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Happiness w iPod
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Everyone loves a relaxing moment in the garden, listening to your favorite playlist, on your strategically placed iPod.
Week 18 theme: Happiness

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A stack of the iPods I now own... included are the 1Gb iPod shuffle (2nd Gen), iPod nano Product(RED) 4Gb, iPod mini 4Gb, iPod 20Gb (4th Gen), and iPod video 80Gb (5.5 Gen).

APPLE iPod was launched a large-capacity MP3 player produced by Toshiba 1.8-inch disc drive as the storage medium, up to 10 ~ 160GB of capacity, can store 2,500 ~ 10,000 MP3 songs, it also has sound management processes and innovation. The mode of operation, appearance and unique creativity, is the APPLE of the few across the PC and Mac platforms, hardware products, in addition to MP3 players, iPod can also be used as a high-speed mobile hard disk, you can display contacts, calendar and tasks, and reading plain text e-books and listen to Audible's audio books and podcasts. We can know more about it through the following ipod cases. The development of ipod is so fast now, you will get more and more surprises through the ipod cases.

RED Special Edition Added under: iPod (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition (the red type) is not a limited edition, red iPod nano4 and shuffle, is Apple in conjunction with the Product Red built a special version of the iPod, now buy iPod (PRODUCT ) RED Special Edition models, Apple will sell a part of the proceeds donated to the Global Fund, for AIDS prevention in Africa. So far, only sold in the APPLE Store only (such as: Beijing Sanlitun apple store). Since the Scheme has been introduced, (PRODUCT) RED Global Fund has donated more than 100 million U.S. dollars. Now, if you buy (PRODUCT) RED, can donate their love.

The First-generation iPod First-generation iPod's release caused a stir at the time, it is not only beautiful, but also has a unique and humane mode of operation and the huge capacity, iPod 为 MP3 players has brought new ideas, since similar products on the market after another, But the iPod is still as it's unique style has been sought after.

The First-generation iPod on October 23, 2001 release, a capacity of 5GB, 2002 年 3 月 21 Shelby 10GB version of the iPod, both equipped with APPLE's selections as scroll-wheel drive, just a thumb to complete to operate, 10GiPod also added 20 species of equalizer settings, iPod bandwidth is 400Mbps of IEEE1394 interface transmission, with the Mac operating system to manage iTunes, which was very advanced design, combined with iPod unique design, it becomes another APPLE create a myth.

The Second-generation iPod Early first-generation iPod models for the Mac operating system design, PC, difficult to use it, for like iPod, PC users had to use some third-party software to use, Apple saw the opportunity which, in June 2002 17 released to support Windows operating system "Windows version of iPod", while increasing the 20G version of the iPod, since Mac and Windows version of iPod has 5GB, 10GB, 20GB three kinds of capacity, which is known as the second on behalf of the iPod, this iPod from a PC user APPLE camp one of the products recently.

The Third-generation iPod April 28, 2003, with the iTunes store opened, Apple announced the release of third-generation iPod (left). This is the iPod family, the greatest change in generation of members. Full use of the touch operation.

The Fourth-generation iPod Apple Computer in July 19, 2004 issued a fourth-generation iPod. Steve Jobs to publish new promotional methods, he was "Newsweek" (Newsweek) and shoot the cover of Time magazine interview, released a new iPod.

Initially, these fourth generation iPod only black and white screen, and with its predecessors have not pictures. First published two:$ 299 for 20GB and $ 399 for 40GB (Apple Computer in February 2005 to stop selling 40GB version, sales of black and white 20GB version only). Black and white of four generations of iPod, a little thinner than the third generation (less than 1 mm), and provides ability to charge via USB interfaces. There are some others ipod cases, these ipod cases proved that the growth of technology of the society. Are you interested in ipod cases? Please pay more attention to ipod!

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This is a good song for 110rpm on the bike.

One of the most frustrating things is to bring your Macbook to an Apple repair center because it is malfunctioning only to have the service staff there tell you that the repairs are not covered under the product warranty. This happens because the product warranty only covers defects that are the fault of the manufacturer. If the technician at the service center believes that the malfunction is your fault, then the repairs are not covered under the warranty and are not free. When this happens, you will either have to find a laptop repair shop that offers Macbook repair services, or pay the exorbitant prices that Apple repair centers charge for repairs that are not covered by the product warranty.


