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Broken Apple Watch
apple watch
Image by scriptingnews

33_Gilmor lived in New Orleans
apple watch
Image by Jim Surkamp
The Showdown of Harry Gilmor and Dent Summers Oct., 1862 by J.Surkamp

1_Settling myself in the saddle
(Harry Gilmor:) Settling myself in the saddle, I dashed in among the blue jackets, cutting and thrusting right and left, and parrying a blow when necessary.

2_Here they are boys
(George D. Summers:) “Here they are boys by God, we’ve got them now!”

3_Come on you damned rebel
(Aquilla S. Gallion:) “Come on you da*ned rebel, I’ll soon fix your flint.”

4_a man whom I knew to be a Unionist
(Union man:)
We met a man whom I knew to be a Unionist, but, expecting to capture the party ahead of me before they could reach Charlestown in my rear, I let him pass. What a change it would have made in subsequent events had I taken him along with us!



How Confederate Marylander Harry Gilmor, who once bragged he “shot apples off the heads of my friends,” went looking for trouble that Wednesday, October 7th, 1863, venturing to Charlestown, recently made WEST Virgina, trailing about 20 Federal cavalrymen across the countryside to Smithfield (also called Middleway), then hi-tailing back to Charlestown chasing these Federals on their return to their camp. Then, having been thwarted, and giving up the chase and retiring to a spring near Summit Point, Gilmor suddenly finds his men attacked by another, larger Federal cavalry force coming from the other, western direction. The result: a fierce battle in front of the White House Farm near Summit Point. Gilmor finds himself face-to-face with another, equally brave cavlaryman, George Denton, nicknamed “Dent” Summers, who was charging right at him.

1. The Hunt Begins;
2. The Union Man Gilmor Let Go Sounds the Alarm in Charlestown, Prompting Col. Simpson to Send For Help;
3. Gilmor’s Men Race, But Fail To Block the Federals From Getting Back Into Charlestown;
4. Gilmor’s Men Retreat Back to White House Farm Near Summit Point. They Don’t Know That a Second Cavalry Force Was Already In The Land Looking for Them, Commanded By Capt. George “Dent” Summers;
5. “Dent” Summers Last Stand;
6. Gilmor’s Getaway

1.The Hunt Begins:

7_Federal picket lines of the 9th Maryland Infantry encircled Charles Town
When Gilmor’s cavalry moved towards Charlestown early on October 7th, 1862, Federal picket lines, commanded by Col. Benjamin Simpson of the 9th Maryland Infantry, encircled Charles Town.

Gilmor describe what happened, in his postwar book beginning October 6th. Gilmor road a stately black horse he captured in Pennsylvania. When they camped, kept his bloodhound about to signal approaching strangers while he slept wrapped up in a thick baggy-style English robe.

Gilmor wrote:

8_I camped in the woods on William Washington’s place
I camped in the woods on William Washington’s place, and, being determined not to go back without some game, sent scouts to watch the road leading out of Charles Town. I had not slept more than two hours when I learned that cavalry had gone up the road leading to Smithfield. The men were soon mounted, and, striking out across the country, we got into the road in the rear of this squad, and followed on their trail to Smithfield.

Middleway Pike facing west, about halfway

2. The Union Man Gilmor Let Go Sounds the Alarm in Charlestown, Prompting Col. Simpson to Get Help:

9_Soon after reaching the turnpike

Soon after reaching the turnpike we met a man whom I knew to be a Unionist, but, expecting to capture the party ahead of me before they could reach Charles Town in my rear, I let him pass. What a change it would have made in subsequent events had I taken him along with us! We continued at a trot until we gained the hill immediately above Smithfield, when I closed up the column, drawing sabres, charged into the town, expecting to find the enemy there; but to my chagrin, learned that they had passed through without halting, taking the road to Summit Point, and were now a considerable distance ahead.
road from hill view from town
view from hill

3. Gilmor’s Men Race But Fail To Block the Federals From Getting Back Into Charlestown:

10_I followed on at a good swinging trot

I followed on at a good swinging trot, with four or five well mounted men in advance, until we got nearly to Summit Point, when my scouts returned, saying the enemy had passed through that place also a short time previous, and were now on the road back to Charles Town.
view approaching Summit Point

My horses were by this time much jaded, and some hardly able to keep up; still, determined not to abandon the enterprise, I struck across the fields, hoping to cut them off before they could reach Charles Town. In this I did not succeed; but three of my men ran into their rear guard just as they were entering the place. One of them, Charles Forman, was captured.

