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Shiny Laptop in High Contrast BW
high laptop
Image by ~dgies

Day 177: Memorial Day Holiday
high laptop
Image by Old Shoe Woman
Today is a day to remember the soldiers who have died fighting for the freedoms we enjoy in The United States of America. I love and appreciate ALL our military. Here is a website written by the brother of a fellow high school classmate who died during the Vietnam conflict. It's difficult for me to imagine how a family must feel when someone dies while serving our country. I know that I'm so proud of all our soldiers - past and present. My father served in the US Army during WWII for 4 years. He did come home and lived for many years enjoying those freedoms for which he had fought before his death in 2005.

Today in addition to remembering our fallen soldiers, I am getting ready for our trip to Las Vegas this coming Friday. I'm updating our laptops, clearing photos from our camera cards, and packing some clothes.

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