Cool Ipod images

A few nice ipod images I found:

iPod family
Image by Zengame
From left side, shuffle, nano, mini, photo.

iPod prototype
Image by andybee21
Some early development I did at work on an iPod application for radio services.

This has now been launched as a proper product.

Nice Apple Watch photos

Some cool apple watch images:

Probably the best log cabin in the world....
apple watch
Image by MacBeales
... is this one. Found on the banks of the Baltic sea in Kasmu, Estonia.
The idea place to read a book, drink a nice beer and watch the world go by. Ah bliss.
Many thanks to my wife Annabel who took this.

apple watch
Image by bizmac

Apple Watch Leather Band OAS handmade
apple watch
Image by TheBetterDay
Apple Watch Leather Band OAS handmade