(Seventeen-year-old Charles O. Foreman, of Company A, the Virginia 12th Cavalry, lived in 1860 in Jefferson County, VA. in the household his parents, 61-year old farmer, Jacob, and 51-year old Eliza, with two sisters and a brother. He would be exchanged the following May).

I dismounted half my men, put them in position, and tried to draw out the enemy, but they had their own plan in view, and refused to follow. This made me rather suspicious, so putting twelve men under Captain Blackford as a rear guard,

Facing Charlestown on Route 51 approaching Davenports’

4. Gilmor’s Men Retreat Back to White House Farm Near Summit Point. They Don’t Know That a Second Cavalry Force Was Already In The Land Looking for Them, Commanded By Capt. George “Dent” Summers:

11_I started for Summit Point and camp
12_They Don’t Know That a Second Cavalry Force
I started for Summit Point and camp. I had reached the “White House,” owned by Mr. Morrow, two miles from Summit Point, had halted to let the men dismount and get water from the large spring about fifty yards off, and was the only mounted man left in

13_I had ridden up to the yard fence
14_a bullet whistled through a lilac bush
the road. I had ridden up to the yard fence, and was talking to the ladies, when I heard a voice exclaim, “Here they are boys by God, we’ve got them now!” At the same instant a bullet whistled through a lilac bush between the ladies and myself.

15_a cavalry column on the rocky hill above, and between me and Summit Point
I wheeled around and saw the head of a cavalry column on the rocky hill above, and between me and Summit Point. Here was a perilous position. Seeing only the first section of fours, I knew not how many were behind them. I could not retreat, and therefore determined to make the best light possible under the circumstances.

16_George Denton Summers
5. “Dent” Summers Last Stand:

(27-year-old George Denton Summers enlisted near his home in Hancock, Maryland in 1862. He lived with his widowed mother, Mary, and his younger siblings: Nathaniel, Alice, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Levi).


17_ ten of my men who had carbines to get behind an old stone stable
I ordered ten of my men who had carbines to get behind the ruins of an old stone stable, and fight them to the last. Seeing my horses without their riders, the others thought we were apprized of their coming, and had prepared an ambuscade; and though Captain Summers, whom I recognized, begged, implored, and cursed them, they would not charge, but stood still on the hill, popping away at us with their carbines.

18_One of my men Ford
One of my men Ford, from Baltimore came up with a rifle and putting his hand on my thigh, asked what he should do. I told him to get behind the stone wall, and take a good aim every time he fired, “all right,

19_ a ball pierced his head
Major.” Just as he spoke the word a ball pierced his head, killing him instantly. At that moment Captain Summers. who I must say was a brave man, spurred his horse down the hill, and engaged me with his pistol, firing wildly, for I saw he was much excited. I reserved my fire till he came within twenty paces, steadied my horse with the bit, took a long sure aim, and Summers fell from his horse. The ball entered the side of his nose, and came out back of his head. By this time nine of my men had mounted, and, as the sharpooters had been doing good work.

20_Lieutenant James McIntire
(Lieutenant James McIntire, who joined up barely ten days before without even being mustered in formally, was killed by Gilmor’s men).

