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Jose Morales, 82, campaigning for @AvalosSF @SundayStreets #sfmayor
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes




iPhone News
Image by StewC
Discarded newspaper in the gutter caught my eye during a particularly reflective moment. Got me thinking about how we used to say that "today's news is tomorrow's fish paper" - now it seems that news doesn't even remain relevant till lunchtime.

Cool IPod News images

Check out these iPod News images:

MefeediaPersonal RSS Feeds are starting to look o' so pretty in Safari
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Image by mmeiser2
I wrote this to post it live... but then I scared myself as I sometimes do... in a good way... by possibly putting to much of my mad schmack future vision in it. Perhaps I'll just post it here (just for core mefeedia members) and then revise it for public posting on evilvlog or mmeiser.com later... The good thing about this sort of stuff... is I know it will draw the right kind of attention to mefeedia... the bad thing.... is that I always wonder just how much of our vision should we share? It's such a very, very tough question... I personally believe the vision is the glory... but it has no merits without the execution... and therefore share at will... BUT... the majority of the planet is far more conservative then I. Well... enjoy! (I hope. 🙂

First of all a special thanks to Devlon (of Mefeedia of course) for all the hard work.

Thanks to him and Peter too (who's currently backpacking around Thailand, leaving us here to be evil. 🙂 the mefeedia personal user's feed is coming along very swimmingly...

The one thing that bugs me is the artist info had to be put IN the title of the post... For example:

Steve Garfield's Video B... You're that Videoblogging Guy"

And of course we had to truncate it because some of blog titles are REALLY long.... The reason we had to do this is because while there is an iTunes "artists" field and a mRSS (media RSS) "artist" field applications like DTV and FireANT don't show the "artist" info they just show the primary RSS "Channel" title for every post and it makes it darn confusing because you don't know what vlog the posts originally came from.

Hopefully this fix of putting the artist in the post title will only be temporary as we'll be trying to work with the great people at FireANT and DTV to improve meta data display. It's a little bit of an uphill battle because we are fortunately or unfortunately the only one out there creating this sort of "personal subscription feed" in this space... but based on what I've seen with services like Odeo, Rojo, and Bloglines and Digg... I think these sort of aggregate user feeds are going to get pretty damn common and very damn hot in the new personal media space as well.

I say this openly because it's no secrete that services are moving in this direction. Even technoratti offers aggregate feeds like this... it's par for the course of media... the difference is they're piping text.. and Odeo is piping audio through their personal user feeds... a personal "radio station" of sorts which is VERY cool... but we're allowing to create your own personal "TV channel" based on your subscriptions... "TV channel" is not technically accurate... more of a metaphor, but a good one metaphor... you... might think of it as some sort of future packet driven version of media... perhaps the thing that IPTV was hyped to be... but never really materialized as... while this.. for all my B.S. is what I think the future of "TV" will be... but we're not calling it "TV" we're calling it "video blogging", "vlogging" or "video podcasting"... because in fact it's soo... completely different than TV that to call it TV would be a complete misnomer.

But back on point... precisely what we're doing is we're allowing you to get ALL your subscriptions in one place... so you can view them in one stream... one channel... and either watch it right in Mefeedia... or in any RSS compatible video aggregator. As mentioned I've created this particular channel of subscriptions especially for watching on my iPod.... 99% of it is video ipod compatible.

Now, my only other personal concern with this RSS is preserving the integrity of the original data...

The title is in need of some spaces... for example...

"SteveGarfield'sVideoB...: You'rethatVideobloggingGuy"

should be

"Steve Garfield's Video B... You're that Videoblogging Guy"

...and it would be great if we could retain the entire original post data complete with links... Currently it's limited to about one paragraph and all links and formatting are removed.

Oh! BTW... the "Read more..." links are the links directly to the video. VERY cool.

You can check it out at the following url though it may not look as pretty as in Safari... 🙂


This is one of my many personal user feeds on mefeedia... as mentioned (three times now 🙂 it contains only my iPod compatible subscriptions.

One final note.... that number 10783... it's got to go... it's got to become my user name... in this case mmeiserpod... it's not a beautiful url. It were a really beautiful url it'd be


or better


But it's a beta... and that stuff is certainly going to be changing as services evolve... like as mefeedia ads multiple queues and who knows what. Anyway... enough of the details for a bit...

Big picture stuff....

Just imagine... one day hopefully sooner than later I'll be able to have this on not just my ipod... but my wifi connected Nokia 770 or PSP.... or my cell phone... well technically i can view the RSS on my cell phone now... but what I mean... is that perhaps one day those videos which are linked to will be in stream-able 3ivx format... playable within a click or two of my opening my cell phone.

All my friends and my personal media... right there... ready to play within a click... on demand... when ever I want.

That my friends is a "hare better" than clicking around a cell phone interface for 20 minutes to find old episodes of Night Rider... or yesterday's baseball game... because...

a) it's all right there... on demand latest content first...

b) it's all YOUR personal subscriptions...

c) it's ubiquitous... you can or will be able to access it simultaneously from multiple places including your cell... your Tivo... mefeedia.com... perhaps your PSP... your iPod... who knows where it'll go...

