Nice Ipad photos

Some cool ipad images:

See Beauty: Barbara Nebel 2015/07/11
Image by Carolyn Hall Young
This is an iPad painting, made with a beta version of iColorama.
I used some of Barbara's photographs as sources to make this.
It was done for the App Whisperer group, Artistic Anarchy:Mobile Collusions group on Facebook.

Nice Ipad photos

Check out these ipad images:

CameraBag iPad
Image by John Biehler

iPads for Kids | Kinston Free Press
Image by Zach Frailey
Moss Hill Elementary second grader Jaylin Solomon, 7, reacts to the photograph he took of himself on Wednesday after studets were presented with their iPads. As an exercise in using the devices, students took photos of themselves and their classmates. Photo by Zach Frailey / The Free Press