I thought I could risk a charge, but it was unnecessary to give the order, for I heard Reed or Bosley say, “come, boys it’s a shame to leave the major there by himself;” and by the time I had returned the pistol and drawn my sabre, the boys were at my

21_When we gained the hill top
side, so on we went. When we gained the hill top, I saw, to my amazement, that there were about sixty before me, but, as there was a good post and rail fence on either side, they could show no more front than my ten men. To whip the foremost was to whip
all. As I passed by the stone stable I ordered the rest to mount and follow. Captain Summers was lying across the road. I was

22_jump my horse over his dead body
obliged to jump my horse over his dead body; four others lying near were either dead or wounded. Settling myself in the saddle, I dashed in among the blue jackets, cutting and thrusting right and left, and parrying a blow when necessary. They were from Michigan and Maryland, and for a while fought well.

Gilmor then saw who was most likely 46-year old Lt. Aquilla S. Gallion, who came from Harford County, Maryland:

23_Observing an officer fighting like a Turk
Observing an officer fighting like a Turk and cheering his men on, I made for him. He was a man of my own size, wore a very heavy beard, and looked, I thought very savage as he yelled out, “Come on you damned rebel, I’ll soon fix your flint.” This promised good sport. I closed with him, making a powerful front cut, which he parried, and at the same instant made a right cut at my neck. By bringing my sabre down in time, my side caught the blow.

24_I cut him across the cheek
Now I had the advantage. Quick as a flash I cut him across the cheek, inflicting a large gash, and he fell to the ground. I gave him in charge of one of my men, and then followed after my first ten, who had pushed the column back two hundred yards while the lieutenant and I were busy with our affair. The latter soon after escaped by jumping a stone wall and running into a thick woods.

White House Farm
39° 15′ 5″ N, 77° 56′ 45″ W
39.251389, -77.945833

6. Gilmor Gets Away:

25_We soon got them on the run
We soon got them on the run, nor did we give them time to stop and reform until they had passed through and beyond Summit Point.

26_until they had passed through and beyond Summit Point.
27_Summit Point intersection
Summit Point intersection where the chase, either continued to the east over the railroad track or south towards the Virginia border.

We had taken eighteen prisoners, and were unable to pursue them farther until my men had come up, for the federals had formed and turned upon the two or three men who were still in pursuit, but by the time they had pushed these back again to Summit Point I had dismounted ten or fifteen men, who easily checked them. We charged again, took five more prisoners, and the rest made their escape. After collecting my prisoners and men, I left by a private route for the Upper Valley, with twenty three prisoners and twenty nine horses, leaving four of their dead and three wounded on the field. My loss was one man killed, three wounded, and one taken prisoner.

28_at Andersonville prison in Georgia
Of Gilmor’s prisoners, three would die the following summer of diarrhea at Andersonville prison in Georgia, noted for its

29_Nineteen-year-old William Duckwall
unhealthy conditions. Nineteen-year-old William Duckwall from Pierce town, Clermont County, Ohio, is buried at Andersonville.

30_Also buried there is John W. Ganoe
Also buried there is John W. Ganoe was a 23-year-old laborer, the eldest of eight children, living at the home of his parents in Bath (Berkeley Springs) in Morgan County, VA. His father, Richard, was a plasterer, his mother’s name was Nancy.

I reached camp safely with everything I had captured. It seems the Unionist went immediately to Charles Town and gave information of what he had seen, and Summers followed me all the way round. A sad affair it turned out for him, but “such are the fortunes of war”. Captain Summers was highly esteemed by his commanding officers, as shown by a long article, highly complimentary to him, that appeared a few days after. The same paper also alleged that I had murdered him! Indeed! Then not a few were murdered on both sides. – Gilmor, pp. 107-111.

Report of George Duncan Wells:

31_George Duncan Wells
Cole’s cavalry, placed under my orders by the brigadier-general commanding, were sent to Charlestown that night, and the next morning scouted out the Summit Point and Smithfield road, bringing in the bodies of our killed. They report seeing no enemy. It would seem that the rebel force consisted of two companies (Captains Baylor aud Morrow) Twelfth Virginia Cavalry and Gilmor’s entire battalion . . . Our loss was: Capt. George D. Summers, Company F, Cavalry, Second Maryland Regiment, [Potomac Home Brigade,] killed [and 1 man killed and 4 wounded]. I think Colonel Simpson’s disposition and management of his small force very judicious. The loss of Captain Summers is greatly to be deplored. – G. WELLS, Chapter XLI, Official Record, Series I, Part 1, Volume 29, pp. 210-211.

