Cool MacBook News images

A few nice MacBook News images I found:

gutted bag
MacBook News
Image by jason.odonnell
I thought it would be a good idea to empty out the contents of my bag to work out why the hell it was SO HEAVY. This is what came out. Refer to the notes.

matt simo
MacBook News
Image by kylesteed
Matt "Bite-My-Nails" Simo enjoying a little 'auto-tune the news' video

Nice IPhone News photos

Some cool iPhone News images:

Streak - Responsive WordPress Theme - Tablet 2
iPhone News
Streak is a Responsive WordPress Theme, best suited for Magazines, News, Blog and Portfolio websites.

You can check out those theme at the live preview.

Available for purchase on Themeforest for just !

Photo created with PlaceIt by Breezi

Little Big Planet Desktop
iPhone News
Image by torrez
My new desktop in anticipation of a very excellent game.

That's been delayed!

iphone for good
iPhone News
Image by cambodia4kidsorg
Petition featured on the top of care2

chopper high overhead

Check out these Apple TV News images:

chopper high overhead
Apple TV News
Image by BloomKitty
(tv news, no doubt) 2008 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

新宿小田急前。 水没カメラにて。 #suibotsucamera
Apple TV News
Image by LaLaLaTaro
Posted by

水没カメラ(無料app) #suibotsucamera

MacBreak Weekly from the Apple iPad event at Yerba Buena
Apple TV News
Image by Steve Rhodes
You can watch (or listen to) the episode of MacBreak weekly they're recording at

Some of these photos are at

and some from the night before (which are also in this set)

Some cool iPod News images:

I've got every credit card the world has ever seen, but I can't find my subway MetroCard
iPod News
Image by Ed Yourdon
Note: this photo was published as an illustration -- presumably to illustrate the features of the Nikon D700 camera that I used to take the picture -- on an undated (Jan 2010) Sellpower dot net web page. And it was also published as an illustration in an undated (Jan 2010) Squidoo blog titled "Nikon D700 Digital SLR camera." It was also published as an illustration in an undated (May 2010) CreditCardsHelp website, with the same title as the caption that I used on this Flickr page... It was also published in a Nov 17, 2010 blog titled "Looking for a no fee, 12 month 0% Credit card?" and a Nov 18, 2010 blog titled "Apply Online | College Student Credit Cards."

Moving into 2011, the photo was published in a Jan 5, 2011 blog titled "Q&A: Do I needbto enter credit card info to get free apps onto an ipod touch?" It was also published in an undated (late Mar 2011) blog titled "Are Credit Cards for College Students Perilous?" And it was published in an undated (late Dec 2011) blog titled "Credit Card for Students." It was also published in a Dec 25, 2011 blog titled "New effort to make kids college-ready."

Moving into 2012, the photo was published in an undated (late Jan 2012) blog titled "Usual Requirements for Online College Degrees." And it was published in another undated (late May 2012) blog titled "Tips for Finding the Best Student Credit Cards." It was also published in an Aug 28, 2012 blog titled "Durbin Pushing for New Student Loan Bill."


This is a continuation of a set that I created in 2009 (shown here ) and 2008 (shown here ) to show a variety of scenes and people in the small park known as Verdi Square, located at 72nd Street and Broadway in New York City's Upper West Side.

Cool IPod News images

Some cool iPod News images:

Obama and Palin Dancing With The Stars
iPod News
Image by Photo Giddy
Danicing With The Stars audition.

As seen on

Barack Obama and Sarah Palin "Dancing With The Stars" has become one of the most recognized and beloved images in America, featured on both ABC News and CNN.

iPod touch applications home screen pg 3
iPod News
Image by danieljohnsonjr
In response to a question on the Dancing with Elephants family podcast (, here are some apps that I have on my iPod touch.

iPod News
Image by 'SandFlash
Today was a nationwide strike called by opposition parties to protest the fuel price hike, and in turn caused a loss to the Indian economy to the tune of 0 million in one day. Damn politics!!!

In other news, I did my first wedding shoot for a friends over a period of 2 days last weekend. It was fun until my camera decided to give up on me. On troubleshooting, I found out that the shutter assembly had failed, so I had to get it replaced at the Canon service center. It costed me Rs. 4330 in all.

I also had my car jacked 2 days ago in broad daylight. Lost an ipod, mp3 player, my favorite Oakley sunglasses and a Ray Ban. Felt so helpless and angry....

Update: I recovered my stolen item miraculously!! The cops caught the thieves, who turned out to be 10-13 yr old kids

1984 – iPhone Background

Check out these iPhone News images:

1984 - iPhone Background
iPhone News
Image by Patrick Hoesly
The Ministry of Truth (or Minitrue, in Newspeak) is one of the four ministries that govern Oceania in George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. As with the other Ministries in the novel, the Ministry of Truth is a misnomer and in reality serves an opposing purpose to that which its name would imply, being responsible for the falsification of historical events; and yet is aptly named in a deeper sense, in that it creates/manufactures "truth" in the newspeak sense of the word.

The Ministry of Truth is where the main character of the book Nineteen Eighty-Four, Winston Smith, works. It is an enormous pyramidal structure of glittering white concrete rising 300 metres into the air, containing over 3000 rooms above ground. On the outside wall are the three slogans of the Party: "War is Peace," "Freedom is Slavery," "Ignorance is Strength."

--- Quoted from Wikipedia


This iPhone Background (640x960 wallpaper) is released under a Creative Commons Attribution License.
If you like this image, please leave a comment. Thanks!

How do I get this onto my iPhone?
There are a number of ways to do this, however I think the easiest and fastest way is to download Flickr’s free app. Within the Flickr app you surf over to my photo feed to view the images (if you make me a contact then I’ll appear in the flickr contact list). When you find one you like, just click the download button and save the image directly to your phone. Quick & Simple!

I don’t have an iPhone. Can I still use it on my phone?
As of this writing this image (960 x 640) should be large enough to be used as wallpaper with the Droid / Android, BlackBerry, Windows 7, and iPhone.

How did you make it?
This background was made using graphic design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Filter Forge, Genetica, Wacom, Alien Skin, Topaz Labs, as well as several other programs.