The problem, however, is finding a shop that provides reliable Macbook repair services. Macbooks are notorious for being particularly difficult for anyone outside of Apple to repair, because they are specifically built to be inaccessible to everyone except Apple technicians. Even the battery cannot be replaced by the user and can only be removed and changed at a repair center. This also means that most regular laptop repair shops are reluctant to provide Macbook repair services as such repairs are more difficult and time-consuming than repairs for laptops from other brands.


There are, however, laptop repair shops that do offer Macbook repair services at lower price than you would have to pay if you were to have your Macbook repaired at an official Apple repair center. In order to achieve greater accessibility, many of these laptop repair shops can be found online, and the best offer both walk-in servicing at their physical locations or mail-in repairs for those who do not live near any of those physical locations.


Of course, it would be most convenient for you to locate a laptop repair shop in your vicinity that provides Macbook repair services. If you are unable to find such a laptop repair store, however, there is always the option of mail-in repairs. Some people worry about getting Macbook repair services through a mail-in repair arrangement, but it really is quite simple and risk-free. You simply send your laptop to the stipulated address via registered mail and purchase insurance for your package. This way, if anything were to happen to your Macbook while it is in transit, you would be fully compensated for the loss. Sending it by registered mail will allow you to track the progress of the package through the internet, so you know where it is at all times.


Then, when the repairs have been completed, you can simply request that your Macbook be sent back to you using the same arrangement. The best laptop repair stores will already use such an arrangement by default, and if not, you should be able to request that they do so. If the laptop repair store refuses, then you should definitely find another store offering Macbook repair services that is more interested in providing quality customer service.


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Apple Data Recovery

There used to be a time when a device malfunctioned and you just threw it away.  Call it a lemon and get a new one - or maybe a better version.  When my first cell phone crashed 12 years ago, I simply went to Radio Shack and bought a new one.  I asked my 4 friends who also had cell phones to repeat their numbers and that was the end of it.


Not anymore.  As technology is becoming more complicated and - at the same time - a greater necessity of our daily lives, the dependence on technological devices has also increased.  Errors and malfunctions can no longer simply be ignored or discarded.  We fill these devices with data and information that becomes critical to our daily lives.  The loss of this information, or merely timely access to it, can have disastrous results on both our professional and personal lives.  I am not trying to get on my soap box on this issue, merely stating that this is the way that things are - for better or for worse.


While it is arguably the best technology in the world, and indisputably in the top 5 or 10, Apple has created a host of products that have become ingrained in daily lives.  Apple started with computers to compete with IBMs.  They would eventually hit gold with the Macintosh models.  This would evolve into the IMacs that ran on an OSX operating system that proved to be cleaner and less susceptible (or at least less targeted) for viruses compared to Microsoft Windows.  ITunes and the IPod would follow, completely revolutionizing how users obtain and listen to music.  The cell phone industry was rocked to its core with the development of the IPhone - which almost instantly made the Blackberry appear to be obsolete.  Last year, Apple changed the way that we think about portable computing with the release of the IPad, a simple computing system focusing primarily on media and web programs/applications - the goal being to include most the features that laptop users use regularly while eliminating those that are more rarely delved into (all incorporating into a touch screen interface).


Despite all these successful and quality products, even Apple's products are not beyond having errors and malfunctions.  When these machines crash, large amounts of music files, pictures (jpegs), personal data, work documents, or other information may be at serious risk.  Apple products are no more immune to needing data recovery than those of most other technology industry giants.


If you need data recovery for an Apple product, bear in mind that (for good reasons) Apple runs its computers on a different operating system than most companies.  This does not mean that it is more difficult to recovery items from an Apple device, only that it is done a little differently compared to most recovery processes.  Therefore, should you need data recovery for an Apple product, it is important to make sure that the company you are using for the recovery is adept at handling Apple products.  Simple research on their qualifications and past experiences should suffice.


- Felix Chesterfield

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