32_a man burst in on Gilmor
In February, 1865, a man burst in on Gilmor in his second floor room in a rooming house in Moorefield, West Virginia grabbing Gilmor’s pistols on a chair. Gilmor said “Who the devil are you!!?” from his bed. The reply: “Major Young of General Sheridan’s scouts.”

33_Gilmor lived in New Orleans
For several years after the war, Harry Gilmor lived in New Orleans, where he married Miss Mentoria Strong. Upon his return to Maryland, he was elected colonel of cavalry in the Maryland National Guard. He also served as Baltimore City Police Commissioner from 1874 to 1879. He was a member of the Society of the Army and Navy of the Confederate States in Maryland and

35_Harry Gilmor died
it’s Vice-President in 1882. Harry Gilmor died in Baltimore on March 4, 1883 at the age of forty-five. He was interred on “Confederate Hill” in Loudoun Park Cemetery.

The burial place of George Denton Summers, though he was praised, remains a mystery to this day, even to his modern family.

His mother and two brothers moved to Canton, Missouri to start a new life and a new set of memories.

38_to start a new life
39_new set of memories TRT: 24:48
4327 words

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An "action-packed" storyabout the fabled Harry Gilmor, who bragged "I can shoot apples off the heads of my friends" and how he came to a showdown with a heroic young, Captain "Dent" Summers right in front of White House Farm near Summit Point, October 7th, 1863. But before that Gilmor is moving all over the county chasing, and being chased. And how lives are forever changed. Three of those captured at Summit Point wound up at Andersonville prison and are buried there.

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Fresh apple
apple watch
Image by mdheightshiker
I was watching this elk near Benezette and saw that he was rubbing his antlers across the branches of a tree. It turns out that he was knocking down apples and then eating them. Pretty smart!

Admittedly Apple to date has stood at the cutting edge of the electronics world winning the laurels on the strength of its unremitting efforts and innovation on the commodities, like the Silicone iPad Case, which hit the market arousing a fanatic craze about binge shopping. Apple products, as it were, have come to the fore in a unique and individual fashion. Well, what the hell with the fond dream that replace the goods without contributory accessories with a stunning but imperfect item or a stock of extraneous peripherals? Is the business kicking the ass, or the buyer makes a fool of himself? Anyway, ironically iPad is still following the same old disastrous road.
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To put it exactly, the latter well stands before the former one in terms of the price, 3G service as well as standby time. Moreover, it's impossible for iPad as a tablet PC hovering between net book and e-book and accordingly stuck in the embarrassing situation to enjoy the favorable stance on the table like Kindle and all the more suit the holder for a long time as Kindle. In some sense, the Achilles' heel of the iPad lies in that it brings the Apple's imposing manner and irreplaceable garland to no full play. During the press conference on last Wednesday Jobs laughed heavily stating that the tablet PC puts the net book into shame and at stake. However, there are doubting voices from the publics that why should they spend $ 500 on the iPad prevailing over none counterparts like net book regarding the practicality or e-book concerning the portable advantage.
For all we know, the heavy price buyers pay on any Apple items is not only commensurate with cost on a machine. You know, for the sake of luxurious and fragile iPad, the Silicone iPad case, as well as the protective tab is at least a must have and in the best possible situation the wireless keyboard counted in. This kind of marketing mode is more than welcomed by the accessories manufacturers, and the things is the imperfect machine actually has gained the immense popularity and contributed to more profit margin for the manufacturers. The point to note is that the online marketplaces also reap the rewards in that they have a good chance of relishing selling accessories to the full, though not entitled to handle the original brand machine. In this regard the customers can gain the original brand machine on E-bay and more importantly revel in cost-efficient replicas on such fantastic online marketplace as Topons. What a fabulous win-win, isn't it? But as a matter of fact the iPad thing sets no great store by the interests of the majority of buyers, spending hefty money but obtaining expensive large Itouch with much fanfare but upsetting defects. Maybe we'd say the only edge of iPad availing against Itouch is that the toilet shuts the door to it. But is that really a big deal and winning our hearts?
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Nice Apple Watch photos

