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Lunar Eclipse Tonight!! (iPhone)
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Image by ~Twon~
If you know me IRL you probably know this is a big deal to me for a
variety of reasons. Its brings up a past that's been not too far from
my mind lately anyways...

In other news, this duck lives at my job now. He's been coming around
for like 2 weeks. He used to just stop by and eat... Now he lives here
and sits outside our door all day like a puppy... He's domesticated,
escaped from a farm maybe. He was moved into the vast woods and lake
behind our facility... He came back.

Offer Accepted
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Image by odonata98
Exciting news! This morning we signed a counter offer on a house- so we are going to be moving!! We close escrow at the end of the month. I think I'm going to decorate the moving boxes to celebrate the occasion.

Picture: iPhone; Processing: Polarize and Picnik

Looking down on other people
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Image by stumayhew
it is a shot of this

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