Cool Ipod images

A few nice ipod images I found:

Ipod Wallpaper
Image by m-c
Free ipod wallpaper. These designs are also available as postcards and posters, contact me for infos.

ipod speakers
Image by banoota

Cool Apple Watch images

Some cool apple watch images:

Redhill Kitchen - Dec 2012 - My Darling Well Passed Her Sell-By Date
apple watch
Image by Gareth1953 All Right Now
I found this in our kitchen and knew I had to share it with the world. I've heard of peaches being called 'suede apples' but this looks like something Buzz Aldrin bought back from the Moon all those years ago. Thought it was fascinating. BTW I know it was 43 years ago as I watched it live on the BBC. I was in hospital at the time and we all allowed to watch even though it was 3 o'clock in the morning GMT.
The shiny object in the background is a dishwasher tablet, thought it added a bit of contrast and interest.

Sendo fashion com meu Apple Watch
apple watch
Image by lilisr

2017.05.10 Innovation Learning Network #ILN Chicago IL USA 4604
apple watch
Image by tedeytan

Cool Ipod images

Check out these ipod images:

All my iPods
Image by nikitac
iPods I collected in the recent years, I love having different iPods to suits different situation. If I'm on a long business trip, I would pick 20GB of music with me. For everyday use, a shuffle or nano would do the job.


ipod 031
Image by Polka Dots and Pastries