Nice IPhone News photos

A few nice iPhone News images I found:

Image created with #InstaVu
iPhone News
Image by Ian Sane
About a month ago I became the proud owner of my first Smartphone: an Apple iPhone 5. Say it isn’t so!!!! Am I crazy for crossing-over to the dark side? Only time will tell but the good news is I haven’t become one of “those” people who carry their cell phone as if it were an intravenous therapy bag. Why would I join the billions of shallow clones containing the social skills of Sheldon Cooper? This may sound silly but it had nothing to do with texting, email, or the standard phone call.

While there were several reasons for my interest in a Smartphone the bottom line was simple: Stealth Photography. That’s right, the days of being escorted out of grocery stores, concerts, department stores, federal buildings, etc., all because I had a professional grade camera roped around my neck will be a thing of the past. And don’t bug me concerning the 8 megapixels. My first ever published photo printed by Portland Monthly Magazine over three years ago was shot with a 9.99 8-megapixel point ‘n shoot camera so this is where the whole it-is-not-the-camera-but-the-person-behind-the-camera thing comes into play.

Anyhoo, here is my first Flickr iPhone upload. I don’t plan on displaying all of my phoneography work here, just a few now and then to change things up. However, if you would like to see more than just the random cell post you can visit my new Instagram account here -------> There isn’t much to look at yet but there soon will be. =)

A funny news article!
iPhone News
Image by Gene Hunt
Spotted this in the Manchester Evening News today (Friday 9th July), according to the article a man tried to throw himself off Barton Bridge that crosses over the Manchester Ship Canal which meant trafic had to be grinded to a halt.

This side of the M60 is near Prestwich where motorists who were stranded decided to kill some time by playing a game of football on the other side of the motorway

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