Apple Seeds Third Beta of tvOS 9.2.1 to Developers
x.x update, tvOS 9.2.1 appears to focus on bug fixes and performance improvements that are not readily obvious to Apple TV users. No outward-facing changes have been found in the first two tvOS 9.2.1 betas, but should any new features be found in beta ...
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You Down With OTT? Why We're Getting Closer to Apple's TV Streaming Service
However, nearly a year later, that new Apple TV is still the most recent "change" that the company has introduced to the television landscape. When Cook teased last March that more was on the horizon, many analysts speculated that he was referring to ...
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Apple TV Follows Netflix with Announcement of Original Programming
Last week, Apple TV (AAPL) expanded its portfolio and forayed into video programming. The firm announced its first show for the Apple TV box. Apple stated that it is working with TV executives Ben Silverman and Howard Owens on an unscripted program ...
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How to stream the Masters using the Masters app and Apple TV
The Masters doesn't come on TV until 3 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with a 2 p.m. start on championship Sunday. However, the Masters begins airing three digital channels -- Amen Corner, Holes 15 and 16 and the two Featured Groups -- around ...
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Nice IPhone News photos

Some cool iPhone News images:

My iPhone 4 home screen
iPhone News
Image by Robert Scoble
I have dozens of apps all arranged into groups. I've added even more apps after taking this photo. You can find my latest here:

Here's my groupings:

1. Social
- Buzz (Web). Google Buzz, I love that social network.
- Twitter. The official Twitter app. I find I use this more than others. Originally Tweetie.
- Facebook. The official Facebook app.
- LinkedIn. The official LinkedIn app.
- Scobleizer. Did you know I have an app? Mobile Roadie created this for me and it's great.
- Gist. Great for tracking your favorite contacts.
- HootSuiteLite. Aimed at corporate Twitterers. Still trying to fit this one into my usage.
- Summizer. A Twitter search app. I don't use it much since those features are built into other apps.
- Twitterrific. I mostly got this for the iPad since most of the Twitter apps haven't been ported to the iPad yet.
- Buzzie. An app for reading Google Buzz. I find I just usually use the Web page above, though.
- Seesmic. Lets you post to a bunch of different social networks. That's why I keep using it.
- TweetDeck. I used to use this more before Tweetie, er, Twitter came out with an official app.
2. Utilities
- Settings (Apple)
- Compass (Apple)
- Calculator (Apple)
- Clock (Apple)
- Google Voice (Web, but very well done)
- LogMeIn, lets me log into my home computers and control them, I mostly use this on my iPad.
- textPlus, I don't use this much, gotta play with it.
- Weather (Apple)
- Flashlight, turns your iPhone 4's flash into a flashlight.
- appsfire, syncs my apps and lets my friends compare which ones I have with which ones they have.
3. News
- NPR News
- SkyGrid, great aggregator of news. Use it a lot to read mainstream news.
- NYTimes
- Huff Post
- BBC News
- Memeorandum (Web)
- Google News (Web)
- Digg
- Techmeme (Web)
- Hacker News (Web)
4. Travel
- TripIt, my most-used travel app, tracks my flights, hotels, rental cars, and more. Very useful.
- WorldMate, playing with this to see how it compares to TripIt.
- Layar, augmented reality app for finding stuff in strange places.
- TripAdvisor, we love their community and found where to stay on vacation with this.
- Kayak Pro, my favorite way to buy flights.
- TripTik (AAA). Playing with this, but Google Maps seems to be how we got around on our road trip.
- TripTracker, another competitor to TripIt.
- Expedia, buy travel stuff, airlines, hotels, etc.
- TripDeck
- GateGuru
- Roadside (AAA)
- FlightTrack
5. Maps
- Maps (Apple)
- waze, I use this to show other drivers what's going on on the road. Cops, accidents, etc.
- Trapster, see where the cops are hanging out.
- Goby, find stuff to do near you.
- AroundMe, find stuff near you, like restaurants, hospitals, gas stations, etc.
- Google Earth
- UpNext, cool 3D maps of some cities.
- Find iPhone (Apple, find your iPhone if you use MobileMe, useful if you lose your iPhone or it gets stolen)
- ifFoundPlus (message to people who find your iPhone)
- junaio (Augmented reality app, cool, but still trying to figure out how it fits in my life)
6. Food
- Foodspotting (see pictures of food near you, great way to find new restaurants).
- fiddme (I love sharing great food on this with other foodies)
- Yelp (the standard way we find businesses near us)
- OpenTable (make a reservation at a better restaurant near you).
- Epicurious (recipes for making your own food)
- In-N-Out (in California, find an In-N-Out near you).
- Urbanspoon (shake your phone, get an idea for a restaurant).
7. Location
- foursquare (serendipity around location, find friends near you, and find better experiences via tips near you).
- Gowalla, share your favorite things about your favorite places.
- Whrrl, make a story about where you are.
- Glympse, running late to meet someone? Send them a Glympse so they can see where you are.
- Loopt, offers from brands near you.
- DeHood, I'm still trying to figure this out out.
- MyTown, a location-based game. I'm not into it, but millions are.
- Latitude (Web). Google Latitude lets you share your location with your friends.
- ArcGIS, get tons of info about the location you're at.
8. Shopping
- eBay
- Best Buy
- Square, take credit cards from your friends so you can sell them stuff.
- RedLaser, aim your camera at a bar code and this will show you stuff about that product, like where to buy it cheaper.
- Groupon, a deal a day.
- Gift Card Exchange, make those gift cards you get more useful.
- StupHub, find concert tickets.
- CardStar, I use this for those loyalty programs. Like Toys-R-Us has.
- PayPal, pay for stuff online.
- (price comparison).
- Apple store (find stuff about apple stores near you).
9. Photo/Video
- Best Camera, nice app for processing photos a bit before you upload them. Done by pro photog Chase Jarvis.
- Photos (Apple's standard app)
- Camera (Apple's standard app)
-, lets me watch live streams from
- iMovie, lets me edit my videos. From Apple.
- Viewer (Ustream), lets me watch live streams from
- YouTube (Apple standard app)
- Pano, lets me stitch together photos to make panaoramic photos.
- PhotoCard, lets me create cards from my photos.
- Light Table 2, I haven't used this much, mostly for my iPad for letting me drag around photos
- YouTube (Web, better than Apple's app)
- Autostitch, better than Pano for doing panoramic photos.

