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Iphone Screen Repairs

Iphone damages can be nightmares, the device itself can cost you a fortune and the thought of damage to your precious gadget can give you a heart attack not just emotionally but financially! Apple covers damages within a one year period, but the damages should have occurred in routine use; no accidental blunders are included. Besides considering how much the replacement will cost you the issue is how fast can you get your iphone back as it will be holding up a lot of work !

One of the worst accidents that may occur is a damage to your iphone screen because without a screen your iphone is useless, you cannot even switch it on. A repair or replacement from Apple can cost you a walloping $ 200 however if you order a screen replacement Dragonext you could save $ 75 to $ 100, tools and self help video included !

A complete list of LCDs,digitizer glass and touch screen glass are available for all types of iphones be it 4g, 3G, 3GS, 2G etc. each product detail and cost is available which can help you decide which one fits your budget and iphone. Placing an order for the spare part will have it delivered to you sooner and you can also save on shipping costs!

Iphone screen replacements are not as difficult as they seem and they can even be replaced by you at home with a do-it-yourself video! Damage to the screen does not mean a permanent end to your phone maybe just a hold up for a while till you get your replacement screen delivered at your door step. An original Apple product or repair can cost you a lot more not to mention the warranty issues and other bureaucratic technicalities. However screen replacements done through an organisation like Dragonext are completely safe and they deliver products that absolutely suit your Apple iphone.

Your device is important and you take the best care of it, yet one cannot stop accidents from happening. It doesnt mean your world has come to an end. Iphone screen replacements can restore your iphones functionality completely!

Here is a one stop solution for your broken iPhone with Videos, Tutorials, All Parts for Ipod iphone screen replacement like hdmi cable,LCD DISPLAY, TOUCH GLASS DIGITIZER, BATTERY, IPHONE 2G/ 3G/ 3GS/ 4G CHEAP REPAIR FIX PART KIT.

Hardly has a year passed that competition is hotting up in the mobile computer tablet market place. Wit the impending arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Blackberry Playbook and the enhanced version of the Dell Streak all about to hit the UK market in the next couple of months, . And it has not. It has not just reacted with more lucrative Apple iPad deals and iPad contracts including the iPad O2, but also by the arrival on the scene of Apple's own MacBook Air.

The Apple iPads are the best mobile devices in which you can view videos, browse through countless websites at super speeds and also send and receive E-mails at the speed of light or sound for that matter and also store music to a capacity that you cannot meet at least in your present lifetime. What is more, the extremely down to earth Apple iPad deals have brought this futuristic device to whole lot of potential users who otherwise might not have been able to.

Besides some value for money Apple ipad deals, you have the network service providers and dealers selling this priceless device for £ 429 SIM free. With the built-in 802.11n, the Apple iPads are as powerful as your Macintosh computer and can dish up some of the fastest wi-fi and subsequent internet speeds you believed existed. There is bluetooth technology also of 2.1 + EDR, l. Since Apple has given the Apple iPads the similar battery as there are in the Macintosh computers, you can expect up to a stunning 10 hours of video viewing or browsing on the internet or listening to music.

The stain free and scratch free touchscreen is a good 9.7 inches wide. With iPad contracts and other Apple iPad deals backing it, no wonder the Apple iPads have sold about two million units by now world wide and continuing to rule the sales charts all over. The iPad 02 is the most sought after among within the Apple iPads.

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Ipad cases

An ipad is a bigger sister of an iphone and sometimes people who have iphones find it proper to also buy ipads. Ipad cases become necessary once you have an ipad. You need ipad cases to protect ipads from possible risks whether you are using them on a table or keeping them in a bag for transportation and or storage purposes. Ipads have large sensitive touch screens which are very prone to scratches, cracks and other damages. Ipads perform similar functions like laptops save for the fact they are much smaller. Unlike laptops and notebooks which are foldable and therefore have protected screens, ipads are not foldable and do not have screen protection.


Ipad cases come in different shapes and are made from different materials. You will find body skins, form kit cases, hard cases, leather cases, carrying cases and flip lid cases. We stock a wide variety of ipad cases from the above list. There are also more colors and shapes to choose from. Your choice of ipad cases is determined by a variety of reasons. Your lifestyle also has a big role to play in deciding the type of ipad cases you will buy and use.


Body skin ipad cases are relevant at any time you are using an ipad as it makes it possible to access the functions of the device while protecting it from scratches and liquids. They will protect the ipads from light damages like the usual tear and wear of the writings on the screen and the icons. But when you need something that will give better protection to the ipad then you go for hard cases. Hard ipad cases may be convenient when you are traveling and has to keep the ipad together with other objects which might harm it.


Other ipad cases that can be very convenient when traveling are the leather cases which often come with handles and can there be hanged around the neck or on the shoulder with much ease. Carrying cases and flip lid cases are all very convenient and useful ipad cases which will allow you to keep your ipad safe at all time. You are always welcome to our site from where you will be able to access the widest varieties of ipad cases.


