Cool IPhone News images

Some cool iPhone News images:

One hour with instagram inside the EP
iPhone News
Image by European Parliament
MEPs are gathering at the Chamber as the voting time will soon start.

April plenary session, what's going on:

Project: One hour with Instagram
Day: 19/04/2012 April Plenary Session
Time: 12:00-13:00
Camera: iphone 4
Post editing: no
Place: European parliament, Strasbourg, France
Copyright free: © European Union 2012 - European Parliament

Coffee Collection
iPhone News
Image by Orin Zebest
They finally had to go to the great garbage pile in the sky. In other news, have you heard that Flickr has a new iPhone app that doesn't suck? It crashed when uploading this, but I opened it again and it went right through! Small victories.

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