Good News!
iPhone News
Image by Hindrik S

Cool MacBook News images

A few nice MacBook News images I found:

iMac Intel 2006
MacBook News
Image by Mac Users Guide
Get more news, reviews and expert opinions at Mac Users Guide.
The 2006 iMac Intel was the first iMac to use a Intel Core Duo CPU. Introduced along with the new iMac was the Intel-based MacBook Pro, both were signs of big changes to come as Apple transitioned from PowerPC to Intel processors. New to this iMac were not only the processor but also the integration of Apples iSight camera, built-in stereo speakers, microphone and the inclusion of a remote control. Shipping with first universal binary version of Mac OS X 10.4.4, 1.8 or 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo Processor, 512 MB RAM, DVD+R DL SuperDrive, ATI Radeon X1600 and built-in AirPort Extreme.

Day 273
MacBook News
Image by Alan / Falcon
Woody discovers the huge news.

The best music streaming services of 2016 - reviewed
It says something about the rapid evolution of digital music that Apple boasted it would put “1,000 songs in your pocket” with the original iPod. How very quaint that sounds now. Today's music listener wants pretty much everything ever recorded, on ...
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The Apple Watch did not change the Apple Store like we thought it would
Tech geeks were chattering about the nitty-gritty of its features, and culture mavens debated whether it would become a game changer like the iPod or iPhone before it. And in the retail world, the major question was this: Would the arrival of a product ...
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Here's What the World Was Like Last Time Apple Took a Dip
Apple also introduced its third-generation iPod, the fastest-selling music player in history, snatching up 86 percent of the mp3 market share and selling a total of two million iPods by year end. Elsewhere on the tech front, 2003 was the year that ...

