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NEWS: Thousands displaced by storms
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Image by UNICEF HQ
Haiti, September 2008: UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow holds a baby at a warehouse in the city of Gonaives. The warehouse is sheltering people displaced by successive hurricanes and tropical storms that began on 16 August. An estimated 620,000 Haitians, including 279,000 children, are in need of humanitarian assistance. UNICEF assistance includes hygiene kits, water purification tablets, oral rehydration salts, blankets, shelters, school supplies and other

© UNICEF/Roger LeMoyne

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MS Yahoo news in Hong Kong papers
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Image by kev/null
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Balloons in all shapes and sizes - 20130309
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Image by MomentsForZen

"Taitung" is a county in the southeast of Taiwan. Apparently, this balloon, sponsored by the county government, was getting ready for its maiden international flight. I didn't see it lift-off today (9-March-2013), but the news reports suggested that it remained tethered on the ground, making its first flight 3 days later (13-March-2013). See the internet links below for further details.

In the background, still tethered on the gound, you can see the "Mister Bup" turtle-shaped balloon from Belgium.

The Darth Vader balloon, also from Belgium was airborne - visible near the left edge.

The photograph was taken on the lawns in front of Old Parliament House. The Treasury Building and the top of the Black Mountain Tower can be seen in the background.

Parkes, ACT, Australia.

Phone 5 - Photograph taken with the camera on an iPhone 5.
Camera - The native Camera app was used with the HDR option.
FrontView - Altered the apparent perspective via a trapezoidal crop.
Laminar - Image cropped then resized to 3264 x 2448 pixels (4:3 format).
Snapseed - Structure and Ambience filters applied. Overall lighting adjustments carried out.
Photoshop Express - Noise reduction and Sharpening filters applied with manual settings.
ExifEditor - Restored the original EXIF data to the final image.

(Filed as 20130330_iPad3 001 FrontView-Laminar-Snapseed-PhotoshopExpress-ExifEditor.JPG)

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