Cool IPhone News images

Some cool iPhone News images:

A little boy in front of the Statue of Liberty raises his ice creams with his arms
iPhone News
Image by loomingy1
A little boy in front of the Statue of Liberty does not seem to be willing to share the ice creams with his dog. This composite picture was created by Mr. Luming Marr. (Good News!) NASA Space Shuttle (Discovery, Atlantis, Endeavour, Columbia, Challenger, Enterprise) Composite Pictures eBook by Luming Marr is published for Kindle eReader, iPhone and PC. For more information, please go to (Kindle store) and search for “Luming Marr”. To parents and teachers: this eBook is a great education tool to inspire the imagination and interest of Science and Discovery to your young children and students and share the laugh with them in the same time. Thank you very much! Photo credit: Image of the Statue of Liberty and the bridge background is from Morguefile Archive shot by dantada (reference id: 86686); the boy holding the ice creams is from Frickr Creative Commons uploaded by szlea, the jumping dog uploaded by SheltieBoy, flag high hat is uploaded by RBerteig, sun glasses uploaded by rodrigo senna, chewy vanilla ice cream with sorbet underneath it uploaded by LWY. Please note the event depicted in the picture and caption did NOT really happen in the way as shown.

Eggplant wrapped spaghetti
iPhone News
Image by cote
Lunch at Il Fornaio with Dave Rosenberg.

Angry Birds
iPhone News
Image by syphlix
This game has taken us over... $.99 is so worth it!

In other news, i tried so hard to light this using flashes, and it ended up just looking so much better just with our ikea lamp...

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