Devices with exposed and sensitive screens like the ipad require special attention during use and even when stored. You need to take great care at all times to be certain your device is not exposed to the dangers which will compromise its ability to perform its functions. It is also not wise spending much money buying an ipad then failing to give it the necessary protection it requires to last longer.



Ipad cases are made from different materials and come in different shapes and even colors. Some ipad cases are suitable for traveling while others are suitable for storing the device. You need the cases to preserve the ipads and ensure they are safe at all times so the money spent on buying them does not go to waste.

Apple Reveals

Apple CEO Steve Jobs previewed the next operating system for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad today in Cupertino, CA.

The company's new mobile advertising platform, called iAds, is built into the operating system--application developers will be able to use it to sell ads and will get 60 percent of the revenue.

Mobile advertising is seen as a potential goldmine because, at least in theory, advertisements can be tailored to a person's precise location and activity.

The announcement will intensify competition between Apple and Google in the mobile arena. The search giant bought the mobile advertising company, AdMob, from under Apple's nose last November. Shortly after, Apple acquired another mobile advertising firm Quattro Wireless.
The new OS also includes a feature that users have been clamoring after for a while: the ability to perform more than one application task at once.

This will make Apple's devices a lot more capable. For example, an iPhone user will be able to dash out an email while listening to music with the Pandora app, or make a phone call while location-based software continues to collect and send data.

Multitasking has been a major selling point for Google's competing Android platform. But Apple's new operating system won't be as fully functional as Android. Instead, Apple is exposing multitasking capabilities through several specific application programming interfaces, which means they must be used in specific ways.

Jobs explained the long delay in bringing multitasking to Apple devices by saying that, if not engineered well, these capabilities can drain Apple Laptop Battery such as Apple A1175 Battery and Apple A1079 Battery life and introduce performance issues.

The new operating system is expected to come to newer models of the iPhone and iPod Touch this summer, and to the iPad later this fall. Earlier models (including the 2008 iPhone 3G) will not get all the update's new features.

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If you are going to repair your iPod, the very first thing it is advisable do is resolve learn how to do it. Repairing an iPod for a novice isn't any straightforward job however depending on what must be accomplished, chances are you'll end up greater than in a position to perform the maintenance. Mainly, you have got two options. You may attempt to perform the upkeep your self or you can send it in to a repair shop for servicing.

Often, the very first thing you have to do is pay for the service in advance. This may be certain that the iPod restore service is compensated for his or her time. Make very sure there's a problem with your iPod that you can't fix yourself. These companies may be costly though generally much cheaper than going to Apple themselves. In some circumstances free diagnostics are provided on repairs. Other services provide payment after their diagnostics upon completion of your iPod repair.

If you want to learn how to repair this merchandise your self, you can take instructional courses off the Web, and watch iPod Repair Guys in YouTube movies repairing there iPods or ask around for ideas and tricks. Being able to repair your iPod your self takes skill. In case you are technically savvy sufficient, you could possibly determine how the machine features and what it takes to replace an element or two without instruction. However why risk it? An iPod prices a lot of money, too much so that you can toy round with.

There are numerous outlets on the Web in the present day which might be very happy to repair your iPod for a nominal charge. All it's a must to do is send your unit in to them, make an advance payment and wait in your unit to reach back home. Usually, it's going to take only 2-3 days for them to diagnose and repair your merchandise however depending on the place you store, it could take longer. Selecting the best company to mail your iPod to is important. It is best to be certain that they've handled repairs by means of the mail, keep involved with you, and will full the work in a well timed manner. You should also consider the repair shops reputation. There are numerous inexperienced repair centers popping up on a day by day basis. Coping with a reputable firm will aid you get the best diagnosis and offer you a complete iPod restore solution.

Taking a more in-depth take a look at what goes into fixing the iPod, the principle difficulty is alternative parts. Your common, every day iPod owner isn't going to have a surplus of replacement components readily available. On the retail street markets, these parts can price a lot. Some individuals do not even attempt to restore their iPods, they merely throw them away and purchase a brand new one. For most, iPod repair is the most value effective option, as iPods had been indeed built to last. A easy replacement half might save you a whole lot of dollars. The typical value for iPod restore is at the moment round 40-200 dollars relying on the mannequin you have. Good luck along with your iPod repair course of, it is positively worth it!


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Apple Laptops

The company introduced a new range of ultra-thin MacBook laptop and hoped that will be able Apple Laptops

Apple, Inc. (until January 2007 Apple Computer, Inc.) is a company from Silicon Valley, based in Cupertino, California, with the primary goal of activity in computer technology. Known mostly for Macintosh computers, Apple has a reputation for innovation in high tech industry.

