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51st anniversary of Tibetan National Uprising Day in San Francisco 268
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Image by Steve Rhodes
They showed three videos projected from a macbook.

I am Tibetan

a response to it made in India

and a music video

More photos of the March 10th protest

Also see my photos of the 2008 protests over the China Olympic torch

A few of these photos are at

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When Lily asked grandpa to turn the TV on for her. She tolerated it for awhile before just going to get her iPad to watch cartoons.
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Image by Selbe Lynn

Granny pedal power across desert
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Image by spelio
Newspaper cutting sent by Mary's parents in WA to me while she may still have been returning, from the race with John Rae, who owned Spokesman Cycles who sponsored the winner Peter Hansen,.
They were all in the rented 60 Series Cruiser heading down the Birdsville Track to Marree and back to Canberra.

I was home looking after the kids, with help with meals and baby sitting by some neighbours...

Cool IPod News images

Some cool iPod News images:

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Image by Fotos de Camisetas de SANTI OCHOA
Camiseta con la silueta de un primate escuchando música con los cascos musicales.
Indagando por la red descubro que esta imagen fue usado en una campaña en contra de otra campaña publicitaria de la marca Ipod, en la cual aparecían siluetas humanas con su correspondiente ipod en pose de extrema felicidad, pues hale, aquí ponemos a un mono escuchando su Ipod.
Que no es todo oro lo que reluce, viene a querer decir.

Apple iPod Lineup 2012
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Image by dklimke

RTE Reveals the iPod at IT Sligo

A few nice iPod News images I found:

RTE Reveals the iPod at IT Sligo
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Image by Bernie Goldbach
IT Sligo captured national news attention when revealing its use of the iPod in selected engineering courses.

Image taken from page 87 of 'Our American Resorts ... Where to go and how to get there ... With ... illustrations. Edited by L. M. Babcock'
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Image by The British Library
Image taken from:

Title: "Our American Resorts ... Where to go and how to get there ... With ... illustrations. Edited by L. M. Babcock"
Author: BABCOCK, Louis M.
Shelfmark: "British Library HMNTS 10408.f.6."
Page: 87
Place of Publishing: Washington
Date of Publishing: 1883
Publisher: National News Bureau
Issuance: monographic
Identifier: 000160467

Find this item in the British Library catalogue, 'Explore'.
Download the PDF for this book (volume: 0) Image found on book scan 87 (NB not necessarily a page number)
Download the OCR-derived text for this volume: (plain text) or (json)

Click here to see all the illustrations in this book and click here to browse other illustrations published in books in the same year.

Order a higher quality version from here.

Cool IPod News images

Check out these iPod News images:

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Image by Eddie Awad
Sun is in the midst of six "iPod moments," transformations that could mean new revenue for the server company, CEO Scott McNealy tells his audience at the Oracle OpenWorld conference. (via CNET)

SnowSeekers iPhone App 586I_7177_r

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SnowSeekers iPhone App 586I_7177_r
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Image by N A I T
Members of the SnowSeekers team.

Back row left - Brandon Boucher and Will Colford. Left front - Barb Martowski. Right - Jim Barr/Doc Pow and Dan Moore.

SnowSeekers™ Inc., recently recognized as one of Canada’s most innovative companies, is a new media company that specializes in delivering its audience the “best of the best” from the snow-filled destinations of Alberta and British Columbia. With a national TV series, an e-news magazine at and the SnowSeekers Go-Guide iPhone App, it is SnowSeekers Inc.’s mission is to provide the best information possible through first-person experiences for those planning winter vacations in Western Canada.

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Image by CoDiFi
Vesuvio Café in North Beach, San Francisco.

