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iPhone News
Image by Pink Poppy Photography
Pink Poppy Photography is all about sharing love, peace and happiness through free creative commons licensed imagery. Please help by spreading the word about my free images, available to everyone!

My name is Poppy Thomas-Hill (pen name). I am a professional stock photographer and artist. All of my my creative commons licensed images are available for free. My images can be used on websites, in magazines, book covers, class projects, powerpoint presentations, publications, media, news, editorial use, product packaging, print, and more.

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iPhone News
Image by StacieBee
Today is the answer to life, the universe and everything:

Valentine's Day at the Zine Library [46/365]
iPhone News
Image by Anomalily
Today was the Valentine's Day at the Zine Library event I was running! It went well (though not the best attendance) but it was great.

I got some potentially exciting but secret-for-now news today, as well!

Hours of Sleep: 7h53m (09:03PM to 04:57AM)
Miles Ran: 0
Caffeine: 2 (2 coffee)
Alcohol: 3
Mood: 4/5
Miles Biked: 13
Weather: Quite lovely though windy!

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