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The MacBook Pro is the first Apple laptop with an Intel processor. How well the transition has fast can you read the following review.

The toll-designed Alunotebook convinced and quality finish. Creaking, uneven gaps or sagging body parts are for the MacBook Pro is a foreign word. The only negative small thing - the lid wobbles slightly when closed - is hardly worth mentioning.

It is striking that the 2.5 kg light unit is designed very flat. For this was no need for a conventional slim DVD burner and a slow-Ultra Slim drive installed.

The large centrally located display hinge is very sturdy and durable makes an impression, however, can not move very far to the rear. This can be for "sofa surfers" with bent legs possibly a little too little. Among the large hinge is the fan output. Here would be also worth mentioning that the Apple laptop is one of the few systems where the air is not sucked from the bottom - very enjoyable!

The connection options are on the contrary, the processing is not perfect. While the Apple MacBook Pro satisfied with Bluetooth, dual-link DVI output and infrared remote control interface included - but are only 2 USB ports, no TV output and Firewire 400 something little. be saved here was probably due to the flat design.

The new MagSafe power connector baptized magnetic Gimick is a great and works great. He would stop ripping down the notebook by the plug is only attracted to a magnet.

The full-size for a 15 "notebook keyboard has a very pleasant, soft touch, shaking little and is very quiet. Our testers, it has fallen without exception. The key arrangements are optimized for MacOS X, and therefore for Windows Newcomers get used (eg Alt + Q = quit program instead of @ - characters in Windows). Only the somewhat small Enter key gives rise to criticism. A special Gimik is controlled by light sensor backlighting of the keyboard - very classy and helpful!

The touchpad has grown compared to the previous device can be operated clear and precise. However, as is usual with MacOs devices it has only one large button (although Mac OS X is a right mouse button tolerate "). The convenient scrolling with two fingers works fine here.

One anticipates that the new 15.2-inch display next to the Intel processor is probably the most outstanding innovation. It clearly belongs to the current class of notebooks.

The horizontal viewing angle were very good. From above and below the panel, however, lost Notebooktypisch faster the colors.

The MacBook Pro 2.0 GHz Core Duo heated by itself because of the very rare and slow-running fan sometimes felt on the bottom and at the small edge above the keyboard. With max. 43 ° C is measured as part of the whole, the DVD test it warmed up but still significantly more (was a bit uncomfortable on the lap).

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A Pain That I’m Used To

A few nice ipad images I found:

A Pain That I'm Used To
Image by
I'm not sure
What I'm looking for anymore
I just know that I'm harder to console
I don't see who I'm trying to be
Instead of me
But the key
Is a question of control
- Martin Gore
Slowshutter, Superimpose, Snapseed, Photofx Ultra, Vintage Reality

Color Run: Susan Volk Stanley 03/28/2015
Image by Carolyn Hall Young
This is an iPad painting, made with a beta version of iColorama.
I used one of Susan's photographs as a source to make this.

ipad 185
Image by meccanohig

With fresh rumors circulating about a new MacBook Air, and a makeover long overdue, what would constitute a great redesign?

The story line seems to be that Apple wants to insert the new portable in between the current 13-inch MacBook Pro and the 9.7-inch iPad, thus the rumors about an 11.6-inch device.

Assuming Apple actually has something like this in the works, I can't help speculating on the design goals for a new Air. Should it be a hybrid tablet-laptop? Should it be just a smaller, more powerful, more battery-efficient version of the current Air and pack features like a killer display?  apple laptop battery .

But before I go any further, let me say that a recent write-up about the Air is spot-on. In short, unless you use the Air day in and day out (which I do), it's easy to mistake it for just another pricey ultraportable laptop. What makes it so different? Above all, the finely tuned distribution of weight makes it feel lighter than it actually is (three pounds). And I could go on and on with seemingly fulsome praise. The keyboard (the best I've ever used in an ultraportable), the razor-thin but stunning display, and the snappy performance, despite its ultrathin design.

My point? The current Air is a tough act to follow. Possibly one of the reasons (the iPad and the updated 13-inch MacBook Pros being others) that Apple has taken so long (two-and-a-half years) to offer a next-generation Air (or that it may not even bother). HP laptop batteries.

Getting back to what a next-generation Air should be. Beyond the updated processor (Intel ultralow power Core i7?), what would be a good choice for the graphics technology? The Nvidia GeForce 320M in the 13-inch Pro? A step up from this?

And the display? What new, stunning display technology could Apple use? Something analogous to the retina display in the iPhone 4? Or something along the lines of the dual-screen Toshiba Libretto?  IBM thinkpad battery.

And what about wireless tech? 3G? 4G? And/or something akin to Intel's Wireless Display technology? Then there's the design dark horse: a product based on the Apple A4 processor, or a variant thereof. But this would likely make it more tablet and less laptop--and as a result it would fall outside of the MacBook brand. So that's a very remote possibility. What would readers like to see in a redesigned MacBook Air?

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Image by Alberto-Varela
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- Photogene
- Color Splash
- More Lomo
- Swanko Lab
- PS Mobile (free)
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- Tilt Shift
- Pano

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Image by meg.dai
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