I just hope mefeedia is the first one to realize this dream... because... well... it's all about the fuscking execution... no two people or companies would approach it a like... and I'd like to think... that we've got an advance on just how it is this is going to be executed best because quite frankly it's our vision we came up with it. And as a wise man once said... what's important is not the idea... but it's the people who have them that's important and how the ideas evolve as they're executed.

But anyway... it sort of makes you wonder why you'd want to pay your cell provider -15 a month for "premium content" when you can just pay your cell company for bandwidth and watch watch YOUR favorite web based vlogs anytime you like... sort of makes you say... hmmmmmm..... 🙂

Oooh, I see so much potential here...

But then everyone knows I'm mad... so just pay no attention to me... none at all. Pay no attention to the people standing behind the curtain... just enjoy the media... that's why we're all doing this anyway... the cornucopia of creativity... it's not about the how... it's about the what... the how is my personal obsession... my obsession to enable the "what" that I love so damn much.

The what is the cornucopia of creativity... the "how" is just trying to get everything else out of the way so the torrent of creative media can flow... we're breaking open the flood gates of a new whole new frontier, a whole new renaissance of media... the only question is really... how fast can we break open these flood gates? How can we give everyone access? ...and how can we keep from drowning in the torrent of creative media that is already starting to flow? Those are... as my friend Raymond of dltq.com would say... the questions. Don't lose them.

Oh... and there is one more... I guess... it's more core... and more high level... it's very dry... you've been forewarned...

How will the widespread access to mass communications change society and culture?

I leave it to you to think about that... it's the big question.

Oh... one more piece of smack... some big vision...

Perhaps... mefeedia will be the CNN or MTV of IP based media... perhaps we will fulfill the promise of Current TV where Current TV failed.

Perhaps... we like the success of the CNN network will reflect perfectly... will grasp the properties of this new network perfectly to allow for a new media network to be built... and perhaps... this new network of media... is SUPPOSED to be based upon an open meta network... a network which allows anyone to create their OWN personal channel out of thousands and eventually millions of channels of subscriber based media which anyone video maker can create...

Perhaps instead of reality based TV this new revolutionary new medium... will be you friends... your family... and instead of just being on the TV screen... it'll come through your cell phone... directly to your network enabled video ipod or PSP... you Tivo, or Akimbo... Perhaps this revolutionary new network will work because it's an architecture based on open access.... and at the center of that network will be services like mefeedia... architected to make sense of it all... architected to get that media everywhere... architected to further enhance communications... here's the catch... the secrete... to enable radically new methods for monetization... not based on anything we've seen before in media. No more "packaged deals" no more "paying for channels"... no more buying plastic discs.

Anyway... it's all just B.S. schmack... pay no attention to it... what's important to the other 99.999% of the world is the media ... the great content... we're just trying to... get the interfaces the fuck out of the way.... Like Leonardo (I think) once said... the form is already in the marble... we just try to see it and reveal it...

This is precisely what we're doing with webservices... some might thing we're inventing something new... but we are in fact realizing and revealing the architecture that is already inherent in the internet... these capabilities were already inherent in the basic architecture of the internet from day one... we just needed to add a little capacity and spend about 20 year (so far) peeling away the layers to reveal it's form.... This is the same thing CNN did they realized the message within the satellite network... it was global... 24 hour access... for them news..... For us it will be global 24 hour on demand access to OUR media... Our friends... or family... or social network of friends... of niche materials... yeah sure they'll be some mainstream content in there... but this will be defined by a whole new revolution in control and access.

Peace, Mike

Admiring the iPhone window display at the San Francisco Apple Store
iPod News
Image by Steve Rhodes
but no line yet

Here's a bit about Greg Packer (who has never owned a mac or iPod) and is first in line in New York City:

Packer has never met a microphone or notebook he didn't like, which is why he's usually standing at the head of any line where reporters are present. According to Packer's lengthy Wikipedia entry, he has been quoted more than 100 times in the news media — including The Times — as an ordinary citizen commenting on matters such as the death of Princess Diana and the appeal of Pope John Paul II to Jews.

He was first in line at the opening of the ground zero viewing platform in 2001 and first in the public line to greet President Bush in Washington after his 2001 inauguration.

from a LA Times article linked here


which mentions his wikipedia entry


The guy who is second in line does seem cool though


Cool IPad News images

Check out these iPad News images:

"I'm in heaven This is the only way to read @nytimes now" Showing her the #iPad app @palafo He says subcription should be a month
iPad News
Image by Steve Rhodes
Pass that on to those who are making the decision on pricing.

He said the NY Times kindle subscription recently went up from to
& that a cheaper price would attract more people.

He is also a print subscriber.

He was later interviewed by Ch 7 KGO.

More photos from the iPad frenzy



AEA Minneapolis Sketchnotes - Jeremy Keith
iPad News
Image by Mike Rohde
Sketchnotes and photos captured in Minneapolis, MN for An Event Apart 2011, August 8-9, 2011.

Check out my AEA post on Rohdesign.com for more info on my sketchnotes.

You can download a 6.5 MB PDF version of these notes, convenient for printing or viewing on an iPad.

Follow me on Twitter at @rohdesign

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Image by Orangeadnan