About Patrick Hoesly
I’m a graphic illustrator, specializing in architectural illustrations and graphic design. I work with Architects, Interior Designers, and Landscape Architects, to help them visualize and sell their designs ...Or in other words... I make the fun/cool images!
Check out my Blog at
Also take a look at my website at

Army Technology Live IPhone App
iPhone News
Image by RDECOM
The U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command has an official iPhone application. Officials said the app will put Army technology news and information, as well as job information, in one, convenient location.

Giant Panda Conservation Program
iPhone News
Image by Theen ...
Wang Wang and Funi are celebrity giant pandas lent by China to the Adelaide Zoo for 10 years as part of an international captive breeding program. They are the only giant pandas in the Southern Hemisphere, and part of only 200 giant pandas in captivity. We are hoping for a successful mating this weekend as Funi enters her annual ovulation phase. Last year, they just played and didn't get down to the business.

Of course Adelaide Zoo has many more conservation programs, but this weekend the spotlight is on the pandas 🙂

August 2012 Scavenger Challenge #4. The theme is protecting wildlife. Show an example of wildlife conservation in your area.

Taken with iPhone 4S.

Cool Apple Watch News images

Some cool Apple Watch News images:

Altogether now "Coates comes up from Somerset, where the cider apples grow"
Apple Watch News
Image by brizzle born and bred
"Coates comes up from Zummerzet, Whee the zoider apples grow..."

It was very cheap in the mid 1960s. I think one quart bottle cost about 2s 6d.

Cider is possibly the oldest of all alcoholic drinks. It is certainly the oldest alcoholic drink produced in the UK. However, it remains relevant to modern consumers and has a bright future thanks to the innovation and skills of Cider Makers.

This short news item from the late 1960's gives a quick history of cider making at Coates in Nailsea followed by the unveiling of a cider vat to the Wurzels with Adge and the boys singing (miming!) along to 'Drink Up Thy Zider'

Here are some of the best cider houses in the country:

Coronation Tap, Bristol (Avon) - Bristol's worst-kept secret

Tuckers Grave, Falkland (Somerset) - the Wurzels favourite cider house

Ye Olde Cider Bar, Newton Abbot (Devon) - One Of England's Last Remaining Cider Houses

PH - PY - Historical Bristol Street Directory 1871
Apple Watch News
Image by brizzle born and bred
Mathews' Bristol Street Directory 1871

Philadelphia Street, Broad Welr to Rosemary Street

Richard Collins, grocer & tea dealer
Robert Wall, timber & mahogany dealer
George P. Byrt, oil & color merchant
Joseph Pearce
James Wheeler Baxter, tailor
John P. Jones, senior, engraver
John Oliver
Thomas Downs
John Lewis
Edward Colston Bond
Jane Weeks, grocer
John White, haberdasher
James Incledon
James Bindon
John Smith, cabinet maker
Edward Harvey, baker
James M. Nixon, collector for animal’s friend society
Daniel Dolan
Harriet Kates
John White, general smith
Harriet Smith
Tobias Prigg
Charles Ingram
George Aust, grocer
William Dowsing, cabinet maker
John Bryant
John Newton
James Millard
James Owen, carpenter
William Pippin
Philip Long
Essa Brewery Co. - W. Rogers, agent

William Knight, vict, Queen's Head (pub) 1806 John Weston / 1816 - 28 Charles Ferebee / 1830 - 31 Sarah Ferebee / 1832 - 37 Robert Newbold / 1839 - 42 W. Woodcock 1844 John Jones / 1849 - 51 Patrick Murphy / 1853 - 54 Mary A. Smith / 1855 to 1859 John Bradshaw / 1860 - 61 Eliza Bradshaw 1863 - 79 William Knight / 1882 - 83 Job Morgan / 1885 William S. Simons / 1886 Joseph Hale / 1887 to 1888 William Fink 1889 - 92 Edwin Rodgers / 1894 - 96 George Broad / 1897 - 99 John Snook / 1901 Richard Bryant / 1904 - 37 Thomas Holley.

William S. Simons, vict, King George (pub) 1823 - 37 Samuel Smith / 1839 - 52 Mary Smith / 1853 to 1857 Thomas Thristle / 1858 to 1860 James Boulton / 1861 George Bawn 1863 Joseph Fish / 1867 - 69 Charles Good / 1871 - 81 William Simons / 1882 Artemus Stock / 1885 - 89 Henry Sparks 1891 Albert Burfitt / 1894 - 1901 James Withall / 1904 Walter Onion / 1906 Thomas Corcoran / 1909 - 21 Robert Free 1925 - 28 Beatrice May James.

Henry Hewitt, mason, vict, King William (pub) 1863 - 69 William Smith / 1871 Henry Hewitt / 1872 Thomas Downs / 1874 - 77 James O’Brien / 1878 E. Leeworthy 1881 Artemus Stock.

Philip Street, Temple Street to St. Philip’s Bridge

Mrs Millett, out-fitter
Thomas Drake
Jeptha Feltham
James Lewis

Henry Hill, vict, Giant's Castle (pub) the sixteenth century Giant’s Castle was lost around 1838 when work began on the bridge across the Avon from Temple Back to Queen Street. The pub was re-built nearby. 1794. John Bevan / 1800. Abraham Roach / 1811 - 16. William Davis / 1820 - 23. John Doughty / 1826 - 28. Christpher John Sparks 1830 - 31. Charles Hayes / 1832. Richard Williams / 1834 - 55. Thomas Merritt / 1856. Thomas Edwards / 1858. H. Findlater 1860. W. Flower / 1863 - 65. Richard Jones / 1866. M. A. Shear / 1867 to 1874. Henry Hill / 1875. Mrs. Hill / 1876. J. Bodey 1877. ? Hazeldene / 1881. Edward Bolwell.

Philip Street, Whitehouse Lane to Bright Bow, Bedminster

Richard Creedy
George Mayne, decorator
R. Hussey, shoe maker
Mrs S. Watts, grocer, etc
Mrs M. A. Curtis
William Watkins, grocer
Robert Smith, grocer
Jacob Heven, boot and shoe maker
George Brown, baker and grocer
Mary Ann Redmore, grocer
William Bray, grocer
William Toogood & Son, timber merchants
William Toogood
Henry Hurley, grocer

William Pitman, vict, Tanner's Arms (pub) Clarke Street. 1867 - 69. James Burge / 1871 - 72. William Pitman / 1874 - 76. William Mountjoy / 1878. J. Slocombe / 1879. George Naylor 1882. W. Hardwick / 1885 - 92. George Russell / 1896 to 1897. William Wookey / 1899. William Slade / 1901. Charles Wicks 1904. George Parker.

