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Some cool Apple TV News images:

Rachael Leahcar
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Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer
The Voice Finalists perform live at Warringah Mall, Sydney, Australia

Darren Percival, Sarah De Bono and Rachael Leahcar enjoyed a public appearance at Warringah Mall, on Sydney's northern beaches this afternoon.

The former contestants on Channel Nine's 'The Voice' were there to promote their music of course.

Hundreds of passionate fans showed up to offer their support and a few lucky ones who bought CD's of their favourite performers from 'The Voice' got them autographed. Their music can also be enjoyed via iTunes.

Nova sponsored the event.

Music remains a popular medium in the reality TV industry. The Voice (U.S) is currently screening on Australian TV, but has not enjoyed the same ratings success as the Australian version.

We wish all of the performing artists well as their careers continue to evolve in front of appreciative Australian audiences.


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The Voice (Australia)

Warringah Mall


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Eva Rinaldi Photography

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Image by Tom Morris
Some laptop stickers on my machine. I have put a laptop sticker on my battery for a good reason - I have two laptop batteries and I would like to be able to tell them apart by glance. Associating them with a brand like Technorati is creatively hacking my brain to associate them. (although technorati has one downside with this - if my battery stops working, I'll be shouting "Curse you, Technorati")

I started putting stickers on my laptop when I got a Firefox sticker set from the folks at Mozilla Europe. About the same time, a big scratch appeared on the casing of my laptop.

Thanks to Kevin Marks for supplyin' me up with the Technorati stickers when I met him at PodCamp last year (he is now working at The Goog). Thanks to the ORG people for giving me such a nice big ORG sticker (although putting your URL on it would have been sensible).

Stickers I'd love to have: RSS, OPML, RDF, Scripting News, Geek Entertainment TV, CC, "Darwin has a posse", BarCamp, Apache. Maybe a nice Yeast Radio sticker.

This machine has a few years left in it yet, so send me silly stickers, damnit.

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