, he climbed to pick apples to eat, sleep in the shade. He loved the apple tree and loved to play with him.


Later the little boy grew up and he no longer played every day. One day he came back to the tree and, very sad. Apple came to play with him, the boy said: "No, I can't play with you; I want toys, but I have no money to buy them." The tree said: "Sorry, but I don't have money, you can sell all of my apples, and then you will have money." The boy was so excited. He grabbed all the apples on the tree and left happily. Then, the boy hasn't come. The tree was sad.


One day, the boy arrived. He said: "I have no time to play with you; I have to work for my family. We need a house for shelter. Can you help me?" "I don't have a house," the tree said, "but you can cut off all my branches to build a house." So the boy cut all the branches, and happily moved to build houses. Since then, again the boy didn't come. The tree was lonely and sad again.


One summer day, the boy returned and the tree was so happy: "Come on my children! Come to play with me." The boy said: "I am sad and getting old. I want to go sailing to relax myself. Can you give me a boat?" Apple tree said: "You can take down my trunk to build a boat!" So the boy cut down her trunk, made a boat sailing, then walk away, haven't come back. Tree was happy... But it is not true.


Many years later, the boy returned and the tree said: "Sorry, children, I don't have anything for you but my apples."


The boy said: "but I don't have teeth to bite".


"No more trunk for you to climb on."


The boy said: "I am too old to climb now."


"I won't give you anything... the only thing left is my dying root," the tree said with tears.


The boy said: "over these years and now I feel tired, I want nothing but a place to rest."


"Good! Old tree root is the best place to lean on and rest." The boy sat down, and apple tree was happy to tears...


This is a story of everyone. The tree is our parent. When we were young, we like to play with my mom and dad... After we brought up, we would leave them, but only when we have something to ask them for help or when we were in trouble, we returned to their side. No matter what, parents will always be there and give everything they could to make you happy. You may think that the boy is cruel to the tree but that's the way all of us are treating our parents.


Take time out during the day for quiet time to listen to your inner voice. You may want to use this quiet time to meditate or pray. Regardless of how to use this time, the key is to eliminate all of the noise around, pay attention to your own heart. Quiet time breath can also help you focus. I know in a particularly busy days it's hard to find quiet time, but it is very important, even if it's just 10 minutes a day, you have to sneak away to seize it. Quiet time can make your life different; it makes you listen to god with your spirit, and reminds you of dialogue, he gives you the perfect love.


Be honest with yourself by paying attention to your actions. Facts speak louder than words, and they always tell the truth. What do your actions say about you? If you say you love your job, but your actions opposite, which do you think is more persuasive, words or deeds? On the other hand, if you say you're not good at a certain job, but your actions opposite, this also is very important. How do you handle with this ability? You can think more in life. Be honest with yourself and establish the behavior before you act based on facts, not just your words.


Despite what your subconscious may be telling you, you can have love with no limits. The key is to unconditionally love yourself first.

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Samsung Attack Apple

And China is already in close contact with the three operators to finalize matters concerning the introduction of Galaxy Tab. Earliest by the end of October is expected to formally listed.

SPhone the first to launch in the Chinese market after the attacks iPhone4 Apple, Samsung and hope that with smaller, more open system, the Galaxy Tab, and the Apple iPad fought over the market with another blockbuster.

Samsung Electronics in the United States launched its first tablet PC Galaxy Tab, and the four major telecom operators and the United States with sales. However, the specific price and launch date has been announced. The iPad is considered to be diametrically opposed to the products used with Google Android system, 7-inch screen, WiFi and 3G Internet access.

Four major U.S. carriers Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT & T Samsung tablet for the pricing and sale date may vary. Samsung also confirmed that various telecom operators in the sales of Galaxy Tab functions and specifications are slightly different.

And only supports WCDMA 3G network version iPad different, Samsung Galaxy Tab program launched under the different operators support different versions of network technology. According to report, because of China's three major carriers, with three different 3G standards, Samsung also plans to launch in China of products covered by a variety of formats.

Samsung Group President, Greater China Pu Genxi interview said, "Whether we have listed SPhone or future to be listed Galaxy Tab, Samsung is the pursuit of diversity and openness."

Samsung (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Mobile Communications Division, senior vice president of Luki learn that Samsung mobile phones with the Chinese operator's existing relationship for the next three weeks to introduce new products advantage.

China Mobile, for example, Samsung's early development in the TD to give the mobile a lot of support. China 3G licensing in 2009, after the mobile terminal in the tender 10 TD successful products from five manufacturers, Samsung took a 4 on the product. January 2010 to June, Samsung TD average market share of 41.5%, ranking first.

In addition, Samsung and China Unicom and China Telecom have also maintained good cooperation. Early September this year, Samsung's flagship product SPhone to support three carriers three formats.