James Slocombe, vict, Barley Mow (pub) 1853 - 76. James Slocombe / 1877. F. Shiller / 1878 - 1909. William Warren / 1914 - 28. William Jones / 1931 - 38. George Thwaites 1944 - 75. Gladys Florence Thwaites.

G. Winstone Broad, vict, Maltster's Arms (pub) the Maltsters’ Arms was later named the Apple Tree. 1871 - 76. George Winstone Broad / 1877 to 1878. H. Palmer / 1879. Tom Bryant / 1881 - 87. Mary Besley / 1888 - 89. Edwin De Bank 1891 - 1904. Joseph Colenso / 1906 - 09. Henry Harvey / 1914. Charles Baker / 1917. Frank Collett / 1921. Clara Glanville 1925. Frederick Pullen / 1928. John Nash / 1931 - 38. Ann Selina Nash / 1944 - 53. Leonard King.

Charles Boone, vict, Spring Tavern (pub) 1871 - 78. Charles Boone / 1879 to 1891. Thomas Morgan / 1892 - 1917. Martha Hill / 1921 - 28. Joshua Hill / 1931. Florence Baker 1935 - 50. Kate Elizabeth York / 1951 to 1956. Gladys Irene Oram / 1956. A. E. Mills / 1968. Bert & Ivy Jacobs.

John Vowles, vict, Swan Tavern (pub) on the corner with Doveton Street the Swan was bombed on the 2nd December 1940. 1871. John Vowles / 1872 - 79. Olinthus Cook / 1881 - 82. George Stokes / 1883 to 1915. John Hill / 1916 to 1935. Charles Tweney 1936 to 1940. William Condon.

William Pitman, vict, Tanner's Arms (pub) Clarke Street. 1867 - 69. James Burge / 1871 - 72. William Pitman / 1874 - 76. William Mountjoy / 1878. J. Slocombe / 1879. George Naylor 1882. W. Hardwick / 1885 - 92. George Russell / 1896 to 1897. William Wookey / 1899. William Slade / 1901. Charles Wicks 1904. George Parker.

Phippen Street, Redcliff Hill to Thomas Street

Abraham Cole, dairyman
Daniel Gerry, coffee house
Joseph Charles Latham, currier, etc
Evan Short, china shop
Post Office
A. D. Taylor, hair dresser
Henry O. Rowland, shipwright
John Brewer, mason
John Seager, corn and flour dealer
Thomas Luke, junior. brass founder
George Perman, grocer
Model Lodging Houses
Robert Allen. organ builder
Robert Hall
Solomon Lewis, clothier
Ashley and Board, pawnbroker's
Mrs Jane Browning, boot shop
William Bryant
Francis Hill, joiner
Edward Roberts, mariner
Giles Stock, butcher
Abraham Morse, loan office
William E. P. Masey, enameller
Henry Morris, japanner
John Clements, com-trav
A. Ashmead, ironmonger

George Coombs, auctioneer, vict, York House & Railway Tavern (pub)

James Atkins, vict, Swindon Tavern (pub) 1851. Sarah Dowling / 1852. Isaac Dowling / 1853 - 55. J. Morrish / 1860. Thomas Baker / 1863 - 68. Samuel Potter 1869 to 1875. George Francis / 1876 - 79. James Atkins / 1881. Jane Atkins / 1883 - 91. Mark Radford / 1892. Betsy Browning 1896 - 1909. Harry Peet / 1914. George Winmill.

Mary Clouter, vict, Portcullis Tavern (pub) 1852. John Selley / 1853. Edward Johnson / 1853 to 1854. Isaac Crocker / 1855 - 60. John Hathaway / 1865 - 81. Mary Clouter 1882 - 83. Rebecca Sanders / 1886. H. Lilly / 1887. Frederick Creed / 1889 - 93. James Warfield / 1896. William Evans 1899. Charles Roe / 1901. James Thatcher.

James Barber, vict, Duke of Wellington (pub) 1860. James Burge / 1863. Josiah Peglar / 1865 - 69. H. Hamlin / 1871 - 89. James Barber / 1891 - 1917. James Church 1921 - 25. William Pullin / 1928 - 31. George Atkinson / 1935. John Chaffe / 1937 - 38. William Roberts.

Phoenix Place, Redcliff Mead Lane

Phoenix Street, Barton Hill

William Allen, tin plate worker
Richard Every, draper, etc
Jabez Brown
William Fitzgerald
George Harding
Robert Fothergill
Charles Cordy, grocer
G. Fussell, shopkeeper

Phoenix Street, (Little) Phoenix Street to Barton Hill

Piccadilly, Easton

Isaac Britten, beer retailer
Robert Kidner, grocer
Ephraim Noye, coal agent
John Williams, clerk

Pickering's Mills, bottom of Ashley Hill

Picton Lane, Picton Street

Picton Place, Picton Street

Picton Street, top of Stokes Croft to Montpelier

Frederick T. A. Tucker, grocer
W. Hitchins, accountant and registrar to St. James and St. Paul districts, Picton villa
Miss E. Estcott, greengrocer
Jabez Keeler, organ builder
Edwin Yandell, painter
Mrs Charles Hemmings, dairyman
Frank Merrett
Samuel Waite, carpenter & builder
Miss Augusta Wilkins, school
Chedgzoy & Allen, dress and mantle makers
Mrs Mary Ann Davey
Mrs Isabella Harris
Richard Gould Price
John N. Bailey
George Pearce
Miss Elizabeth Compton
Nicholas Langman
John Saunders, fly proprietor
James Millett, engineer
Mrs Sarah Beak, grocer
James Thomas, fly proprietor
John Anstey, greengrocer
William Hayes, joiner
Joseph Walker, butcher
John Bonis, French polisher
Richard Beacham
Misses J. & E. Simons
John George Dyer, boot maker
George Dyer, boot maker
Amelia Knapp
Mrs Elizabeth Watkins
Mary Peacock
George Dent, butcher
Daniel Hobbs
G. E. Sutton, bookbinder
Henry Sprod, carpenter
William Bateman
Thomas Gow, baker
Mrs Elizabeth Fry
Henry Roberts, coachman
Charles Hill
Miss Emma Johnson, school
Abraham H. Bridgeman, greengrocer
Robert Mercer, superintendent registrar for the district of Clifton
Edward Elphick
John Reed Boulton, news-agent
Sam M‘Guire, boot & shoe maker

James Hall, vict, Robert Burns (pub) 1863. Frederick Tarr / 1865. Elizabeth Tarr / 1869 - 87. James Hall / 1888 - 92. Ann Hall / 1896. Henry Evans 1899 - 1906. Henry Adams / 1909. Albert Trimnell / 1914. Robert Trimnell / 1917. Richard Reed.