Baltimore Rage
iPhone News
Image by Poster Boy NYC
You can replace property.
You can't replace a life.

Apple Loop: New Glass iPhone Design Leaks, iPhone's Three-Year Deadline, Apple ...
Taking a look back at another week of news from Cupertino, this week's Apple Loop includes the all-glass iPhone design, fixing a nasty surprise in iOS 9.3.1, Apple's boring MacBook updates, the three-year upgrade cycle on your iPhone, Siri's WWDC 2016 ...
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Security News You Might Have Missed: .3M iPhone Hack, Feds Want More Apple ...
This week, 60 Minutes took a look at phone security, and US Congressman Ted Lieu, who was (voluntarily) hacked as part of the demonstration called for an investigation into the vulnerability. The popular messaging app Viber announced that it turned on ...
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Check out these iPad News images:

In the news again! Asbestos, Hello! We knew, where were you all these years?
iPad News
Image by spelio
Sent from Bill's iPad.

Known for 100s of years, and documented from 1934.
See if you can read this article somewhere, it does not mention Canberra and Mr. Fluffy. But many doctors and Health Departments drew attention to it and warned against its mining and use. Especially the Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital, Dr. Jim McNulty, chest physician with the Health Commission. The ILO in Geneva had a meeting of Medical experts from around the world, including from CSR warned about it, but nothing ever happened!

The Wittenoom mine was threatened with closure by the WA Mines Department, it was closed and sold back to Lang Hancock, the local Dr. there continued to make concrete from the tailings, and the company dumped tailings in the school playground!

Opposed by CSR, and James Hardie, other vested interests....

A comprehensive story from The Bulletin of July 6th 1974. Mentions all the minerals involved etc.
blue asbestos, crocidolite, Amosite, Chrysolite, etc.

Maybe I can find it on Trove....

July 2011: Fun-loving felines play Friskies’ iPad Games for Cats
iPad News
Image by Nestlé
Nestlé Purina cat food brand Friskies launched a free series of iPad and Android tablet games for fun-loving felines.

Read the full story:

Nestlé is happy for you to use this image to illustrate a news story, blog or article. Please credit the photo: © Nestlé Purina

Home screen 2
iPad News
Image by San Sharma

Scrabble (£5.99)
Sitting on a coffee table the iPad lights up to make a great board game. And, bundled with the free Tile Rack app for your iPhone, it's like the real thing (except it's harder to cheat!).
Need for Speed Shift (£7.49), Pinball HD (£1.79), Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior (£0.59)
Great arcade games that make the most of the iPad's speed, graphics and accelerometer.
Epicurious (Free)
The Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List app is always shown in iPad ads. Use it and you'll see why! It includes hundreds and thousands of recipes, and the large fonts coupled with iPad's screen make it a perfect cooking companion.
Movies (Free)
Cinema times, trailers and reviews make the Movies a one-stop-shop for film fans.
TVCatchup (Free)
More a web app than an iPad app, but I keep it on the home screen because it's just so darned good. It's basically freeview digital TV (that's all the channels you'd get from a set top box) on your iPad. It works on your iPhone and your desktop too.
NPR (Free), AP News (Free) and NYT Editors' Choice (Free)
Three news apps from American sources, each with innovative interfaces, made immersive with compelling photography, audio and video.
WIRED Magazine (Free, £2.39 per issue), Popular Science+ (£2.99, £1.79 per issue), Vanity Fair (£2.99, £2.39 per issue)
Reading is clearly the most compelling use-case for the Apple iPad and these three magazines show why. Yes, the pricing is awkward, but the publications spring to life, with glorious design, interactivity and immersion. See an ad for BMW? Tap to see it in action! Reading an article about the solar system? Explore for yourself, rotating the planets with your finger.

Nice IPad News photos

A few nice iPad News images I found:

SAKURAKO use Stylus pen.
iPad News
Image by MIKI Yoshihito. (#mikiyoshihito)
My daughter.



