upgraded the operating system on my computer from Windows Xp to Windows 7 recently. I used to connect my fifth generation Ipod to my computer for syncing music and videos and it worked perfectly on Windows XP but now after upgradation of the operating system, Windows 7 detects my fifth generation Ipod as Corrupted iPod. Whenever I connect the Ipod to the computer, it shows the same message again and again. I cant figure out what is causing this problem and hence need your help in solving the issue. Any help regarding the issue is highly appreciated.

my fifth generation Ipod as Corrupted iPod


Probably the problem is with the connecting cord which is used to connect the Ipod to the computer. The connecting cord which is used to connect the Ipod to the computer is a USB cord. USB cord have lines of conductors which can get damaged due to improper storage and handling of the cord. If the connecting cord is faulty then the communication betweenthe computer and the Ipod will not be proper and hence your computer is reporting the Ipod as Corrupt Ipod. Change the connecting cord and then see if the Ipod gets detected or not.
Windows 7 has many incompatibility issues with many of the devices. This incompatibility issue rises due to lack of proper drivers for all the devices which are available. As the drivers for many devices are not available for Windows 7, many devices dont work properly in Windows 7.The Ipod which you are using is very old and hence the drivers for Ipod has to be installed on the computer. Go to the official Apple website and check if the drivers for the model of the Ipod which you are using is available for Windows 7 or not. If the drivers are available then download them and install it on the computer. Once the appropriate drivers are installed, you will not face the same problem again.

my fifth generation Ipod as Corrupted iPod


Ipod has an internal operating system known as Firmware. Like any other software the firmware of the Ipod can also get corrupt and stuck. If such situation arises then the Ipod will not be detected by the computer. To bring the Ipod out of loop, you will have to reset the ipod. To reset the Ipod, press and hold the Menu and Center click button. Keep the buttons pressed till the Apple logo appears on the screen. Once the apple logo appears, release the button and letthe Ipod restart. Now connect the Ipod to the computer and then see if the Ipod gets detected by the computer.

It is possible that the Ipod which you are using has really got corrupt and hence computer is not detecting the Ipod. Ipod contains hard drive which is similar to the hard drive of the computer. The hard drive of the Ipod can also get corrupt due to excessive usage or development of bad sectors. If the hard drive of the Ipod gets corrupted then the Ipod will be reported as corrupted Ipod by the operating system as there is no readable or writable media present. Take the Ipod to some Apple store and get the Ipod checked.


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Apple Ipod Prices

The Apple iPod are a high definition portable medial player, which are the masters in iPods today. The iPod are used as a storage device to store your favorite music. They come in various types namely the Touch, Classic and Shuffle. You can also transfer the saved data to the computer and you can enjoy some of the exciting games with the Apple iPod. However today's generation are very excited with the range of Apple iPod that is the shuffle second generation 1GB, Apple iPod mini Amband and 2GB shuffle MP3 player.
The other Apple iPod from apple are the fourth generation iPod nano, a skinny one, which is available in 8 colors that is the black, purple, pink, blue, yellow, orange green and Indian silver. The Apple iPod prices are :
Apple iPod nano 8GB – Rs. 6,500,
Apple iPod nano 16GB is – Rs. 9,900.
The iPod comes with a voice recorder and has new headphones, which has micro remote and the microphone.
The 3rd generation Apple iPod is a touch portable media player that comes with new features like speakers that are integrated and the volume buttons, they also feature built-in Nike + iPod support.
Apple iPod touch 8GB – Rs. 11,500
Apple iPod touch 16GB – Rs. 13,500
Apple iPod touch 32GB – Rs. 15,900
Apple iPod touch 64GB – Rs. 21,500
The new shuffle portable from Apple iPod in India is available in three colors that are the green, blue and pink. The prices of these iPods are:
Apple iPod shuffle 1GB – Rs. 2,300 can store up to 250 songs and supports MP3 VBR. It comes with a rechargeable battery and has a playback time of 12 hours.
Apple iPod shuffle 2GB – Rs. 3,000
Apple iPod shuffle 4GB – Rs. 4000.
Another interesting factor about the Apple iPods is that the Classic iPods has an increased memory of 160 GB. The iPods can have color options like the silver and black in India. The price in India of the
Apple iPod Classic 160GB is – Rs. 12,900.
The second generation 2 GB shuffle MP3 player comes with wall charge and has a scratch resistance aluminum body; it comes in bright and shiny colors. The price of this iPod is Rs. 899. The Apple iPod Nano 8GB 5th generation comes with camera and FM. It also comes with exciting new features and is ecologically friendly. The price of this iPod is Rs. 7,695.

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