Apple TV Update News: Apple TV Surprises Market With New Upgrades
Barely four months since its release in the market, fourth generation Apple TV is getting a major facelift which comes with a slew of new products, updates, and improvements to existing features following an announcement by Tim Cook in during the March ...
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Starz launches subscription app for iOS, Apple TV
STARZ has launched the STARZ Play app for iOS devices and Apple TV, offering a standalone subscription to cord cutters for $ 9 a month and free access to existing cable subscribers. The app allows up to four users to watch simultaneously, supports ...
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Apple iPhone SE event showed that…(yawn)…the future is…zzzzzzzzz
This low-adrenaline show also has the misfortune to follow a year in which Apple really did release a wide range of new products: Apple Watch, revamped Apple TV, new Apple Music streaming service, iPad Pro. But even in the ever-busy Apple rumor mill ...
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