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The Superb Audioengine A2's
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Image by Jordanhill School D&T Dept
I bought these amazing speakers for my sister for her Christmas. I'd done a lot of research in advance of course. I went to John Lewis and the Apple Strore in Glasgow and tried out everything from JBL through to the so-called high end Bose gear. I was disappointed with all of them.

These little speakers are designed solely for the reproduction of good quality audio.

I bought them from the Audioengine site for £120 and they are far better than anything else I heard from £120 to £500 in the strores I visited. All components are of the highest quality. They remind me of the Quad design I have at home, shown here for comparison. Kevlar bass drivers and silk dome tweeters. The left speaker is active, in other words it contains the amp. All terminals are gold plated and all the required cables are generously supplied in the box.

Excellent midrange, very detailed across the board, highs sparkle and there is plenty of well controlled bass for the size.

A bargain at the price, excellent value for money. Highly recommended!

It's not just me that says so, check out these reviews:

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