It comes in pink too!
iPad News
Image by The Next Web
All these photos were taken during The Next Web Conference 2010 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on April 28 and 29, 2010. More information on

Also read our blog with daily updating web news:

This picture is © Julia de Boer Photography
Interested in commercial use? Please contact photographer.

Argentine ants - formiche argentine
MacBook News
Image by funadium
Some Argentine ants gathering the honeydew secrections under a lemon leaf.
Size of these ants: 1.6 mm (1/16th inch).
Wikipedia page about the Argentine ant
According to the National Geographic, these ants belong to a supercolony, 6,000 km (3729 miles) long, stretching from Italy to Portugal. Read the National Geographic article.

This image is available in some good formats to be used as wallpaper:
1680×1050 (MacBook Pro 17")
1280×800 (MacBook)
2400×1800 (can be scaled to 1600×1200 and 1024×768)
1280×1024 (default 19")
So you too can have a buggy computer!


Alcune formiche argentine raccolgono la melata sotto una foglia di limone.
Dimensione delle formiche: 1.6 mm.
Secondo il National Geographic, queste formiche appartengono ad una supercolonia lunga 6.000 km che si estende dall'Italia al Portogallo. Leggi l'articolo su National Geographic (in inglese).

Questa immagine è disponibile in diversi formati per essere usata come sfondo del desktop:
1680×1050 (MacBook Pro 17")
1280×800 (Macbook)
2400×1800 (può essere scalata a 1600×1200 e 1024×768)
1280×1024 (19" normale)

Apple looking to make the new MacBook even thinner (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy ...
Metal injection-mold-made hinges will help slim down the new MacBooks; iPhone 7 and Apple Watch rumors; and the FBI hasn't found anything relevant on the San Bernardino iPhone. Subscribe to the Apple Byte Podcast. iTunes (MP3) | RSS (MP3).
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UTubers: Kaysville father and son cut open new rose gold 2016 MacBook
This is interesting because the MacBook features better battery life than previous models, according to “There's no fan, like I mentioned, and what's interesting is normally with the laptop there might be a battery that's a rectangle or one ...
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Apple's Latest 12" MacBook Teardown Confirms Spec Improvements
Apple recently announced the 2016 variant of its 12” MacBook, which is claimed to be faster, with better backup on battery, than last year's model. The folks at iFixit, just like almost every other Apple product, have decided to take this MacBook to ...
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There's Now a Rose Gold MacBook! See the New Generation of Apple Laptops
For everyone who's dreamed of a pink laptop, it's finally here! Apple has upgraded its thinnest laptop, the 12-inch MacBook, with a new processor to make it faster and extend its battery life, the tech company announced on its website on Tuesday, April 19.
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Nice IPod News photos

Check out these iPod News images:

iPod News
Image by Wootang01
Gateway Camp Verse
(Pin1) Ging1 Mahn4
Isaiah 62:10

What Dale instructed about going out of our way to treat the Mainland Chinese well resonated within me. To be sure, just as the Koreans have gone out of their way to bless me so I must step out to bless and to love my Mainland brethren.

After the first meeting, Ed and I wandered off campus and found inside a shopping mall a cha chaan teng where we had a late-night snack. And hardly had we tucked into our meals when in walked several dozen volunteers, all locals, who were overcome, it seemed, by the same munchies that infected Ed and me. It’s surprising how such a primal urge, at such a time, drives everyone to no less than the same, impossibly far location.

I thus far have met so many people that, had I not brought along my iPod, I would have already lost track of the multitudinous names flying around like fireflies at night, sparkling luminously one moment and then disappearing the next. And this is only the beginning: more and more people will arrive both today and tomorrow so I had better stay awake, alert, and writing.

I am working with a partner who really challenges me, and indeed that is why I chose to work with him. From the first words that came streaming out of his mouth, I knew he would be a special one, and as if to conifrm my conjecture, indeed, the more he spoke, the more confused I became. The challenge, I have realized after much ruminating, isn’t so much the pace of his speech as his choice of words, which fall outside a normal lexical range; that is, at least with me, when he talks, he doesn’t use familiar collocations to communicate; besides, he has an uncanny Tin Shui Wai accent; those, along with his amazing resistance to Chinglish, which impresses me, by the way, have made our communication tedious, since I am bombarded by peculiar lexical constructions that I generally never encounter in Cantonese conversation and must therefore stop our flow to clarify his speech. It’s too bad that he doesn’t speak English as I would love to hear how he structures ideas in my native language to determine whether or not this strange lexis has spilled over into his other modes of communication.

