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Zombies invade the Apple Store in San Francisco
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Image by Steve Rhodes
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Percentage Use by Select Sections
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Image by dmolsen
In order to gauge real use of Mobi we need to look at how activity in each section, including the home page, relates the the total page views of the system. Because the WiFi login home page is the WVU home page when a user signs into the WiFi network from their iPod Touch they visit Mobi automatically. They may leave the service immediately but they’ll count as a page view. If a user visits a section then they’ve had two visits, home and the section. So we know the system is really being used if the percentage of home page visits is 50% or less*.

It’s encouraging to see, as time went on with the snowstorm, that the home page usage dipped below the 50% mark. It actually reached a low of 34% on February 8. Emergency was one fifth of all the activity for Mobi on February 10.

I do find it interesting that News starts to tail off starting on the 9th. Not sure if people felt Emergency provided a better source of information or what.

* - This isn’t completely accurate as a user can hit the back button and visit the home page again before leaving but it’s probably a fairly accurate metric.

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