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iPad Hook
Image by kentkb
Using a suction cup glass holder from a Garmin GPS system, I hooked it to the back of my iPad so it can be held one handed.
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Wifi symbol at iPad
Image by lottech
Wifi and symbol at iPad

Love MacBook

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Love MacBook
Image by 凱特
My Apple MacBook

Image by ThiagoMartins

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A new MacBook Air laptop has been unveiled and Apple has hailed it as the first in a new generation of portable computers. apple laptop battery.

This claim seems principally to be based on the new way in which the MacBook will store and transfer its data, namely via solid state flash storage and various online services. The new storage systems are apparently 90 per cent smaller and lighter then traditional Apple hard drives, all of which mean the new Air is really quite impressively slender.

Apple describes its latest reinvention of the apple MacBook battery as having been "designed from the ground up to use flash storage exclusively" and the company makes clear that its recent research efforts in the realms of tablet PCs have helped inform development on the rest of its product range.

"We've taken what we have learned with the iPad – solid state storage, instant-on, amazing battery standby time, miniaturisation and lightweight construction, to create the new MacBook Air," explained Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

The precise weight of your MacBook will depend whether you buy the 11 or the 13-inch variety but either way there wont be much mass left for you to carry around.

With FaceTime built-in and hard drive crashes "eliminated", an new version Air could well be a worthwhile purchase but whether it will "change the way we think about notebooks", or even laptops, as Steve Jobs suggests we might, is certainly still open to conjecture.

Prices on Apple's newest laptop start from £849 for an 11-inch, two gigabyte memory, 64 gigabyte flash storage version and go to £1,349 for a 256 gigabyte device. HP laptop battery.

Earlier this week, Apple announced that it had generated profits worth more than £2 billion during the three months prior to the end of September and sold 3.89 million Macs in the process.

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Are you thinking of buying an Apple iPod? Or have you bought one?

Almost everyone and anyone that I know seems to have bought an iPod or at least is thinking of getting an ipod for themselves or their loved ones. The iPod is just so alluring! However, do you know what you should do after buying the iPod?

Most people don't. Yet, market analysts estimate that the average iPod owner spend as much as 30% of the original iPod price on additional accessories! That's a whopping US$ 60-US$ 90 on iPod accessories that each iPod owner will spend!

Many people are simply spending their money on the wrong accessories! In fact, many are going for fancy accessories such as car transceiver kit, wireless remote kit, speaker kit even without realizing what are the first accessories they should get.

Get the Basic iPod Accessory before getting the Fancy Stuff!

Do you, as a iPod user, faces these problems on a daily basis too?

* iPod Screen scratches

* Click wheel scratches

* Mirrored back scratches

* Messy iPod earphone cables

* iPod overheating when being charged while in a silicone or leather case

Despite the technical and cosmetic superiority of the Apple iPod, there remain some teething issues. Weak batteries is one. Being easily scratched is another. These problems immediately lower the resale or trade-in value of the iPod, if any? This may not seem important but if you are trading in your older iPod for a new one, this does matter. It also sucks to see scratches and marks on the beautiful iPod. In fact, microscopic scratches takes place everytime you take the iPod in and out of pocket!

Get a good-quality iPod case before ANYTHING ELSE!

There are numerous iPod accessories out there. Many accessories are fanciful, some are good but most do not fulfil the basic need of the iPod. You need to protect the iPod from getting scratches and accidental marks before anything else.

Before the iPod can serve you well, it must be able to take care of itself. So, before you even look further into getting your first iPod accessory or even if you have gotten numerous other accessories, make sure you first equip your iPod with either a good quality case or sleeve.

The most common iPod cases in use are:

Handphone sleeves converted to iPod sleeves

This is the most common as handphone sleeves are cheap and easily available. However, the mirrored back of the 3G and 4G ipod are easily scratched by theses sleeves as they run against the iPod. It is not recommended unless you have a budget problem.

iPod screen and wheel sticky protectors

There are transparent iPod screen and wheel sticky protector that are cut of the right size and stucked directly onto the iPod screen and wheel. However, there are various models in the market and some of the cheaper ones tend to curl and peel off after some use. If you are on a budget, a good quality screen and wheel protector is the minimum you should have.

iPod silicone skin

This is the most common iPod case around. It looks like a good casing choice but it is in fact one of the worst, especially if you have bought a cheap one.

These cheap silicone cases are being mass-produced in China with doubtful materials and design elements. Many of the cheap silicone skins in the market tear easily and pick up lint and dirt easily. They are also difficult to wash and maintain. I will not advise a silicone case unless they are made by some of the better and branded products from USA or Japan. A good model is found at: http://www.smart-ipod-ideas.com

iPod Leather case

The iPod leather case is one of the most popular case. However, do not get the Apple branded one if possible as it tears to scratched the mirror back and it does not have a covering flap. Get one of the leather cases from the many in the market. Check the stitching on the leather case before buying one as some of the mass-manufactured ones may have poor workmanship.

