A taste of things to come

A few nice iPod News images I found:

A taste of things to come
iPod News
Image by geirarne

iPod News
Image by Cwluc
the other me. 84/365

It's raining and while I usually love the rain today I just wasn't in the mood. Feeling very "blah" which isn't like me, I'll be around though. I got a ton of goodness line up for my viewing pleasure. My sister did get good news she got a job offer in Dallas making more money than I think I will ever see in my life (woo for her!) and Dad just got a promotion so things are going well I'm just standing here minding my business.

MarcheIN n°18 come app gratuita categoria news in Italia
iPod News
Image by OmarCaf
Se non l'avete ancora scaricata ecco il link al post di presentazione:

ed il link per scaricarla direttamente da iTunes:

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