Having learned several painful lessons after introducing the bulky Macintosh Portable in 1989, Apple introduced the PowerBook 1991 which established the modern form and ergonomic laptop computers. In the same year Apple introduced System 7, a major operating system upgrade that adds color graphical user interface and introduces new capabilities for network functions.

Steve Jobs, Apple's chief executive, managed to impress the audience again and in some measure the analysts and investors at the annual Macworld fair held in the American city San Francisco, says the international press.

The company introduced a new range of ultra-thin MacBook laptop and hoped that will be able to repeat the success of digital music through iTunes online store, and launching an online movie rental service. The new MacBook Air is the thinnest laptop in the world, according to Jobs, it has the maximum thickness of 1.93 centimeters (0.76 inches). On the thinnest laptop side, the device does not exceed 0.4 centimeters (0.16 inches). Just to emphasize suppleness of the laptop such as Apple A1175, Apple A1148 and Apple M6091, Jobs has brought the product on stage in a standard mail envelope.

With a wide screen of 13.3 inches (33.8 centimeters), Intel Core 2 Duo up to 1.8 GHz, 2 gigabytes of RAM, multi-touch trackpad technology (first commercially introduced in the iPhone sites) and hard disk capacity of 80 gigabytes, the starting price of the new MacBook Air is $ 1800 (1224 euro) in the United States. Optionally, customers may choose to store the flash memory SSD (Solid State Drive) of 64 gigabytes, that makes the product price to go up to about 3100 dollars (2108 euro). Unlike traditional hard drives, SSD devices contain no moving parts, which significantly reduces access time and eliminates risk of data loss following mechanical shocks.

But miniaturization presents some disadvantages, because the device has no optical drive for reading and writing CDs or DVDs. Jobs says that the users will not miss it, because they can download music and movies from the Internet and can access wireless optical units of other computers (or PCs with Windows or Macintosh systems). Also optionally, users can purchase an external optical drive for 100 dollars (68 euro). Other aspects criticized by analysts are the lack of a traditional network cards (laptop can access the Internet only through a Wi-Fi), implementing a single USB 2.0 port and the device weight, which is about 1.36 kilograms. MacBook Air is designed as a laptop between the MacBook range and MacBook Pro top, but analysts believe that the product could attract the customers who would normally have been interested in the Pro model.

The great speech, which took place on 6 January 2009 at Macworld Apple has brought to public attention the new MacBook Pro, one of the apple laptop computers. In the absence of Steve Jobs, the man who is rumored that it will replace in the future (Phil Schiller) said that the new MacBook Pro is "the thinnest 17 inch laptop, with a thickness of 2.5 cm. Even the 3 kg weight does not mean much if we think that notebooks with screen sizes greater than or equal to 17 are considered solutions desktop replacement. MacBook Pro is certainly a notebook in which you can hardly find any fault. The construction of the chassis of one piece (unibody enclosure) is exceptional and the performances are also in height. On display with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels you will see how well it moves applications supported by a Core 2 Duo clocked at 2.66 GHz, 4 GB DDR3 RAM and the NVidia graphics (9400M + 9600M GT). Storage is on a 320 GB hard drive.

Although the MacBook Pro falls into the category desktop replacement, the relatively compact dimensions (39.3 x 26.7 x 2.5 cm) and light weight make it very easy to carry. In this case, the impressive autonomy role is doing its job, with its impressive eight hours, the best of those currently encountered at an Apple notebook.

With MacBook, one of the apple laptop computers, you get part of a new level graphics experience for popular 3D games like Spore, and Sims Call of Duty 3. NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics processor offers an outstanding viewing experience every day with performance up to 5 times better. Because of advanced architecture, NVIDIA graphics card offers a fluent and fast gameplay for you to enjoy a world of games with perfect details, vivid colors and smooth movement - all without sacrificing battery.

With a fast processor Intel Core 2 Duo 2.26 GHz, the MacBook is unsurpassed in the things you do daily such as sending emails, browsing the Internet and work with documents, spreadsheets and presentations iWorks, or Microsoft Office for Mac (sold separately). It also has sufficient power for activities that require intensive CPU and retouch a photo in iPhoto, editing an iMovie project or composition of a song using GarageBand. So take full advantage of the iLife software suite. MacBook can run Windows even at normal speed. Moreover, with a 2 GB standard memory (with support expansion up to 4GB), efficiently and simultaneously run many applications you want. Music, photos and movies - not to mention documents and other personal files - are gathered without you realize. Therefore, the MacBook offers a generous storage space. You have a spacious 250 GB hard drive, with options up to 500 GB, not to leave anything at home.

The MagSafe transformer is connected magnetic, not physical. So that if someone walks into the power cable while working, your new MacBook will not take flight from the table or desk. It will only come off without damaging the cable without affecting the system. As a bonus, you know that your MacBook's fully loaded when the connector LED changes from red to green. A brilliant display. A Multi-Touch trackpad. A faster processor. And a battery that does not stops on the road. What you could want more from an accessible notebook?

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