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There goes Bruce stealing my iPad again #jennergram #jenner #nbcolympics #E!News
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Morning ritual: your choice of a dozen international newspapers, headline news video channels, or just some readable blogs.

Unlike a computer but just like a book, the iPad affords single tasking focus.

Work, Comma, Making It
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I was pretty sleep-minused when I arrived in New York. I had breakfast plans, which meant getting the first train into town. And on those mornings when I need to be wheels-up at 6, the McKenzie Brothers Elective seems inevitable: if it's important that you not oversleep, you might as well just stay up all night. I normally work until 3 or 4 in the morning anyway and I'm aided and abetted by the desire to keep finding more things to do before I'm about to close my office for a few days.

Result: I napped in my bed for less than an hour and than caught maybe another 90 minutes of sleep on the train.

Annnd when I woke up in my seat, I found a text message from the friend I was due to have breakfast with. He needed to cancel. Oh, well.

It actually kind of worked out. There was some news overnight, and I wanted to send my editor a new version of a column I'd filed the day before. And there was a little 400-word bagatelle that I meant to write before the end of the week.

It was a gorgeous day and I knew just where to go after I arrived: Bryant Park. It's just four or five blocks from the train station and it's loaded with shaded tables and chairs.

I deployed my iPad -- my sole computer for the weekend -- and got all of my work done before it was time for lunch. I was pretty pleased. I felt as though I'd had a genuine New York City morning, and that I'd done my duty to God and country.

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