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AEA Minneapolis Sketchnotes - Richard Rutter
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Image by Mike Rohde
Sketchnotes and photos captured in Minneapolis, MN for An Event Apart 2011, August 8-9, 2011.

Check out my AEA post on for more info on my sketchnotes.

You can download a 6.5 MB PDF version of these notes, convenient for printing or viewing on an iPad.

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Is an oil free future possible?
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Image by European Parliament
Is an oil free future possible? That was the question that brought together leading MEPs, businessmen and Nobel Prize winners on Tuesday 7 December for the STOA science lecture. The Parliament's "Science and Technology Options Assessment" panel consider ways in which Europe could wean itself off oil and whether it would indeed be possible to have a future without it. Climate engineering, electric cars, particles of sulphur and methanol were all mentioned as ways of tackling climate change.

The keynote speakers were Shai Agassi, CEO of the company Better Place and two Nobel Prize laureates in chemistry: Dr Paul Crutzen from Max-Planck-Institute and Prof George Oláh from the University of Southern California. Participants discussed keynote speakers' presentations in a panel discussion and a workshop. The lecture have been moderated by BBC journalist Shirin Wheeler.

Before the event, Vice-President responsible for STOA Silvana Koch-Mehrin (ALDE, DE), STOA Chairman Paul Rübig (EPP, AT), and STOA Vice-chairman Malcolm Harbour (ECR, UK), holded a press conference with invited guests. Press conference and the lecture will be web-streamed.

Throughout the day, a demonstration of electric and hybrid cars, with the possibility of test drives, took place in the Esplanade area in front of Parliament's Altiero Spinelli building (entrance from Place du Luxembourg).

©European Parliament/Pietro Naj-Oleari

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Image by Royal Navy Media Archive

Whilst visiting Tanzania, HMS Westminster liaised with the charity organisation and visited a pre school and outbuilding that volunteer workers use to stay in, and used their love and care conducting building and renovation work. Those sailors who were not so good with tools donned the paint brush giving both buildings a makeover.
Kidz Care was set up in 2003 by the Norman's from Ireland. It houses children who have been orphaned by HIV and children with disabilities sponsering the latter with transport, operations, prosthetics and hospital stays.
HMS Westminster continues her patrols of the Indian Ocean and Gulf region and will return to the Uk in February 2014.

Pictured: Leading Logistician Erica Stewart sits with children from the Kidz Care facility and shows them pictures on her Ipad.

Pictures: Leading Logistician Ronda 'Ronnie' Crampton-Reid
HMS Westminster

Consent forms signed and held at FRPU(E), HMS Excellent, Portsmouth
Charity event

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