Water and shock resistant cases

There is an increasing demand for such cases as more and more people bring their iPod for hiking, cycling, trekking, fishing and beach trips. There are various good brands in the market. However, note that whatever the advertisement may say, at best, the case can only be water resistant and not water proof which is two different things all together. A water resistant case can only take splashes and short immersion in water and certainly not something you can bring for swimming or diving trips!

For recommeded iPod cases and more useful iPod advice, please visit tha author's website.

iPod Battery Care Tips

iPod Battery Care Tips

By Bobby George

The realm of digital music players has a verifiable leader: the Apple iPod. This little device is in many homes, backpacks, and pockets across the nation. The name iPod is synonymous with music and video. But sometimes the battery life of iPod doesn't exactly keep pace with a user's appetite for entertainment. That being said, here are some things you can do to prolong the runtime of your iPod battery and keep your tunes playing without interruptions.

Put it to sleep

Perhaps the easiest thing you can do to keep your iPod battery from running low too quickly is to put it to sleep while you aren't using it. This can be done by holding the play/pause button until the screen turns off. This will save the battery, but leaving an iPod in sleep mode for several days or more will still result in battery loss. It is a good idea to charge the iPod every now and then even when it isn't used much.

Don't Skip

For those of you who are never content with the current song or video and want to see what's coming next, try to refrain from too much skipping. The iPod is designed to play continuously for long periods of time, but skipping songs will quickly drain battery life. Also, when the iPod is in shuffle mode, the battery will drain quicker.

Watch Movies on a TV

One of the most attractive things about the new 5th Generation and 5.5 Generation iPods is their ability to play videos. iTunes even offers movie and TV show downloads for these devices. However, while watching video on the go seem appealing, it may be about the only thing you get to do with your iPod for the day. Video playback drains the iPod battery quicker than anything. If you have a short video to watch while riding to work or on an airplane, go right ahead. But, if you need to have a Lord of the Rings marathon, I suggest you do it at home.

Counter-Clockwise is the Way to Go

Another attractive aspect of the iPod is the click-wheel, a small circular controller used by sliding the thumb around it in either direction to scroll songs, increase volume, etc. For the battery-optimized iPod, counter clockwise is your friend. In other words, less is more. Lower settings in screen brightness, volume, etc. ultimately equal better battery life. Put the screen brightness at the lowest comfortable level. Keep the volume at a low point that is still easily heard. Doing these things will add precious minutes to your playback time.

Still not getting enough battery life out of your iPod? Add up to 18 hours of additional runtime with a battery add on at www.lowcostbatteries.com.

Calories In An Apple

apple watch
by raizo

There are about 80 calories in an apple.

And if you need to lose weight, then eating just one a day can have impressive impact.

In this short article, I'll show you why.

So pay close attention here because this is so easy to do, you'd be crazy not to give it a shot.

We've all heard... "Eating an apple a day helps keep the doctor away".

Well it does much more than that.

Several studies have shown that the calories in an apple are potent little fat burners.

In one such study researchers from the State University of Rio de Janeiro discovered that women who ate just 300 grams of apples per day (the equivalent of three small fruits or less)... actually lost more weight on a similar diet than women who didn't add the fruit.

There are many reason why eating an apple a day works so well for weight loss.

Here's two of the main ones...

1. Apples are among the most potent anti-oxidant foods around.

This is super important for getting a "thinner" looking body.

The reason is because anti-oxidants "mop-up" pollutants in your body that destroy your metabolic function.

Basically, consuming the anti-oxidants and other amazing nutrients found in apple calories help to fix the real cause of your excess stomach fat.

2. Apples are loaded with fiber.

Fiber and weight loss go hand in hand.

The fiber in apples is a natural appetite suppressant that helps you feel full.

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University discovered that those who consumed just one apple about 15 minutes before they had lunch, ate almost 190 fewer calories than when they didn't have the apple.

And the fiber found in apples is also wildly effective at removing waste from your body. This waste is a main culprit in a slow, sluggish metabolism and excess fat.

Now, as I said, those were only two reasons why eating just one apple a day can have a dramatic impact on your health and weight.

There are many others.

And I speak from personal experience here...

When I started eating apple calories each day I just began to feel better. Have way more energy.

So if you need to lose weight, the calories in an apple will definitely help.

Sure, you may not notice an eye-popping waistline reduction in 7 days, but it's just one super easy thing you can do that will help you get faster, better results.

*** Need To Lose Weight Fast? ***

Here's a simple 5 step fat loss guide that will show you how.

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