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Car window smashed
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ok, bad news/good news.


I stopped at Walgreen's in Renton on the way home today. The good
parking spots were taken. I parked in the side facing Rainier Avenue, which I usually don't do. I went in to Walgreen's.

I came out 45 minutes later and saw glass all around my car. Looked closer and the driver's window was smashed. Completely gone.

Ran back in and told the security guard. Two of them came out and looked
around. One called the cops. They told me that the cameras don't cover the
whole lot and I had parked just barely outside of the camera range.


Not a single thing inside the car was touched. Which is good, because although I don't generally like to do this, I had left the iPod and the camera on the front seat... covered by a heavy wool cloak. Everything was still exactly as it should be. The radio is still there including faceplate. No damage or marking to/around the ignition. I think the seat was still in my position, but I am not sure. Nothing else seemed to have been touched at all. Really weird.

There was, however, an odd white mark on the outside of the door mirror.

The cop showed up and we watched the security cameras to see if anything
useful showed up and nothing did.

The theory is that either:

1. Someone smashed it in but since they did it right on Rainier Ave under a
bright bright streetlight, someone came along and saw them and scared them.

2. A large vehicle hit the mirror, leaving a white mark, and managed to pop
the window right out! (That seems like an odd theory to me... wouldn't there be more damage to the vehicle?) Evidence supporting this: more glass outside the car than in. But there was a bunch in too.

Anyway. My car has no window and I am not pleased.

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