John Cox, vict, General Picton (pub) 1837. George Hedges / 1839 - 63. John Cox / 1865 - 83. John Cox jnr / 1885 - 89. James Ellis / 1891 - 96. Thomas Challenger 1899. Caroline Brimble / 1901. Miss M. Brimble / 1904 - 06. Adelaide Hancock / 1914 - 17. Jessie May Clarke / 1921. George Hallett 1925 - 53. Walter Blackmore.

Charles Allen, grocer, vict, Crown & Dove (pub) 1853. John Clark / 1855 - 57. Charles Bryant / 1858 - 60. James Putt / 1863. J. Barrett / 1871 - 88. Charles Allen 1889. Charles Moule / 1891 - 93. Charles Dare / 1899 - 1906. William Boyce / 1909. Frederick Hall.

Pile Street, Phippen Street to Temple Street

Albert Daniel Morton, flour mills
Infant School

Ship (pub) Pile Street 1837. Samuel Bayley / 1839 - 40. Ann Bayley.

Emanuel Hibbs, vict, Ship & Castle (pub) 1800 - 06. James Jennings / 1816 - 20. James Farthing / 1822 - 23. Richard Wheeler / 1832. Catherine Day / 1853 - 89. Emanuel Hibbs 1891. F. Thomas / 1892. James Witcombe / 1896. John Edwards.

Mary Ann Stephens, vict, Wool Pack (pub) the Woolpack was previously named the Jolly Nailers. 1866 - 69. John Stephens / 1870 to 1877. Mary Ann Stephens.

Jenkin Edward Patch, vict, Lamb (pub) 1816 - 20. Joseph Lawson / 1822 - 26. Joshua Lawson / 1828 - 32. Sarah Lawson / 1834 - 42. Joseph Topham / 1847. Sarah Topham 1848 to 1854. Thomas Spurle / 1855 to 1865. John Seager / 1866. Edwin Orchard / 1867. William Griffiths / 1868 - 76. Jenkin E. Patch 1879. Edwin Patch,

Lamb & Flag (pub) Pile Street 1800. Richard Beck.

Pile Street, Bedminster

Piline’s Court, Hotwell Road

Pillinger’s Court, Hotwell Road

Pim’s Court, Narrow Plain

Pim’s Court, Horsefair

Pim’s Entry, Temple Street

Pinnel Court, Pinnel Street, Great Ann Street

Pinnel Street, Great Ann Street

Pipe Court, Pipe Lane, St. Augustine

Pipe Lane, St. Augustines Place to Frogmore Street

Fedolin Momber, decorative gilder
Edward Poole, french polisher
John Bridge
Elizabeth. Dawbin, grocer
William Radford
James Berry
Joseph Tavernor, mariner
Mary Tucker, butcher
Samuel Steeds
William Cox, turner
Jane Hole, grocer
John Dunn
Mrs Dunn, milliner
Charles Gray
John Maney
Joseph Smith

George Carter, vict, Ship (pub) 1752 Jane Smith / 1755 - 64 Thomas Cook / 1775 Jane Cook / 1792 - 94 Thomas Shorland / 1816 - 26 John Lyons 1828 - 34 Evan David / 1837 - 49 William Lock / 1851 - 56 George Strawbridge / 1858 - 60 Lewis Moss / 1861 to 1874 George Carter 1875 to 1878 William Turvey / 1879 to 1885 David Morgan / 1886 to 1888 Mary Ann Morgan / 1889 - 92 Alice Morgan 1894 William Vaughan / 1896 - 1901 Annie Morris.

Pipe Lane, Temple Street

?. Prior
William Hutchins & Co. potters
William Bush
G. Hunt, blacksmith
E. Abbott, mason
Charles Ottaway, corn stores
A. H. Smith, plumber & gas-fitter
H. Byrt, cooper, etc

Clement Pad?eld, vict, Warwick Arms (pub) 1851. Joseph Cox / 1853 - 54. Charles Cleves / 1858. Charles Good / 1863 - 77. Clement Padfield.

Richard Tovey, vict, Rising Sun (pub) 1839 - 66. John Hodgeson / 1867 - 69. Ann Hodgeson / 1871 - 77. Richard Tovey / 1879 - 91. Frank John Clifford 1892 - 96. Farnham Padfield / 1899. Julia Derrick / 1901. Caroline Macey / 1901. Charles Macey / 1904 - 06. Harriett Hucker 1909. Hannah Underdown / 1917 - 25. Mary Ann Withy.

Sarah Castle, vict, Royal Arms (pub) 1848 - 53. George Derrett / 1853. William Derrett / 1854 to 1856. John Clatworthy / 1857. Charles Good / 1857 to 1865. George Castle 1866 to 1878. Sarah Castle / 1879 - 83. Mary Ann Penny / 1885 - 86. Thomas Vickery / 1887 to 1888. Mark Rodburn 1889. Henry Powell / 1891 - 1901. John Butler / 1904. S. Rowe / 1906. Louisa Ciley.

Pithay, Wine Street to Little James’s Back & All Saint’s Street

Frederick Jones, clothes dealer
Ann Cook, pawnbroker
George Gardiner, plane maker
Abraham L. Broome, french polisher
William Guest, bottle dealer

James Bicker, vict, The Old Bell (pub) 1752 Mr Dove / 1764 William Glandenning / 1775 William Glendoning / 1800 Thomas Wilkins / 1806 James Ewins 1816 - 23 William Styles / 1826 - 28 William Forse / 1830 - 33 Henry Hodges / 1834 - 49 William Rooks / 1851 - 52 Thomas Boardman 1853 to 1866 Joseph James / 1867 - 77 James Bicker / 1879 - 80 Daniel Organ.

