Admittedly Apple to date has stood at the cutting edge of the electronics world winning the laurels on the strength of its unremitting efforts and innovation on the commodities, like the Silicone iPad Case, which hit the market arousing a fanatic craze about binge shopping. Apple products, as it were, have come to the fore in a unique and individual fashion. Well, what the hell with the fond dream that replace the goods without contributory accessories with a stunning but imperfect item or a stock of extraneous peripherals? Is the business kicking the ass, or the buyer makes a fool of himself? Anyway, ironically iPad is still following the same old disastrous road.
If iphone and iPod has fared perfectly with resounding success to the effect that Apple advances irresistibly contributed by the Silicone iPad case and another chic iPad Case, qualifying as the sought after IPad Accessories, then iPad barely satisfactory this time has been supposed to be the target of public criticism. The products analyst of the U.S. remarkable IT magazine Wired pointed out ten defective details shortly in the wake of the iPad release by Jobs. To be specific, the iPad fails to support Flash, multi-function, render the 16:9 screen scale and invite Verizon as the mobile operator and meanwhile lacks OLED screen, USB interface, keyboard, web cam, and high-resolution media interface. As for those tending to operate things like web browser, email, Twitter, RealPlayer and Microsoft Word at the same time, the iPad incapable of supporting multi-function is no more than a large Kindle.
To put it exactly, the latter well stands before the former one in terms of the price, 3G service as well as standby time. Moreover, it's impossible for iPad as a tablet PC hovering between net book and e-book and accordingly stuck in the embarrassing situation to enjoy the favorable stance on the table like Kindle and all the more suit the holder for a long time as Kindle. In some sense, the Achilles' heel of the iPad lies in that it brings the Apple's imposing manner and irreplaceable garland to no full play. During the press conference on last Wednesday Jobs laughed heavily stating that the tablet PC puts the net book into shame and at stake. However, there are doubting voices from the publics that why should they spend $ 500 on the iPad prevailing over none counterparts like net book regarding the practicality or e-book concerning the portable advantage.
For all we know, the heavy price buyers pay on any Apple items is not only commensurate with cost on a machine. You know, for the sake of luxurious and fragile iPad, the Silicone iPad case, as well as the protective tab is at least a must have and in the best possible situation the wireless keyboard counted in. This kind of marketing mode is more than welcomed by the accessories manufacturers, and the things is the imperfect machine actually has gained the immense popularity and contributed to more profit margin for the manufacturers. The point to note is that the online marketplaces also reap the rewards in that they have a good chance of relishing selling accessories to the full, though not entitled to handle the original brand machine. In this regard the customers can gain the original brand machine on E-bay and more importantly revel in cost-efficient replicas on such fantastic online marketplace as Topons. What a fabulous win-win, isn't it? But as a matter of fact the iPad thing sets no great store by the interests of the majority of buyers, spending hefty money but obtaining expensive large Itouch with much fanfare but upsetting defects. Maybe we'd say the only edge of iPad availing against Itouch is that the toilet shuts the door to it. But is that really a big deal and winning our hearts?
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