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There used to be a time when a device malfunctioned and you just threw it away.  Call it a lemon and get a new one - or maybe a better version.  When my first cell phone crashed 12 years ago, I simply went to Radio Shack and bought a new one.  I asked my 4 friends who also had cell phones to repeat their numbers and that was the end of it.


Not anymore.  As technology is becoming more complicated and - at the same time - a greater necessity of our daily lives, the dependence on technological devices has also increased.  Errors and malfunctions can no longer simply be ignored or discarded.  We fill these devices with data and information that becomes critical to our daily lives.  The loss of this information, or merely timely access to it, can have disastrous results on both our professional and personal lives.  I am not trying to get on my soap box on this issue, merely stating that this is the way that things are - for better or for worse.


While it is arguably the best technology in the world, and indisputably in the top 5 or 10, Apple has created a host of products that have become ingrained in daily lives.  Apple started with computers to compete with IBMs.  They would eventually hit gold with the Macintosh models.  This would evolve into the IMacs that ran on an OSX operating system that proved to be cleaner and less susceptible (or at least less targeted) for viruses compared to Microsoft Windows.  ITunes and the IPod would follow, completely revolutionizing how users obtain and listen to music.  The cell phone industry was rocked to its core with the development of the IPhone - which almost instantly made the Blackberry appear to be obsolete.  Last year, Apple changed the way that we think about portable computing with the release of the IPad, a simple computing system focusing primarily on media and web programs/applications - the goal being to include most the features that laptop users use regularly while eliminating those that are more rarely delved into (all incorporating into a touch screen interface).


Despite all these successful and quality products, even Apple's products are not beyond having errors and malfunctions.  When these machines crash, large amounts of music files, pictures (jpegs), personal data, work documents, or other information may be at serious risk.  Apple products are no more immune to needing data recovery than those of most other technology industry giants.


If you need data recovery for an Apple product, bear in mind that (for good reasons) Apple runs its computers on a different operating system than most companies.  This does not mean that it is more difficult to recovery items from an Apple device, only that it is done a little differently compared to most recovery processes.  Therefore, should you need data recovery for an Apple product, it is important to make sure that the company you are using for the recovery is adept at handling Apple products.  Simple research on their qualifications and past experiences should suffice.


- Felix Chesterfield

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