Photographs in this collection have been produced by Heather Do, Connor Rowe, Kathleen Markham, Alison Lowrie, Kenneth Chiu, Katie Salmond, Diana Chavez, Elena Toffalori, Ashley Vink, Aimee O'Dea, Liz Dolinar, Allison Barden, Justine Khoury, Daniele Alaniz-Roux, and Justin Thach at the request of Michael Ashley for the UC Berkeley Anthropology 136e class, Spring 2011. The purpose was to digitally document the cultural heritage of Vesuvio Café to not only document the cultural history embeded into the ageless walls but also to connect spatially the symbiotic relationship that preserves the legacy of beatnik culture today.

Vesuvio Cafe, (37.79757°N 122.40625°W), located in the North Beach region of San Francisco Bay, is a cultural bastion preserving the cultural heritage of bohemian era and the beatnik culture that generated its establishment by Henri Lenoir in 1949 and made infamous by the renown authors such as Jack Kerouac from which the adjacent alley is named. The building in which the bar is housed is otherwise known as the Cavalri building built in 1913 and expanded to a second story in 1918 and designed by Zanolini with Italian Renaissance revival elements. The transient existence of these unkempt literary members and their constituents is reflected in the liminal location of the former saloon restaurant at the border between the vagrant Chinese- Italian communities; by 1970[1], most of the diverse cultures regressed into economical housing . Vesuvio Café despite its rich history back to the 1950’s , are not historically preserved site; in fact, they were rented until 1999[2] by managers Chris and Janet Clyde, whose proprietary hopes to protect the building from other commercial interest. Over the years, Vesuvio has undergone its share of renovations and damages such as the 1999 retrofitting for earthquake safety or even the 1973 damage dealt to the building by an errant bus[3]. Over the years, the "I'll never forget after the retro-fitting, one man came in, he was about 55 years old and in a business suit," Clyde said. "He actually had tears in his eyes when he looked at the place. He said, `You didn't change anything.' Vesuvio has kept its character as a neighborhood bar.”[4]

Photographs in this collection were shot on April 11, 2011 between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm Pacific Time under variable natural lighting due to cloudy skies with intermittent periods of morning exposure conditions. Photos were captured on the following cameras: Canon DSLR XTI/T2i, S95, Sony Cybershot, Canon Powershot. Lenses used include: Macro 60mm, Telephoto 70-200, Canon T2i 18-55mm, Canon XTI 17-85mm. A tripod was used for timelapse, Gigapan, macro, telephoto, HDR, and photogrammetry shots. iPhones were also used for documentation shots and Geo-tagging. The photos were post-processed in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.

Description written by Kenneth Chiu, following Addison’s proposed virtual heritage metadata format in his chapter “The Vanishing Virtual” in New Heritage: New Media and Cultural Heritage, edited by Kalay, et al., and published by Routledge in 2007.

All photos Copyright ©2011 Center for Digital Archaeology, Berkeley CA, licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC 3.0 For more information contact Center for Digital Archaeology, Berkeley, CA, 94720 or visit

All photos Copyright ©2011 Center for Digital Archaeology, Berkeley CA
Creative Commons
For more information contact Center for Digital Archaeology, Berkeley, CA,
94720 or visit
For more facts and information about Alcatraz, please visit

Original Filename:

Eliot Ave, Middle Village
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Image by jann_on
"Eliot Avenue runs from Metropolitan Avenue to Queens Boulevard. The oldest parts of the road are in Middle Village, from Fresh Pond Road to Mt. Olivet Crescent and in Maspeth, between Metropolitan Avenue and Fresh Pond Road.

Eliot Avenue was named for Walter G. Eliot, an engineer in the Queens Topographical Bureau who was in charge of the Bureau in 1910. (He even went so far as to name the street a block over for his daughter Marion. Marion Avenue was renamed 63rd Avenue in the 1920s.) It was known as Eliot Avenue until 1925, when it was changed to 61st Avenue. In 1930 or 1931, the street's name was changed back to Eliot Avenue and has remained so ever since. . . .

