Apple iPod Reviews

by KPY

There are many things that people say about Apple iPods. There are reviews posted all over the Internet and there will always be good or bad reviews available for the interested reader.

Here are some of the summarized reviews available on the Internet:

Throughout the years, music lovers have acknowledged the crisp sound produced by their iPods. People have always attempted to describe the different music experience and that every song seems to be played live. Aside from this, here are the features that people have written about on the net. Things that they love about the product:

1. Apple claimed that the hard drive can hold more than five thousand songs. Now, this number of songs is enough that a user would not be able to listen to the same song twice.

2. iPods comes with an ergonomic design which is the Click Wheel. Using the Click Wheel, users can easily browse through the controls of either fast forward, play, reverse, pause and stop. Apple iPod users can even access the menus using the Click Wheel.

3. Apple also counted the long battery life of up to 12 hours as very helpful to the image of Apple iPod. What is the use of storing about 5 thousand songs inside the iPod if the battery would not last until all the songs have been played.

4. Users also listed the capability of users to set up play lists on the iPod.

5. The iPod also lists the shuffle function as one of the most notable function of the iPod. It creates a sense of randomness in the play list avoiding boredom for the user.

6. Apple iPod reviews revealed that their product is an excellent audio player. This is due to four reasons:

a. The menu system is super-intuitive.

b. The sound quality is great. Although, other users contend that it would be better sounding through the use of other headphones.

c. The storage size relative to its size is a bonus.

d. Lastly, but definitely not the least, they consider this the most important; thousands of accessories of the Apple iPod to choose from.

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