Regardless, in being with him, I have learned to be patient, and if I am truly to walk away from resentment, I must continue rather to engage him than to keep him at arm’s length. It helps us, then, that he is a congenial fellow, prone more to expressing love, much in the same way that I do by warmly grabbing a forearm or a shoulder, than to venting his frustration, which with me could certainly be great. He is verily a good guy, and so long as the Lord keeps him — I am sure Daddy will — Tin Shui Wai, that small patch of concrete moon colony, is in capable, faithful human hands.

Sau2 muhn6 je2
Mihng6 dihng6
Kyuhn4 lihk6
Lihk6 leuhng6
Chong3 yi3 adjective
Chong3 jouh6 verb

Romans 5:3-5

Not only so, but we rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom He has given us.

I cried this morning when I read these words, because they are true, and comfort my soul as water to a dry, parched land. However many times I’ve lamented this place and its people, I am still inextricably tied to this rock, per God’s will for my life; and God really is faithful in providing a way out not from this place but from these spiritual hindrances. These past few days, what with communication failures and fatigue setting in, I could have more easily give into my rationality, in defense of my weaknesses, than resisted this bait of satan. Thank God, hence, for the words which are like fuel for the refiner’s fire that burns up all my expectations, my pride and my flesh. I can survive, nay, rejoice, indeed, because of God, who, in me, day by day teaches me to suffer long with a smile.

This is what the gateway is all about, I believe: jumping head-first out of my comfort zone to confront the nations, for my brothers and sisters and I must face each other if we are to raise the banners together. Battling through enemy strongholds of mistrust ad resentment, we demolish carnal thoughts and dig deep in the Spirit for the unity that shall overcome as much language as culture; God, after all, is bigger, even, than the battlefield. In these ways can my brethren and I love each other as ourselves, as we shall be one in the Father, with audacious power and boldness laying hands on His kingdom which advances, in this kairos moment, over all of China, including, no doubt, Hong Kong. No longer will there be curses thrown upon the nations; but rather the river of life will flow through the city, and the leaves of the tree on each side of the river will be for the healing of the nations.

1) Welcoming the Father
2) Unifying the body
3) Partnering with the Chinese
4) Serving the city
5) Supporting the Chinese

Isaac and I have worked quite hard this morning, putting up signs all over campus, and as if to reward me for my assiduity, he offered to buy me a drink, an offer which I took up. Indeed, this man’s care and concern for others, genuine, doubtlessly, fills me with joy, for, to be sure, the joy of the lord is his strength. My friend is indefatigable, always encouraging and never slighting, no matter the circumstances, rain (that has happened a lot today) or shine. Praise God!

Much like my relationship with Isaac, my relationships with my other team members have improved considerably since, even, this morning’s briefing during which, the code-switching, happening too fast and too furiously for my comfort, vexed me so terribly that if Isaac had not put a generous arm around my shoulder immediately afterwards, I surely would have blown my top in frustration at the perplexing language option. Thankfully, my team and I settled our language arrangements: Isaac, Dorcas and I will intractably speak Cantonese to each other whereas my other group mates and I will use English with as little code-switching as possible; and I, along with Ed, no doubt, am satisfied. It’s best to avoid misunderstandings.

Lihng4 Mahn4 (soul)
Sihng4 jeung2
Muhng6 Seung2 (dreams)

The Lord’s mercies are new everyday. Just now, during the morning rally, by His Spirit, hundreds of brothers and sisters received a new anointing, to be spiritual mothers and fathers of a new generation so as to minister to the next. This outpouring of the Spirit was sudden, and so captivated me that when the call came to reap, I rushed to the front to ask my father for this anointing, and naturally, my life was transformed. In the same way, the pastor called up a new generation of spiritual children to receive the love, care and support of these new parents; and likewise, so many young men and women heeded this call that verily, the pit in front of the stage was soon awash in hugs and tears between generations that, once lost, were now found. Indeed, no sooner did these people embrace their father than Dad immediately swept them up in his strong arms and showered them with audacious encouragement and support. Praise God!