"China is also the only country in three 3G standards; Samsung is available in three formats of the few international manufacturers of 3G handsets. Samsung and three operators have established a very solid and good basis for cooperation." Luki study said.

In fact, as more and more began to join a similar communication terminal, terminal manufacturers and operators will be increasingly close cooperation. In Pugen Xi seems like this product in the end is closer to Shouji is closer to the Tablet PC, we are not clear. So Samsung's strategy is still open and diverse.

Pu Genxi on Sept. 8 interview, said, "Galaxy Tab or involve the listed co-operation with operators, is currently in close discussions with the operator to study. We come to an end of the study operators, it will as soon as possible Chinese market this product. look forward to talking with operators can be discussed when more smoothly. "

For future trends, Luki school, said: 3G operators is to promote the development of the leading force in the market, operators and terminal manufacturers will be increasingly close cooperation. Samsung will fully cooperate with China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, the three major 3G operators to open up the market, "Operators need, what we offer."

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Caramel Apple Secret

I grew up next to Delaware Park, a racetrack dating back to the 1930's. Our backyard butted up to a large parking lot of the track, and in the afternoons, we could hear the garbled call in the distance... "And they're off!..."

During the peak of summer, the park would host a carnival in that large lot behind our house. Colorful trains would roll into town, along with tractor trailers packed with rides, circus & sideshow tents, and carnival games. The anticipation of opening night worked the neighborhood kids into an absolute frenzy.

It'd be open for a couple weeks, which to a child of 12 felt like all summer long.

And like moths to a light, boy were we drawn.

A whiff of funnel cake in the summer breeze, and the glow of stars and moonlight overhead, friends would gather...several $ 1 bills stuffed clumsily in our jeans. Just beyond my tree house came the siren call of blinking colored lights, buzzers, rides, and various showman barking their games.

We'd duck through a hole in the fence...

We took our time enjoying the carnival. No need to rush, beg for one more ride, or 5 more minutes. Our parents were home, and only several hundred steps away. And anyway, we'd be back again the next night.

Earlier that morning, we tentatively walked the carnival grounds, long before opening hours. An adult (carnie) or two silently eyed us up for the intrusion, but expressed no major objection. So we kept strolling through in that whistling, hands in the pockets sort of way.

We found an area just off the circus tents, where the animals were kept. Tigers and lions in cages. Monkeys and the like.

But amazingly, out in the open were the elephants. Enormous elephants tethered by thin ropes, using their trunks to sort through a sloppy mix of apples and hay.

A baby elephant grabbed our eyes. Unlike the others, she was active, playing, and tugging at the heavy metal chain around her foot. A metal stake binding the chain firmly to the ground. Her eyes locked on us as she paced back and forth, struggling with the chain. Desperate to play.

While the adult elephants seemed calm & content, the baby elephant drew on us the sense of sympathy...of sadness.

It would be years before the true secret of that moment would reveal itself to me.

Finally, night fell and the magic of the carnival was open for business. After ducking through the fence, we dared each other to ride the scariest new ride...The Zipper. A twisting, flipping contraption of metal that struck terror in many a young person's heart. The T-Rex of carnival rides. Many, many nights went by with none willing to take a step forward. Until at last, we'd found comfort in our mutual fear.

There's always next year, right?

After a ride or two, it was game time. And we each had a favorite. For me, it was whack-a-mole.

$ 1 per game. Progressive winning lead to larger prizes. The largest was a Saint Bernard that stood waist high to an adult...huge! And boy was she beautiful in the hypnotic spin of the winner's yellow lights.

To win her, you had to beat the crowd of 20 other whackers 7 times. An improbable if not impossible task.

Each night, I'd spend a few dollars chasing moles as they teased with the tell-tale sound...whump, whump, whump.

Quickly realized that if you miss one, you lose. Hit the last one too slowly, you lose.

And most nights...that's exactly what I did.

By pact, the last dollar in our pocket was used to pick up a caramel apple for the walk home. And, on that walk, we would talk about the games. About our near-wins and mostly failures.

And, during each walk, we'd think up a new strategy for the following night...

And therein lies a key life lesson.

Success comes from failing. Or rather, how you react to your failures.

Failing is ruling out one way not to win. To assess your experience and then brainstorm a new approach is the winner's perspective. And that's just what we did with our caramel apples.

Strategic thinking combined with the motivation of a reward, and the perseverance to try again. It's the old-as-time, proven time-and-again, ultimate recipe for success.

Each night spawned a new strategy from the night before. With limited dollars, I also became a student of other players. I took mental notes. Looked for patterns in how the winners' played.

A few apples and sticky faces later, I had the whack-a-mole secrets.

I became unbeatable.

The Saint Bernard was mine...I reached my goal!