John Williams, vict, Blue Bowl (pub) The condition of this tavern was typical of buildings in this area which was cleared in the 1880’s and 90’s to make way for the Fry‘s chocolate factories. Today it would be at the junction of All Saints’ Street, Fairfax Street and Pithay. The landlord’s name on the sign above the window is John Williams the pub’s last licensee.

Timothy Organ, vict, Royal Oak (pub) 1847 - 58 Stephen Moore / 1860 - 66 George Freeman / 1867 - 81 Timothy Organ.

Pitville Place, Cotham Road

Capt and Mrs Lewin
Charles T. Wood
Stephen Prince

Pleasant Place, Clarence Road, Bedminster

Pleasant Place, Lawrence Hill

Plough Court, Thomas Street

Plume of Feathers Passage, 6, Wine Street

Polygon, North Green Street, Hotwells, and Cornwallis Crest

Rev. John James
Henry Tucker
George Priddy
Capt. Willialn McAdam
T. A. Dowle
Miss M. Major
John C. Saunders
John Jones
Joseph Sage, coal merchant
G. Anderson
Mrs. John W. Crankshaw
The Misses Welch

Pomphry's Court, Christmas Street

Pool's Court, Tower Street, Temple

Pool's Court, Blackfriar's, Lewins Mead

Pope's Parade, Merchant Street

Poplar Square, Redcliff Mead Lane

Portland Cottages, Wilder Street

Portland Court, Portland Street

Portland Place, Clifton Down to Mall Place

Tuckett Brothers, tea merchants
Depot for the sale of work of ladies of limited means
Miss L. H. Lang, dress maker, etc
John Singleton, jun. painter, Berlin and fancy goods
George Call, china and glass dealer
Mrs Call, glove cleaner
John Millard, tailor and draper
John Wilkinson, hosier and out-fitter
John Geary, grocer
Miss Ford, dress & mantle maker
Thomas Hunt, butcher
John Fulford, fruiterer
J. Lawrence, boot maker
Joseph Maggs, boot maker
Charles Wheeler, jun. bread and biscuit baker
James Bayley, Portland dairy
Miss M. A. Brooks, upholstress
James and John Hurn, butchers
Benjamin Chapman, fly proprietors, Gloster mews

Mrs Lucy Clyma, vict, St, Vincent's Rocks Inn (pub) this pub was later named the Royal Oak. 1863. Mary Drewett / 1867 - 75. Lucy Clyma / 1876 to 1877. Mary Craw / 1878 - 83. Tom Salter / 1885. Caroline Clark 1887 - 89. John Stone / 1891 - 92. Emily Stone / 1896. Henry Hurman / 1899 - 1904. Thomas Hobbs / 1906. Charles Cooper 1909. Walter Gregory / 1914. Henry Bray / 1917. Charles Thomas / 1921. Frederick Stallard.

Portland Place, Portland Street, Kingsdown

Portland Row, Wilder Street

Portland Square, St Paul’s

Matthew Weir, draper
Mrs W. D. Wills
T. B. Clements
Rev. James Hollins, M.A. (St. Clements)
Rev E. Day, (St Nicholas)
Frederick Augustus E. Day, surgeon
William Jones
Samuel Robertson
Joseph Goodall Lansdown, surgeon
Thomas Cross
William Kearsey
Hester Hickery
Mrs Holmes, boarding school
Thomas Hawkins, surgeon
Thomas Albert Beddoe
St. Paul's Church
Rev. Charles. Spencer Fripp (St. Paul’s)
William George Ormerod, surgeon
Rev. Philip Sleeman (St. Paul’s)
Charles Baker
Daniel Horwood, surveyor
Robert Fendick, surgeon
R. George Fendick, surgeon
Joseph Russel Grindon
Elizabeth Rootsey
Charles Henry Macintosh
William Thomson, wholesale tea dealer
Robert Nott
Edward Doddrell
Henry Dykes
Thomas Bell
Henry Guy
Rev. Richard Cornall (Emanuels,’ St. Philip’s)

Portland Street, Portland Place to Rodney Place, Clifton

Isabella Spratt, butcher
James Fursman, halr dresser, etc
James Price, wine & spirit merchant
Robert R. Wheeler, grocer, Portland house

(Jame's Place)

Mrs H. Burston
Mrs Brown
Robert Cave
John Stower, wheel-chair manufacturer
George Drew
Thomas Leake
?. Carter, carpenter

(Carter's Buildings)

Miss Eliza Spragg
Mrs Rogers, juvenile dress maker
Frederick Mitchell, billiard marker
William Bailey, carpenter
Jesse Moncks
George Goss, paper hanger, etc
Ann Hill, fruiterer, etc
Mrs Gordon, french corset depot
William Hemmings, boot maker
Mrs Withers, lace & shawl cleaner
A. A. Fennell, milliner, etc
John Bryant, tea dealer and grocer
William Thatcher, plumber
R. Harvey, sewing machine dealer

Mary Crane, vict, Clifton Commercial inn (pub) 1847 - 54. John Crane / 1855 to 1872. Mary Crane / 1873 to 1877. John C. Crane / 1877 to 1881. Annie E. Crane / 1882. W. T. Sweet 1883. Mrs. Hellon / 1885 - 87. Caroline King / 1889. George Silcocks / 1891. Emma May Matthews / 1892. Harriet Poland 1894. Edward Phillips / 1896 - 1904. James Perry / 1906. Mary Ann Perry / 1909. James Chaplin / 1914. Daniel Sims 1917 - 21. Emmeline Winifred Peach / 1925 - 28. Jessie Agnes Pearce / 1931. William Gillard / 1932. Kate Matilda Gillard 1933 - 50. John Frederick Weedy / 1953. Sarah Elizabeth Bishop.

