Cool Ipad images

A few nice ipad images I found:

Sucked In
Image by
18/365, 18 January 2013
Project 365: Looking For The Lost Self

I had to take myself offline for the last 36 hours. People don't get it - all our online activities only serve to make our brains more tired. The visual stimulation is constant. When we sit still, our eyes take in more than a million bits of information a second which our brain has to process. We are not conscious about how hard we work our brains until we have a brain fart or a brain hiccup - or worse: our brain stops because it has had enough. We blindly call that a "nervous breakdown".

Since I started this project, there have been moments where I question myself and my own sanity. And then it all came to a head and I had to cut the ties for a period - to save my sanity.
Apps used:
Procamera, Superimpose, Snapseed, iColorama, Photoforge 2, Decim8, Image Blender

For information about why I am doing this project:

ipad 299
Image by bicameral

MacBook in Box

A few nice macbook images I found:

MacBook in Box
Image by Patrick Haney

MacBook Pro: Battery Lights
Image by Richard Bao

Selling my old MacBook Pro
Image by Dave Schumaker
Specs on this MacBook Pro:
15" Macbook Pro 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo
Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo
Memory: 2 GB
Harddrive:500 GB
Optical Drive: Super Drive
Airport & Bluetooth: Built-in
Operating System: 10.5 Leopard
Includes: Installation CD's, manuals, power adapter, original box and packing materials.

iPod 1G

Some cool ipod images:

iPod 1G
Image by FelipeCN
Um iPod de primeira geração, 10GB, algo raro nesses dias de iPods com telinha colorida....

É tão estranho ver que a wheel dele realmente RODA!

Estava com a bateria descarregada, nem deu pra eu brincar um pouco. :(

Comparado com um iPod Classic, é um tijolo. Mas formos pensar que ele é de 2002...

iPod on Flickr
Image by Cory Schadt
Photo of my new iPod Touch on Flickr

Nice Ipod photos

Check out these ipod images:

My iPod Touch "Desktop"
Image by reinvented
I applied iJailBreak, and suddenly a world of earthly delights were available to me: maps, IM, weather, email. It makes the iPod Touch about 1000% more useful.

Ipod con gelaskin
Image by David Calavera

iPod Surgery
Image by Bain McLeod
So the center button on my iPod broke.
My warrenty ran out 2 years ago.