An Outburst

I was angry this morning during our team time. I temporarily lost my ability to be merciful and to live in God’s grace. When my team leader began to address me in English, yet again, I couldn’t help but berate him for doing so when Cantonese, I argued, would be a more economical medium of delivery. And then I compounded this already incendiary situation by ranting about the hypocrisy of Hong Kong being a gateway to China but not a gateway into its own neighborhoods teeming with Chinese people, 97% of whom, according to one of the pastors at this camp, do not know the Lord Jesus. Cantonese will matter, I posit, if anyone dares to take on the onerous mission in this vexing place.

To be sure, even my brother announced that language was a prohibitive barrier to closer relationships with these local people, and therefore, since he neither speaks Cantonese nor is going to give learning the language a go, he is relegated to the outer walls of the gates into Hong Kong.

In hindsight, I thought I cared enough about God’s purposes for me in Hong Kong, but I realize now that I still care a lot about myself, and resentment. Though I have prayed and declared boldly that God is bigger than language and culture, I know I don’t believe it; and that’s upsetting. For the time being, I don’t verily believe in my heart that I can have deeper, closer relationships with Chinese people without the benefit of language and culture, patterns of action.

OK. This is actually an opportune start for my spiritual parentship, for now I have an opportunity to put aside my very compelling arguments for the necessity of language and culture in deep and close relationships, these conclusions born out of my reason, and to step out in faith, to trust in the Lord who, I pray, will show me deep and close relationships sans language and culture, and with whom my deep and close relationship shall obviously be the key to this victory.

I’m thinking about events at this camp that heretofore demonstrated loving relationships without language and culture, and I recalled two acts: the first happened yesterday when I spontaneously joined a line of ushers to high-five and to cheer the audience as they flooded out of the auditorium, the morning rally having scarcely finished; and the second, this was my meeting Yao, a man from the Ivory Coast, whom I befriended in those first, fleeting, if not frantic moments before the opening rally on Friday evening. That encounter was immediate and sudden, neither words nor habits needed; Yao and I simply high-fived, hugged and sat beside each other; and wow, that was terrific companionship — praise God!

Finally, however hard my diatribe may have struck my team members’ hearts, my merciful group mates still forgave me, not only on an personal level, but also, as I had sought forgiveness on behalf of all foreigners who have ever cursed locals or stood passively outside the gateway, on a corporate level, thereby releasing countless non-Chinese people into the freedom of these Hong Kong people’s forgiveness; just as brothers and sisters had so recently been reconciled to each other in my church, so local and non-local people have received the others’ freedom of forgiveness; more than a homecoming, that, indeed, is a breakthrough.

In listening to this morning’s sermon, I hear such verses as I know God is speaking to me through His word. 2Corinthians 4:16-18, this scripture in particular carries a buoyant, hopeful currency in my heart. My spirit soaks in this divine revelation as a sponge soaks in water and thus becomes malleable, able to be formed and shaped according to its holder’s will: Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.


I don’t know why my brother and I undermine each others’ comments; why we no more know consensus than the deaf music. Our interactions have been especially abrasive recently since we have spent so much time together without the benefit of our other brother to act as a natural, vociferous buffer; and as a result we argue like pieces of sand paper being rubbed against flesh, which inevitably leads to significant soreness. I feel sore now.

I think back to my outburst this morning and can appreciate my role in this evening’s embarrassing outcome; I am certainly not without fault, for I choose these days not only to venture my opinions but to do so passionately, if not emotionally. People consequently who otherwise are phlegmatic at best are put in a discomfiting position by my impassioned pleas. Besides, I recall Interrupting my brother prolifically, which understandably would not make him a happy camper; just as a hyperactive child doesn’t know when to stop pestering his sibling, so I don’t know nowadays when to hold my tongue. Indeed, I would rather not respond at all to my brother, even after he has fired off his rejoinder, than to strike him down in mid-speech.

