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Some cool Apple Watch News images:

DEMOfocus Mobile Technologies, Part 1 - Mediaspectrum, Inc.
Apple Watch News
Image by The DEMO Conference
Jay Cody, VP of Marketing at Mediaspectrum offers a new mobile technology called Adrenalin. It is the industry's first premium content and advertising platform for publishers to create rich, engaging, and customized news-reading apps for tablet devices like Apples iPad.

With more people "on-the-go", massive opportunity awaits those who create technologies for the anytime-anywhere economy. There is a frenzy among developers and other content companies intent on distribution across 3 screens: TV, PC, Smartphone / Tablet.

Join DEMO to reveal some of the hottest companies capitalizing on these trends. The following companies that are pitching their products are: from Action Flow
Adrenalin from Mediaspectrum, Inc.
ApScience, ApFeedback, ApBuzz from Apsalar, Inc.
Bitbop from Bitbop
Expert Maker AI-Search from ExpertMaker
Footfeed from Footfeed
Foound from Foound Pte Ltd
Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac from Parallels

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Apple Watch News
Image by DavidErickson
WATCH a Video Demonstration of the Flipboard.

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