Portland Street, Paul Street to Cotham Road, South

Industrial School
Miss Jane Codd
Portland Chapel
Mr. Harle
Charles Hatfield
Samuel Macey
George Knight
Sarah Greaves
Samuel Tanner, Portland house
George Nelson, Portland Nursery
Mrs Silvia Bartley, 1, Portland place
Mrs Kemp, 2, Portland place
Thomas Samuel Robins, glazier, etc
John Lyde
James Onion
Miss Mary Sale
John Bolt
James Gillett
Isaac Lifton, greengrocer
George Mawlett
John Hawkin
James Madge
William Jenkins
Jonathan C. Morrish
Joseph Cooper,Bath chair proprietor
F. C. Maker, professor of music
James Lee Burnet, grocer etc

Portland Terrace, 7, Portland Street

Portland Terrace, Wilder Street

Portwall Lane, 73, Redcliff Street to Temple Gate

Bristol Wagon Works Co.
Charles William Gregory, M.R.C.V.S.L. and farrier
Elizabeth Merritt, haulier
Harriett Russell, shopkeeper
Thomas Spear, engineer
Lucy Rowe, rag dealer
Methodist Free Church
Daniel Williams, cooper
Jesse Lewis, fish and game dealer

(Tubal Place)

William Greenslade
Mrs House, dressmaker
Mrs Cannock, stay maker
James Gillett
Pile Street Free School
Thomas Spear, engineer
F. Cobley, haulier, hay dealer etc

John Richards, vict, Carpenter's Arms (pub) 1851 - 66. Robert Jones / 1867 - 69. Jacob Branch / 1871 - 72. John Richards / 1875 - 76. George Bater / 1877. J. Hedges 1878. George Gardner / 1881 - 91. Edward Field / 1892. Philip Pill / 1896. William Milkins / 1899. Selina Winter.

John Whitehead, vict, Portwall House Tavern (pub) 1871 - 72. John Whitehead / 1874. Richard Snook / 1875 to 1876. Edward Jenkins / 1877. J. Wicker / 1878 to 1882. Edwin Lyons 1883 to 1885. Emma Lyons / 1886 to 1887. Thomas Sully / 1888. William Carter / 1889. Charles Rogers / 1891. Thomas Sully 1892 - 1935. Sarah Sully / 1937 - 44. Florence Crandon / 1950 - 53. Thomas Tidy / 1975. A. J. Bishop.

Potter's Alley, Little Philip‘s Plain

Potter's Court, Little Ann Street

Pottery Lane, Barton Hill

Pounting’s Court, Jacob’s Wells

Power Street, Hotwells

Poyntzpool, Bragg's Lane, back of West Street

Joseph Miller, beer retailer & marine store dealer
Myer Cohen, dealer in china
Abraham Parker, greengrocer, etc
John Hill
Frederick Peasley, clothes dealer
Henry Horsman, grocer
Mary Ann Smallwood, grocer
John H. Steel, boot and shoe maker

Pratten’s Court, Little Ann Street

Prewett Place, Prewett Street, Cathay

Prewett Street, Cathay

Henry Gates
Elizabeth Hanks
John W. Painter
William Hurd, boot and shoe maker
Arnold & Co. brewers
H. and T. Proctor, manure works

Charles Ellis, vict, (Blue) Bell (pub) the Bell is at present boarded up and its future as a pub is in doubt. 1752. William Chatterton / 1770 - 75. John Hemborough / 1792. Mrs. Barry / 1794. Mary Baker / 1800 - 06. James Baker 1816. John King / 1820 - 23. Samuel Fowler / 1826 - 28. J. Taylor / 1830 - 44. George Corner / 1847. Sarah Lawrence 1848. George Wickings / 1849. John Skelton / 1851. Simon Scrase / 1852. Henry Newman / 1853 - 72. Charles Ellis 1874 - 76. Alfred Holder / 1877. John McNamara / 1878 - 94. George Warren / 1896 - 1901. Frederick Bryant / 1904. Henry Dary 1906. Edward Butler / 1909 - 17. Alfred Garland / 1921 - 44. Eleanor Lennox / 1950 - 53. Henry Hickery / 1960. Herbert W. Moss 1975. L. P. Hewett.

Prince Street, Marsh Street to Grove

George Knew, fruiterer
Stephen Alsop, shipping butcher
Samuel O. Nott, hair dresser
Thomas Pike, commission broker
J. & C. Wood, African merchants
Edward Reed, sail maker
William Wareham, sail maker
J. Thomas, agent for Arnott’s stout
Henry Smith, grocer
Thomas P. Hammond
Moore, Hanson, and Ford, wine & spirit merchants
John Gould, pump and block maker
Henry S. Pierey, refreshment house
George Blannin, boot maker
James Britt, painter, etc
Local Board of Health Office
William Thomas Pearse, tailor
William Simmester, agent
George Monks, wheelwright
Jacob Wallington, painter
Mrs. Rawle, coal merchant
James and Robert Bush, bonded warehouse
John J. Millard
Elizabeth Berry, lodging house
Daniel Britt, painter
Thomas Ellis Hunt, lodging house
Philip Pope, lodging house
Magnus Cates, ship broker
French Consulate
G. A. Cates, engineer
General Steam Navigation Co. secretary, George Davies
Ellen Houghton, lodging house
J. J. Miller
Richard Henry Lambert, merchant
Office of Local Board of Marine
T. Dallin, sail maker
Dorothy Ann Bodey, lodging house
Schweitzer Bros., ship chandlers
Mrs. Sarah Mortley
Elizabeth Crew, grocer
Joseph Foster, tailor
E. Hook, watch-maker
William Holder
John Blair, nautical instrument maker
Capt J. Fursier, teacher of navigation
John Hurley
Robert Southcott, shipping butcher
William Blake, seaman
Robert Southcott, grocer
John Phelan, poulterer, etc

Edward Price, vict, Merchants' Arms (pub) On the corner with King Street. The pub’s name was a compliment to the Merchant Venturers’ Hall, which was just across the road.

William Jones, vict, Cardiff Castle (pub) the Cardiff Castle was previously named the Old England Tavern. 1867 - 69 Owen Owens / 1869 - 71 William Jones / 1872 John Griffiths / 1874 - 76 David Price.

Margaret Puckey, vict, Shakespere Hotel (pub) Listed in 1806 as the Shakespeare & American Tavern. The Shakespeare is still trading.

