2008-09-20 08:57:21 +0800

Some cool iPhone News images:

2008-09-20 08:57:21 +0800
iPhone News
Image by Sue Waters
This is the leading article on today local newspaper and is 8 pages about the stockmarket. Want to know how big in the news is it where you are? with Flickup on iPhone.

San Francisco Apple Store morning new iPhones launch
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes
Some of these photos are available at


iPhone line at Apple Store



The #iPhoneline the night before


At wireless carrier stores


Past #iPhone & #apple photos


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Where the magic happens
iPhone News
Image by phil dokas
Following the sad news this month that Blimpy Burgers will need to find a new home next year after 60 years on South Division, I had to make a trip while we were in town.

Shot from the hip – wouldn’t want to draw the ire of Blimpy’s notorious crew – this is where the magic happens. My three patties are on the left, with mushrooms and onions grilling on the right.

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