Some cool new cell phone images:

some guy in traffic on his cell phone.
new cell phone
Image by Jim Legans, Jr
he was in a Mini Cooper and driving like an idiot. i shot this in my rear-view mirror.

Girl with cell phone lounging in Bryant Park
new cell phone
Image by Andrew St. Clair
The companion piece to this pic.

lookie what Santa left in my stocking ...
new cell phone
Image by Vicki's Nature
This tiny pup's litter was left at a kill shelter and rescued at the 11th hour. We don't know her birthdate or what her parents looked like but best guess by everyone is ChiWeenie. I wonder where those freckled legs came from? That blue butt on the right is my little guy - she's crazy about him. It's a jungle in here!

How's the snow cover where you are? Is everyone warming up for the weekend?

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