A few nice apple watch images I found:

Giant Panda Bao Bao Departs for China
apple watch
Image by Smithsonian's National Zoo
Feb. 21, 2017

Photo Credit: James Di Loreto, Smithsonian's National Zoo

In this photo: Animal care staff carry bamboo for Bao Bao to the FedEx truck.

On Feb. 21, 2017, three-year-old giant panda juvenile Bao Bao departed the Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute. Bao Bao was born Bao Bao (BOW-BOW), the 3 ½ year-old giant panda, began her journey to China this morning. She departed the Smithsonian’s National Zoo at 10:45 a.m. for Dulles International Airport in northern Virginia where she will board a FedEx 777F plane bound for Chengdu, China. The non-stop flight will take about 16 hours. Bao Bao’s departure from the Zoo was broadcast via Facebook Live.

This morning, the panda team arrived at 6:30 a.m. to finalize preparations for Bao Bao’s departure. Bao Bao received her morning diet of 17 pounds (8 kilograms) of bamboo and 5.4 (150 grams) leafeater biscuits and spent time in her outdoor habitat. Already acclimated from daily training, keepers Marty Dearie and Laurie Thompson called Bao Bao back indoors and then into the custom travel crate at approximately 9:40 a.m. Zoo staff moved the crate onto a specially decorated forklift that traveled carefully out of the David M. Rubenstein Family Giant Panda Habitat through the Zoo and was loaded on a FedEx truck. Dennis Kelly, the director of the Zoo, was joined by Ambassador Cui Tiankai from the People’s Republic of China and animal care staff to say goodbye.

“Today is bittersweet,” said Kelly. “We’ve watched Bao Bao grow up during the past three years, and she has charmed people all over the world with her independent and playful personality. We’re so proud of our team who have prepared Bao Bao for the next chapter of her life as she enters the breeding program in China. This is another milestone in our 45-year history of working to study, care for and help save the giant panda and its native habitat.”

The “FedEx Panda Express,” a custom-decaled 777F aircraft, is expected to depart at 1:30 p.m. today from Dulles International Airport. The Zoo will broadcast the departure of the plane on Facebook. The specialized travel crate is made of steel and weighs approximately 800 pounds. Marty Dearie, one of the keepers who has cared for Bao Bao since her birth, and Katharine Hope, veterinarian at the Zoo, will make the 8,508-mile trip with her. They will continuously monitor Bao Bao during the trip and are traveling with a supply of her favorite treats, including 55 pounds of bamboo, 2 pounds apples, two bags of leafeater biscuits, cooked sweet potatoes and water.

Upon arrival in Chengdu, Bao Bao’s new keepers from China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda will drive her to Dujiangyan Panda Base where she will stay in quarantine for approximately 30 days. The American team will follow, and Dearie will remain with Bao Bao for three days while she acclimates to her new home. It is not confirmed if Bao Bao will remain at Dujiangyan after the quarantine period has ended. Bao Bao will enter the giant panda breeding program when she reaches sexual maturity between 5 and 6 years old.

The panda team prepared Bao Bao for the move to make sure she is comfortable and safe during her journey. To slowly acclimate her to the travel crate, keepers asked Bao Bao to walk through it every day. After she became comfortable doing that, they got her used to spending short periods of time in it with the doors closed.

