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flickr Black Day
iPhone News
Image by pickled_newt
What we are protesting is this newly proposed beta page layout -
which would soon take effect. I think I got enough from this current
flickr page. I don't mind the black background , it's ok with me but whenever
I download a page , it takes much longer which is a pain .The overall
appearance of a flickr page at the moment with all the pictures isn't
that nice, I have to put up with it. If you've seen or tried the Beta page
it's adding more agony into the injury . The comment section which
is layed out on the right hand side of the photo is too cramped up , has a
a small space for description and the comment section can only display
a limited few. This beta page is a stretch towards the breaking threshold
anyone can bear up with.
I just love the old way flickr
used to be for years. This may not be reflective of everyone's
preference . I am not against change ok, but if only flickr
could give us few options how we present our pages.

Those who wish to join in the protest should not upload any image on the
8th of December except an all in black dominated image , either of your creation
or you can copy the image floating around flickr also with more info and links from :

... and post it on your page .

Also you can sign in the petition advocated by Toby Tenma ,
hoping to get at least 10,000 signatures calling for the old
flickr page back or at the least if flickr can give us back
the options. This has to be delivered to the Flickr CEO Marissa
Mayer . If we share the same sentiments with the spirit
of solidarity and would like to call out flickr's attention you
can click : HERE

*Marissa Mayer's flickr site

Still have the same drift ? You can get this viral quick . Please, please
please , spread the news
to as many people on flickr , that'll be great !

At least we tried 🙂

Thank you 🙂


I Turned 29 Today. Wish I could forget this DAY.
iPhone News
Image by Instant Vantage
Full of bad news and disappointments...BLAH!

Still, Love You Grandma aka Nanay. It's been years but I still miss you everyday.

IPHONE NEWS - Google Nyheter_1217266515584
iPhone News
Image by cjeanderson

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