Each night after that, the neighborhood kids would hire me to win for them. They'd plunk down their dollar, but want me to play. I'd implement my strategy, and win each and every time.

Baby Elephants weigh several hundred pounds. And even though their parents can tip the scales at 12,000 pounds (6 tons!), the baby is much harder to control.

I've come to learn that the adult elephants could easily have ripped their thin ropes and wooden stakes from the ground,

...if only they tried.

The baby elephant had no choice. Try or not, the strong metal chain & stake were anchored strongly to keep her pinned. She must be broken. Taught limits. Boundaries.

She must be trained to believe that that stake will hold her back.

For even when that stake can no longer hold her down, she will believe it so. So trainers can use flimsy ropes instead of chains for the adult elephants.

And, would you believe...the secret to whack-a-mole is the very same secret that could free the adult elephant?

Not to mention countless others...

To win, you must avoid seeing what you've been trained to see.

You lose if you focus on the mole that pops up. By the time you whack it, your eyes are off-center, and you miss the second mole. You lose.

Want your own Saint Bernard?

Keep your eyes the space between the moles. Use your peripheral vision. Pull the large baton (designed to blind you) back quickly out of your field of vision each time, off to the side of your cheek. Find a rhythm. Strike sharply and return again...whump, whump...

Always keeping your eyes off the moles.

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Ipad 2 To Excel The Former Ipad

The IPad 2 would be packed with all new features and will prove a better deal than the IPad on the technological grounds.

Apple is one of those companies that has never stopped from developing technology that surpasses the existing ones and even the ones embedded in its own products. The company has moved ahead distinctively in the research and innovation world. After the launching of iPhone 4 orange the company is all set to introduce its IPad 2 as the next version of IPad, which has gained huge pride in the tablet computer world. This product would again feature all the functions of a smartphone and would lie between the category of a smartphone and a laptop. Prior to its introduction in the market, several research and data show that the IPad 2 might be the third most commonly used device in the computing and connectivity world.

Expected to come out with all new features and technology, it will supersede the previous version. It is expected that the new IPad 2 would be lighter and more compact. The earlier version may be, considered by some users to be bulky and it was complained that it is hard to hold the IPad in one hand for more than ten minutes. The major load of it came from the screen and the battery weight. However Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple has denied the assumptions of making a smaller screen and he said that the 10 inch screen should be the minimum for a tablet computer.

Also believed that the IPad 2 would come along with a front facing camera that would resemble the features of the IPhone 4 and would support the Facetime technology. However the existence of a rear camera is not certain at the moment. The Ipad 2 contract deals would come with all the major network providers in the country, like Orange, O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile etc. The IPad 2 Orange is nevertheless appearing to be a very interesting deal for the customers as the giant network provider is expected to bring up exciting offers and phone incentives.

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Apple ipod itouch belongs to the best iPod obtainable in recent market. With that Genius blends feature of ipod itouch, listening connected with songs could be more interesting. ipod itouch isn't just for record songs but additionally for watching movie, getting it countless programs, Browsing online and many more. Find your own exact location and obtain directions through Google roadmaps. You can certainly discover games and programs with hottest Genius attribute of ipod itouch. New produced models of ipod itouch include pre-installed several. ONE PARTICULAR software through which you help make fun and many more convenient features from your mp3.

Technical details

== >> ESSENTIAL: You have got to recharge your own iPod with regard to 2 hours before using it. Charge your own iPod in the USB cable connection provided and also the box.

== >> 6 GB memory capacity that may store around 10, 000 photos, 1750 songs and twelve hours connected with video

== >> you might include that TomTom car or truck kit on your iPod touching which permits charging even though driving, hook up to the speakers of one's car, built in GPRS recipient, and safe docking

== >> you'll get many mp3 accessories provided with iPod touching. The gadgets are battery pack, ordinary earphone, USB string for receiving and switching files. in most cases, you gets portable presenters.

== >> this also works to be a MP3 player and represents 30 hours in MP3 mode in addition to 6 hours for online video media playback.

== >> It includes 3. 5-inch widescreen, digital camera of 480 x 320 pixel decision and Multi-Touch present.

== >> his / her electronic system also requires a digital frame so that it more attractive towards users.

listed here is a hands on overview of ipod touch for sale. This third generation songs player from Apple is actually beyond thoughts. I only got my ipod itouch 32 GB last four week period and POST haven't ended it since that time. I appeared to be long more than due for any MP3 up grade and are unable to believe POST waited so long. My ipod itouch is amazing not just for songs but i am to complete everything POST needed and not having to go back to my panel top (control my fantasy footballing team, shop on-line, pay bills, read that news, etc) as a consequence of the effortless applications. It is actually so very user-friendly and uncomplicated. Anyone wanting to upgrade its older versions, this is often a no brainer.

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