Bao Bao was born at 5:32 p.m. Aug. 23, 2013, at the Zoo’s David M. Rubenstein Family Giant Panda Habitat. Her name translates to “precious” or “treasure” in Chinese. Both Mrs. Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the United States, and Madame Peng Liyuan, First Lady of China, sent congratulatory messages for her naming ceremony when she was 100 days old. At her first birthday zhuazhou (dra-JO) ceremony, she selected a banner depicting peaches, representing longevity. She is the second surviving cub of her parents Mei Xiang (may-SHONG) and Tian Tian (tee-YEN tee-YEN).

Giant pandas are listed as “vulnerable” in the wild by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. There are an estimated 1,800 in the wild. The Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute is a leader in giant panda conservation. Ever since these charismatic bears arrived at the Zoo in 1972, animal care staff and scientists have studied giant panda biology, behavior, breeding, reproduction and disease. These experts are also leading ecology studies in giant pandas’ native habitat. The Zoo’s giant panda team works closely with colleagues in China to advance conservation efforts around the world. Chinese scientists are working to reintroduce giant pandas to the wild.

The Zoo is posting and sharing content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #ByeByeBaoBao.

# # #

HiRise for Apple Watch
apple watch
Image by BEARBOSS 熊老闆 精選 好東西
Twelve South HiRise Stand

Cool Apple Watch images

A few nice apple watch images I found:

“Right round round round / You spin me right round, baby” ―Dead or Alive 📀
apple watch
Image by anokarina
“You Spin Me Round” ―Dead or Alive, 1985

“You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round round round
You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round round round” 🎶

Apple Watch
apple watch
Image by Jun Seita
Fujifilm X-T1

A few nice apple watch images I found:

LOTD 78: Black & White (gifts & goodies)
apple watch
Image by ღ ♠ Aegir ♠ ღ
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! This photo is my x-mas card in Second Life this year! You can also check my 2015 card here and my 2016 card here. Have a good one, y'all!

Body: Belleza / Head: Catwa
Hair: No Match - No Shiver (L0, group -50% in Dec 2017)
Eyes: Lotus - Christmas (Group Gift The Chapter Four Dec 2017)
Headdress: Astralia - Hope Tiara (FREE Gift FaMESHed May 2017)
Forehead: Codex - Septum Ring (FREE Gift Cosmopolitan Dec 2017)
Eyeshadow: Arte - Winter Princess (FREE Group Gift Dec 2017)
Earrings: Apple Fall - Metallic Ridged (FREE Hunt Dec 2017)
Lipstick: Envious - Julie (FREE Gift Shop & Hop Dec 2017)
Nails: DP - Snowflakes (FREE Gift Holiday Hunt Dec 2017)
Necklace: Black Arts - Mika Pendant (Part of Mika Dress)
Earcuffs: Sanarae - Wings (FREE Gift Sanarae Nov 2016)
Wings: FurtaCor - Cupid Girl (FREE Gift CMP Feb 2016)

* Earrings are ornaments from the Apple Fall Golden Apple Hunt.
* Black/white hair is Halloween extra in each color pack.

Also wearing but not visible on this photo:
(will post full standing picture later)

Dress: Luz - Yana (FREE Gift POE10 Hunt Dec 2017)
Boots: Phedora - Angelica (FREE Gift Holiday Hunt Dec 2017)
Bracelet: Zed - Leather Watch (FREE Gift SL14B June 2017)
Bracelet: EITB - Silverstone (FREE Gift Redeux Aug 2017)
Bracelet: Chop Zuey - Special Grace Black (FREE Gift Dec 2016)
Bracelet: Wimey - Great Places (FREE Gift Shiny Shabby Feb 2016)
Bracelets: Real Evil - Stud Leather (FREE Group Gift Nov 2016)
Photo location: Ocho Tango Place, Retrospect

apple watch
Image by Su℮ ❥

Nice Apple Watch photos

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apple watch
Image by anokarina

Sir Richard Branson dedicating the hangar
apple watch
Image by xjohnpaulx
You can see Branson doing the same thing in the Apple "To the Crazy Ones" Ad about 13 seconds in.

apple watch
Image by tuaulamac
Las correas de Hermès para el Apple Watch se venderán por separado a partir del 19 de abril