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Does Steve Jobs Know About This ?
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Image by gazzat
The Sky News control van. Is Apple about to enter the satellite dish market ?
Evidently the guy controlling transmission from the uPod is Heiko, a fellow Flickr member and one of my contacts. I had no idea when I took this shot. Only found out when he Flickr mailed me !
Check out his incredible photostream here:

Apple Refers to OS X as 'MacOS' in Environmental Webpage Update
Apple won't unveil the name of the next-generation Mac operating system until its 2016 Worldwide Developers Conference, but a new update to the company's website suggests MacOS is on the minds of Apple employees and a candidate for the name of the ...
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Media|Apple's First Foray Into Original TV Is a Series About Apps
Apple announced on Thursday that it was working with the entertainer and two veteran TV executives, Ben Silverman and Howard T. Owens, on a new show that will spotlight the app economy. “One of the things with the app store that was always ...
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