John Tapscott, vict, Royal Oak (pub) the Royal Oak was bombed January 1941. 1800 Miles Kelly / 1806 John Somerfield / 1816 William English / 1822 Thomas White / 1826 - 39 Thomas G. Smith 1842 - 44 Charles Cooper / 1847 - 51 Henry Harvey / 1853 William Payne / 1853 Ann Payne / 1854 - 63 Robert Chapman 1865 - 83 John Tapscott / 1885 - 91 Samuel Joy / 1892 to 1897 William Elkanah Wookey / 1897 - 1917 George Bacon 1921 Edward Colston Saunders / 1925 Mrs. Hall / 1928 David Stephens / 1931 - 38 Bertram Smitten.

Nicholls & Hedges, Assembly Room Hotel 1811 Amelia Abbott / 1820 - 28 William Black / 1831 Elizabeth Black / 1832 to 1840 Hobson Reed Walton / 1841 James Doughty 1844 - 55 John Sainsbury / 1856 - 69 William Hedges / 1871 - 75 Nicholls & Hedges / 1877 Miss L. A. Hedges / 1878 J. Murphy 1879 to 1882 Julia Evans / 1883 William Turvey.

George Jennings, vict, Albion Hotel (pub) To the right of Alderskey Lane opposite the Merchants’ Arms, the Albion was one of four public houses removed for the C.W.S. building around 1900.

Prince Street, Bishop Street to Grosvenor Road

Henry Pavey
Mrs Maria Baker
Joseph Davis
Daniel Ford
Frederick Stacey
Walter Bartleet
Robert C. Newton, greengrocer
John Marsh, Prince brewery
Emily L. Stone, milliner, etc
Mrs Rossiter
A. Allen
Mrs Cox
William Hendy
Charles Matthews
George Porter, carpenter & builder
Charles Allen
Mrs Naish
Edmund J. Symes, builder
Walter Henry Adams, tailor
Henry Bennett
Mrs Needes, ladies’ day school
William Pointing Haw

Prince Street, Spring Street, Bedminster

Prince Street, Dings

Prince Street, Eugene Lane, Temple Street

Prince Frederick Court, Maudlin Street

Prince's Buildings, Kingsland Road

Prince’s Buildings Oxford Road, Dings

Prince's Buildings, Royal York Crescent to Prince's Place

Isaac Kempster, Prince’s cottage
William Forder, lodging house
William Smith
Miss Ann Southwood
Mrs Wall, lodging house
George Pinder
George Stacey, lodging houses
Mrs. Galbraith
Mrs. E. Lambe
Mrs Williams
G. T. Cuthbert
Misses Jane and Priscilla Baynes
Rev. Thomas B. Lancaster
Mrs Wall, Sion cottage
James Bush, St. Vincent's priory

Prince's Buildings, Avon Street, St Philips

Prince's Place, Victoria Street to Prince's Buildings

William Mason, watch & clock maker
Depot for the sale of work by ladies of limited means
William Williams
George Burbidge
Samuel Maggs, plumber
Henry Wiltshire, mason
Sander Hayes, dairyman
Mrs Lawrence, eating house
Michael Davies, carpenter & undertaker, Nelson cottage
Ebenezer Austin, Clifton Chronicle
Charles Phillips, fly-proprietor
F. Parr, jobmaster
Elias Langfield, jobmaster
John Martin, boot maker
John Norley, carpenter
E. Mills, Bath chair proprietor
A. Hood, carpenter
John Pavey, sculptor
S. Smith, lapidary
Edward Ford, mason
Mrs Winter, monthly nurse
T. P. Palmer, plumber
White and Richards, builders, etc
John Dunne, accountant
Isaac Kempster, carpenter
Horatio Godfrey, butler
Henry James Frost French, grocer
Richard W. Moore, grocer and tea dealer
George Wyatt, basket maker, etc
George Harris
James Parris
Mrs Grant, upholstress
William John Withers, lodging house, Prince’s cottage
T. Davis, carpenter and undertaker
Ambrose Smith, plumber

(Nelson Buildings)

Richard Joseph Basstone, tailor
Isaac Andres, chimney sweeper
William Thomas, gardener
Charles Phillips, livery stables, Nelson mews
Michael Davies, carpenter
City Parcel Office, J. C. Wall

John Cruwys, vict, Nelson House (pub) still standing but now a private House. 1853 - 65. William Jarvis / 1866 - 69. Henry Snook / 1871. John Cruwys / 1872. George Briggs / 1874 - 89. Alfred Pidgeon 1891. William Furber / 1892 - 94. John George / 1896. Edwin Lentell / 1897. Charlotte Pain / 1899. E. G. Dutfield / 1901. H. J. Moore 1904. Octavius Hares / 1906. Henry Mordy / 1909. William Hughes.

James Bassett, stables, vict, Greyhound (pub) 1865 - 1921. James Bassett / 1925 - 40. George Evans / 1940 to 1950. William Biggs / 1950 - 53. Albert Knowles / 1975. H. J. Niemira.

Aaron S. Symes, vict, Suspension Bridge House (pub) Sion Mews. 1839 - 42. William Rowe / 1844 - 59. Elizabeth Rowe / 1866 - 72. Edward Tomlinson - Barrow / 1875. A. Long 1876 to 1877. John Williams / 1878. Mary Davis / 1879 to 1896. Jesse Lane / 1897. Marian Dobbyn / 1899 - 1906. George Broackes 1909. Charles May. Elizabeth Rowe was a grocery dealer and beer retailer.

George Davis, vict, Crown & Dove (pub) 1871 - 79. George Davis / 1882. Ann Davis / 1883. Fanny Wise / 1885 - 89. Thomas Speed / 1891 - 1906. Amelia Speed 1909. Mrs. Frances Shears / 1914. William Shears / 1917 - 28. Ernest Williams / 1931 - 35. William Thorne.

Solomon Mundy, vict, New inn (pub) 1861 - 72. Solomon Munday / 1875. William Frost / 1876 - 79. Eliza Frost / 1882 - 83. Robert Richardson / 1885 - 86. Charles Wilkie 1887. Henry Cuff / 1889. William Cole / 1891. Charles Crook / 1892. Alfred Hood / 1896. William Beckley / 1897 - 99. John Bell 1901. R. Dilling.

