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In 1976, Steve Jobs and Steven Wozniak were starting an electronics company in a rented garage in Palo Alto in southern California. This garage is the foundation of what would soon become "Silicon Valley". Over 37 years, two other young people in another garage, start another business legend: Apple, a business tens of billions of U.S. dollars was started in that garage.

MacBook Pro is just one of the laptops manufactured by Apple.The casing is made from a single block of aluminum. It is uni-body structure, as in some models of MacBook and MacBook Air which aims to increase impact resistance. The entire track pad is now a button, so you can click anywhere. The lack of a separate button it means a 39% larger space to move your fingers on the shiny surface of the glass. Multi-Touch gesture is now available for the MacBook, so all functions are at your fingertips.

The new MacBook Pro reaches a new level in the power of running the advanced high-speed games. Not to mention pure performance for demanding applications such as Aperture and Motion. Use the new NVIDIA GeForce 9400M. Or switch to a separate nVidia 9600M GT graphics processor for the fast, fluid and precise graphics performance. MacBook Pro has a hard drive up to 320GB and up to 4GB of RAM. So there is enough space for photographic libraries, video projects and files. The fastest DDR3 memory at 1066MHz, you can run multiple applications simultaneously and access many elements. Write to watch DVDs all, heard or create ultra-fast drive 8x SuperDrive. Wherever you go, wireless capabilities will attend. With the latest 802.11n wireless technology built into MacBook Pro, you are connected to the wireless world always wherever you are: outside, home or office. MacBook Pro automatically finds the network and allows adherence to just one click. You can then browse the web, send email, video converse and make more.

Bluetooth capabilities are also integrated, so you can enjoy many wireless peripherals. When no Wi-Fi network is not available, you can connect to the Internet is a mobile network Orinda using the ExpressCard slot and a 3G wireless card. The autonomy of the battery such as Apple A1079 Battery, Apple A1078 Battery and Apple M6091 Battery up to 5 o'clock, you can do anything, wherever you are. The moment you open MacBook Pro you're greeted by a maximum brightness, full screen. But that is not the only quality retroilluminata glossy widescreen LED display. The image is bright and clear from one corner to another. And all you see - including ultra-thin screen - is a spectacular experience. Layer of glass makes this display stronger and more resistant. In addition, it is more energy efficient and does not contain mercury and arsenic, so it's more "green" than ever. Grid rigid aluminum keyboard was cut specifically to support the keys. And the keys are curved to perfectly fit your fingers form results? The pleasure of the key.

The keyboard is also illuminated, so when you're in low light conditions, such as airports or lecture halls, you will easily see the keys. Inside the new MacBook Pro is the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processor at speeds up to 2.8GHz, based on manufacturing technology on 45-nm and advanced Core micro-architecture. With the 1066MHz front side bus and up to 6MB shared L2 cache, MacBook Pro runs applications faster and more efficiently than ever.

Nice Ipod photos

Some cool ipod images:

Image by Jayna
Argh, I think the iPod initlaized when it ran out of battery and not expecting the language screen to come out, I accidentally chose the wrong one. I have been surviving based on trial and error, getting around my iPod...

(btw, thats the iPod cover I got for about 40p)

Image by maddox