In view of this latest incident, I have resolved to take the former course of action. To be sure, I simply stopped our petty dispute about a stupid basketball game by, awkward as it was, taking out my book and perusing it as fixedly as my tattered mind would allow. I will try my best to stay away from my brother for a spell, to create physical and spiritual space between us, so hopefully, in this way at least one of us will be able to come to his senses about this matter; better yet, now would be an opportune time for our father in his mercy to reveal to us the fault lines in our flesh so that we could surrender these tremulous spots in our soul, crucifying them to the father for our healing and the redemption of our relationship. I will pray about this.

…Praise God. If I had not separated myself from my brother’s presence, I wouldn’t have been sitting at that bench at the exact moment when Isaac came over to me in a plaintive mood. Obviously upset, he had been so recently wronged, he lamented on the verge of tears. And at that, mercy swept over my countenance, for my brother felt as aggrieved as I did earlier; and this appointment, per God’s unfailing, obstinate love, had at last come for me, convicting me to be very, very agreeable, sympathetic and kind to my fellow long-suffering brother. In this instance, thank God, language did not matter so much as empathy, carrying each others’ burdens and thus fulfilling the rule of Christ. We prayed and blessed each other in Jesus’ name, and then boldly went forward into the rally.

I suspect the enemy has infiltrated our team what with my outbursts and Isaac’s failing out as evidence. My group mates and I must be more vigilant in prayer and in digging deep into the Father’s word if we are to overcome the spies in our camp that have planted incendiary devices in our mouths and in our hearts. We certainly need such encouragement as the Lord provides for the edification and encouragement of each other, even more so, in fact, in the face of adversity, despite our fatigue and other physical ills that befall us like a hail of arrows. In faith, I’m sure, faith will see us through; and per what the pastors exhorted at the rally, we will become as if the smooth stone in David’s sling, ready to fly into the air to crush the Goliath in this world.

Sihng4 jauh6 achievement
Ngwuih misunderstanding
Nggaai2 to misunderstand
Yuhn4 leuhng6 forgive
Gaan2syun2 chosen

The Security Guard

At the morning rally, a security guard left an indelible impression on my heart what with her showing of unconditional support and her proffering of words of encouragement, which like a waterfall fell in force and power over my friends and me. To my amazement, I first saw her out of the corner of my eye stepping out of her role as a security guard to pray as a spiritual parent to two spiritual children during the morning rally’s prayer time; there she was, clad in her blue uniform, laying hands on those weeping kids; finally, I had witnessed someone courageous enough to step out of that rule of law, her boundary in Hong Kong, to be bound to that which is ethereal, the rule of Christ to carry each others’ burdens. Later, as the audience passed through the exit, I had time to confirm her love for the Lord and at that, we broke into a torrent of encouragement and followed this with a flurry of picture-taking. Indeed, never have I stumbled upon such good will from a dragon security guard in HK so I am hopeful, therefore, that this is but the the start of a greater movement within that particular demon-worshipping core, that at this time, God is opening up the heavenly armory and placing his prayer warriors inside that particular stronghold in Hong Kong to demolish every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God and placing in its stead a profusion of love, gentleness and kindness. I look forward to the day when wisdom, and not languid stares, shall emanate from all the people who man the facilities in these universities.


This is special. No sooner had Isaac and I stepped into the auditorium than we heard the plaintive cry of the mainland Chinese on the stage forgiving the Hong Kong people for their trespasses against their brethren from the north. A flurry of hugs, replete with a few tears, ensued. That was, as Dale announced from the stage, a delicious moment. Jesus must have been breaking out the good champagne in heaven for a rousing celebration in view of this victory.

Sex Talk – Part One

The kids finally received the sex talk this morning; a fiery pastor delivered the message which was as much shocking as informative; and gasps and wincing abounded in the audience.

