Have you ever meet data loss on your Mac machine (iMac, MacBook) and wondered if there is a way to rescue? The following shows a couple of reasons for data soss situations you may suffer:

Mac machine malfunction (logical damage)

When Mac drive fails, we may not get the access of important files and come across strange behavior of your system. The most common symptoms of a bad Mac drive are as follows:
• File system corruption
• Disk is unreadable
• No mountable file system; hard drive cannot be mounted
• Errors while accessing any particular volume of Macintosh HD
• The Macintosh computer reboots automatically

Human improper operation (human error)

• Accidentally or intentionally delete valuable data such as Command+ Delete, and emptying trash bin
• Format HD without backup
• Other improper operation on Mac

Other Problems
• Virus inflection/ attack
• Unexpected power failure

All the above problems of data loss are logical damages. The drive is physically intact, but we cannot access data, application, and even operating system stored on it.

3 Steps to Resuce Data on Mac OS X

As what mentioned above, you may lose our valuable data from Mac OS X due to various reasons. The solutions should vary based on the cause. To do data rescue Mac, what you should do first to identify the real cause of data loss.

For the data loss due to Mac machine malfunction, you can try to do data rescue (Mac) with the help of ‘Disk Utility’, an inbuilt utility of Mac OS X operating system that can check integrity and consistency of Macintosh HD.

For human errors, you can do data rescue Mac with Time Machine. Time Machine always makes backup our data every hour. Once we lost our data, just enter your Time Machine browser, and we can recover your Mac files from Time Machine backup.

If Disk Utility and Time Machine cannot do data rescue Mac for you, you may need to use the third party Mac file recovery software to rescue the lost data.

Jackson Nell is a Mac fan and loves exploring new things. He occasionally writes for Camera Recovery, where both Windows & Mac users can find some fantastic software programs which may come to help in case.

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The Coffee and Apple Diet

Have you heard of the Coffee and Apple diet? It's almost as preferred as the Coffee and Marshmallow, diet but even so a little more fit. The Coffee boosts your energy levels allowing you to get through your daily task list at lightning speeds and the apples keep your gut lined and your body filled with natural energies.

Fundamentally the Coffee and Apple diet works on the premise that you drink 7 cups of coffee and eat 7 apples a day. In addition to the Coffee and Apples, you are inspired to drink 2 liters of water and eat a tiny lunch and a small dinner usually composed of rice and protein such as fish or chicken. The Coffee and Apple Diet is becoming more popular, especially in the workplace and among young mothers who are forever active and may otherwise forget to eat, or just reach out for the closest bag of crisps or a chocolate bar.

The Coffee and Apple Diet permits you to eat regularly and maintain your sugar levels while still feeling satisfied. After a month on the Coffee and Apple diet you are expected to shed at least fifteen lbs. Depending on your starting weight some have lost barely more and some slightly less.

Men can afford to eat a bit more than women but should not use that as an excuse to indulge and as with any diet, your body frame and height comes into factor too.

Lauren James is a homemaker with two toddlers who lives a hectic life. She seriously wanted to lose 10lbs for her sister's wedding but couldn't galvanize herself to attend weight-watchers classes and when a friend told her about the Coffee and Apple diet she made a decision to give it a go. "It was rather hard for the first couple of days as my body altered from the regular junk inputs of McDonald's burgers, crisps and biscuits but the regular cups of coffee, which I sweetened with Splenda, certainly kept me going and my sugar cravings at bay. By the end of the first week I'd shed 4lb and was feeling full of energy and chuffed in myself. After a month I'd lost 11 lb and was the ideal weight for my sister's wedding. I'd highly counsel the Coffee and apple diet as a fast fix weight loss plan, particularly for a big day such as a wedding or vacation."

One of the largest advantages to this diet is the incontrovertible fact that it can be tailored to fit your tastes, it is highly customizable and even if you dislike coffee you can flavor it with mint, chocolate or strawberries to fit your taste. A very preferred product on this diet is the slimming aid Naturegift Diet Coffee, which is a brand of instant coffee which helps to burn off fat.

Johnathan Hobbs here. I'm a keen fisherman and enjoy the occasional game of golf. Writing is a passion of mine, and I'm just getting familiar with the Internet. I look forward to making friends here. More information on the coffee and apple diet can be found by clicking here.