Much of the road in Middle Village is laid over the ancient Juniper Swamp (a swamp that existed when the original settlers came here in the 1600's). Many delays were caused by the refusal of the cemeteries to permit a road to be cut through from Mt. Oliver Crescent going east. After several years of planning, the City was permitted to cut a narrow two-lane road through the cemetery."

On the right is All Faiths Cemetery.

All Faiths Cemetery:
225 Acres
"The final resting place of more than 540,000 New Yorkers"
Founded 1850, incorporated 1852 as a "non-profit, non-sectarian, membership corporation as Chartered by the State of New York under Legislative Ruling authorizing the incorporation of a Rural Cemetery Association."
Made use of the Rural Cemetery Act of 1847-48
Founder: Rev. Dr. Frederick William Geissenhainer
Connected to St. Paul's German Lutheran Church in Manhattan
The cemetery holds an annual memorial to the General Slocum disaster, which involved mostly members of St. Paul's German Lutheran Church.

"The Rural Cemetery Act led to Queens being a borough of cemeteries. Queens is home to 29 cemeteries holding more than five million graves and entombments, so that the "dead population" of the borough is more than twice the size of its live population. . . . In 1917 a state legislator from Queens complained that the law and the concentration of cemeteries that it had produced resulted in more than one-fifth of Queens' land being exempt from property tax. As of 1918 more than 22,000 acres (89 km2) of land in Queens were owned by private tax-exempt cemeteries. Under current New York law, all cemetery property is exempt from property taxation, but current law allows the governments of Brooklyn, Queens, and certain other New York counties to limit the establishment of new cemeteries within their boundaries.",_Queens

The truck in the foreground reads "Grimaldi's Home of Bread" and there's an interesting story for that as well. Based in Ridgewood, Grimaldi's is a family-owned business that's been around for over 100 years—since 1909, though at that time it was based in Brooklyn. Currently it is both a retail and wholesale bakery.

The website stresses the importance of family reputation and tradition, repeatedly stating that "some things are just in the blood." Well, according to the Daily News, a key figure of the business, the grandson of the founder, was reputed to be in the other family—the mob: "Federal prosecutors identified Grimaldi as a made member of the Bonanno crime family in a 2002 indictment. He later pleaded guilty to racketeering and was sentenced to two years in prison." (To be fair, the Daily News also notes that he's not been implicated in any major violence or corruption.)

The company currently employs 150 people and has annual revenues of approximately million. The bakery recently expanded and has "gone green" by eliminating various excess waste from its production and installing "the ,000 BioX system. The system uses enzymes and benign bacteria to convert waste dough into liquid that is flushed down the drain. It eliminated even more scrap dough, tailings and sweepings without the double and triple handling associated with scooping, shoveling and carting the dough around the facility. Waste cornmeal that is not BioX'd is sent to a firm that makes animal feed."

Nice IPhone News photos

A few nice iPhone News images I found:

iOS5 on iPhone 3GS.
iPhone News
Image by MIKI Yoshihito. (#mikiyoshihito)
Update my old iPhone to the iOS 5 version.

iPhone 4Sの驚異的な動作速度に戦慄しつつも、現役続投を決めた我が愛用のiPhone 3GS。

iPhone 3GSの32GB中古が2万円弱と安価で取引されている昨今なので、
(iPhone 4なら+1万円くらい。2011年10月15日現在のヤフオク相場)


Assimilation through technology

Some cool iPod News images:

Assimilation through technology
iPod News
Image by bloodhive
ipod ,video, games, tattoos, television, science, telephone, cameras, movies, rfid, fox news, wifi, -the mark of the beast . It took about 6 hours to get this rendition and it has many flaws, but from a distance is ok maybe?
i took an internet image and gave it color and detail, through, photo shop.This is the same image that you see next to it, but it has been altered with photo shop.

Apple: old & new
iPod News
Image by wocketmoose
An Apple MessagePad 130 next to an iPod shuffle (which is called news).