While I have recently heard the sex talk at the men’s retreat, and have furthermore by God’s grace been inoculated against this particular area of struggle, it was nonetheless refreshing to hear the news, as shocking and as sensational as it was. I am willing, in addition, to believe that some of the atrocious acts that the pastor referenced, such as gruesome abortions and bizarre sexual acts, are more prevalent than my reason will believe, because my scope is limited by experience, but as the Father witnesses everything, if the Spirit has convicted this man and has told him that the world is heading closer and closer into the mouth of Jezebel in this way, I accept this. In fact, believing this is important if I am to be a good spiritual parent who will not only protect but educate the new generation from the prowling enemy that lurks these days, even, in our computers.


The Holy Spirit fell over me this morning during my group’s team time. He convicted me to pray in Cantonese for the first time, and so I did without fear, those Chinese words pouring out of me as if perfume from an alabaster jar. Praise God: he is good; and this was the moment I have been waiting for.

I think about what happened, and am amazed at the Father’s favor; despite my critiques against this culture, and in spite of my recent lamentations, the Lord, ever faithfully, provided a way out under which I could stand and by which I could be protected from the bait of Satan. Little did I know that the escape route would, in fact, ironically, direct me to the very thing that heretofore has stood as an obstruction, a spiritual roadblock, in my mind.

A missionary on the stage just spoke into my life when she said about her experience learning Putonghua in China: the difficult part was not learning the language but learning to love those people as Jesus loves them. This will always be my mission, no matter where I am.

Keuhng4 jong3
Lai1 hei2 (pull up)

In the afternoon, my team had a reconciliation meeting during which, in small groups, each team member at last was given an opportunity to share alternately their joys and struggles. At that time, though having staved off an open rebuke for several days, I could no longer hold back this challenge to my small group: to step out in faith to be a gateway to the nations; and second, per the morning’s message, to on their guard against the sexually explicit, insidious media. I laid out my argument with much cogency, and such a response as I saw fit knocked my group mates into a stupor, because they certainly didn’t have much to say afterwards.

Oscillate between…and…

Sex Talk – Part Two

1) Jesus came to show us the Father; John1:18
2) Grace First, Truth Second; John 1:24:25; 16-18

Pahn4 mohng6 (hope)

Do you believe that Jesus can heal you? Then lay hands.

Dale and I are men who have shared similar struggles. His testimony is riveting.

Suddenly, I realized that this rally is, in fact, a continuation of yesterday morning’s sex talk, because we ended the previous rally praying more against the shame of abortion than against personal sexual immorality. Notionally, what is being discussed will enable people to really experience the love of the Father such that to change permanently our behavior. So when we are tempted:

1) Call for help; Romans 10:13
2) Escape Plan; 1Corinthians 10:13

Remember not to stand and rebuke the enemy with your own strength; move physically from the situation.

3) Run Away; 2Timothy 2:22
4) Into the Father’s Arms; Hebrews 4:14

I like this talk. This might be the first time that these young people get straight sex talk from their leaders; and there is no better time than now for these young people to break through in this particular area of struggle, just as the young men of SP broke through these obstinate barriers during our men’s retreat.

5) Confess and be Healed; James 5:16

I hope these young people find faithful accountability brothers and sisters in this service.

6) Walk in Transparent Accountable Relationships; 1John 1:7
7) Resist the Enemy; James 4:7

Apple iDontcare
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From Thank Sucrets, a Steve Jobs fan site, comes news of a revolutionary service: Apple iDontcare. With this offering, users will finally be able to rent commercials through the iTunes Music store.

Instead of being forced to skip free commercials at home with a confusing remote control, iPod owners can now pay to borrow commercials and skip them with their friendly click wheel instead. This action has been heralded by experts as "a paradigm shift" in the way people are able to waste their money.

Apple has already filed a lawsuit against Thank Sucrets, claiming that Steve Jobs was deprived of the wind for his m yacht (due to the leak). iDontcare will continue to roll out at Apple's WWDC, otherwise known as the "What Will Developers Chew?" conference.

Source: Apple

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