Prince’s Place, Prince Street, Spring Street, Bedminster

Prince's Row, Dighton Street

Princess Amelia Court, Pipe Lane, St. Augustines

Princess Place, Horfield

Princess Street, Redcliff Crescent to Whitehouse Street

Samuel Milton, marine stores

Elizabeth Herniman, vict, Dove (pub) 1848 - 60. William Prosser / 1863. Elizabeth Prosser / 1865 - 66. William Prosser / 1867 to 1868. William Prosser & Elizabeth Herniman 1871 - 77. Elizabeth Herniman / 1878 to 1882. Mary Dashfield / 1883 - 89. Edward Westaway / 1891 - 1925. Alfred Turner 1928. Alfred Turner (jnr).

William Weeks, vict, Rising Sun (pub) Spring Street. 1837 - 63. John Evered / 1871 - 89. William Weeks / 1891. William Chidsey / 1892. William Feltham / 1896. Jim Rendle 1899. Bertram Hooton / 1901 - 04. Eli Stenner / 1906 - 38. Victor Sims / 1944. Leonard Greedy / 1950 - 53. Elizabeth Greedy.

Princess Villas, Horfield

Priory, Canon Street, St. James

Pritchard Court, Holton Street

Pritchard Street, Portland Square to Newfoundland Street

Charles Plowman
Virtue & Co. publishers & book-sellers. agent, T. B. Cooking
Frederick Palmer
Miss Selkirk, school
Jacob Hollister
James Jones, junr. printer
Edward Joll
John Wallis
George Darkey, cabinet maker
William Ford, boot manufacturer
James Lander, leather seller
Jonah Stenner, St. Paul’s dairy
S. J . Barber
?. Tutcher
William Smallcombe
William Rogerson Scott
John B. Wall, auctioneer
Norcott Morley
George Neville
Thomas Porteous
Thomas Bryant
Thomas White Bond
Miss Jane Thomas
Mrs Capenhurst
William N. Venman
James Biggs
Moses Blanckensee

Prospect Avenue, Horfield Road to Alfred Hill

Prospect Cottages, Windmill Hill

Prospect Parade, Baptist Mills

Walter T. Matthews, lithographer

Prospect Place, Baptist Mills

Mrs Morgan
William Price, carpenter, Barton house

Prospect Place, Fairfield Road, Montpelier

Prospect Place, Cotham Brow

Prospect Place, Victoria Road, Bedminster

Prospect Place, Durdham Down

Prospect Row, St. Georges Road

Prospect Terrace, Victoria Road, Bedminster

John Vickery, grocer
Mrs Gallop
Joseph Daunton
Frederick Heale
Daniel M. Whittard, accountant
Henry Thompson
John Keens

Providence Avenue, Redcliff Street

Providence Buildings, 42, Guinea Street

Providence Court, St. James’s Back

Providence Court, Eugene Street, Marlborough Street

Providence Place, Hope Chapel Hill

Providence Place, Avon Street, Temple

Providence Place, Whitehouse Place, Bedminster

Providence Place, Mill Lane

Providence Place, Windmill Hill

Providence Place, Zion Road, St. Philip's

Providence Place, Cheese Lane

Providence Place, Tankard’s Close

Providence Place, Eugene Street

Providence Place, Gloster Road

Providence Place, Hillgrove Street

Pump Court, St. George's Road

Pump Court, Lower College Street

Pump Court, Pile Street

Pump Court, West Street, Bedminster

Pump Lane, Phippen Street

Punter’s Court, Jacob's Wells

Purnell’s Rents, Tower Street

Pylle Hill, Totterdown

Frederick Bayston, Park view house
Oswald Jones
William Brock, Belle view house

Q - Bristol Street Directory 1871

[Watching series game from rooftops, Philadelphia (baseball)] (LOC)
Apple Watch News
Image by The Library of Congress
Bain News Service,, publisher.

[Watching series game from rooftops, Philadelphia (baseball)]

[1914 Oct. 9]

1 negative : glass ; 5 x 7 in. or smaller.

Original data provided by the Bain News Service on the negatives or caption cards: Watching series game from rooftops.
Corrected tate based on research by the Pictorial History Committee, Society for American Baseball Research, 2006.
Forms part of: George Grantham Bain Collection (Library of Congress).

Format: Glass negatives.

Rights Info: No known restrictions on publication.

Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA,

General information about the Bain Collection is available at

Higher resolution image is available (Persistent URL):

Call Number: LC-B2- 3260-4

Nice MacBook News photos

A few nice MacBook News images I found:

Science Fiction section of Glen Park Library where Ross Ulbricht aka Dread Pirate Robert arrested allegedly for running the Silk Road website
MacBook News
Image by Steve Rhodes
Not because he was looking at Heinlein, but because he provably was sitting at one of the tables with his #laptop

17 of these photos are available at

And 6 at Corbis including

He was arrested October 1, 2013

(has links to the criminal complaints which I used to find most of the places to photograph and a video interview of Ross Ulbricht )

Apparently one of his roommates on 15th st

#GlenParkLibrary #RossUlbricht #DreadPirateRobert #sfpl #sanfrancisco #cybercrime #DarkWeb #darkinternet #SilkRoadwebsite #GlenPark #Library #sciencefiction #macbook

Science Fiction section of Glen Park Library where Ross Ulbricht aka Dread Pirate Robert arrested allegedly for running the Silk Road website
MacBook News
Image by Steve Rhodes
Not because he was looking at Heinlein, but because he provably was sitting at one of the tables with his #laptop

17 of these photos are available at

And 6 at Corbis including

He was arrested October 1, 2013

(has links to the criminal complaints which I used to find most of the places to photograph and a video interview of Ross Ulbricht )

Apparently one of his roommates on 15th st

#GlenParkLibrary #RossUlbricht #DreadPirateRobert #sfpl #sanfrancisco #cybercrime #DarkWeb #darkinternet #SilkRoadwebsite #GlenPark #Library #sciencefiction #macbook

A Tail of Meatloaf and Two Macs
MacBook News
Image by 37prime
Yes, it is Meatloaf.
Watch the Video:

Taken using iPhone 3GS in a really bad lighting.