Cool IPod News images

A few nice iPod News images I found:

More naming and shaming (Day 299 of 365)
iPod News
Image by Gene Hunt
Taken this afternoon (Friday 12th August) for the Project 365 Group/5th Anniversary of my joining Flickr.

The MEN's front page naming and shaming the worthless scum that caused utter mayhem and chaos by rioting and looting in Manchester and Salford on Tuesday, many have either been improsned or have yet to appear in court.

What did infuriate me big time was that the majority of the looters and rioters were not from disadvantage backgrounds but had high profile jobs such as school teachers, care workers et, all!!

One of the rioters in London was a teaching assistant whereas another, also from London was a 2012 London Olympics volunteer

Day 09.11 loving this app on my phone
iPod News
Image by Frerieke
my hip-and-happening colleague Melle showed me how to take a -print-screen-pic on my iphone. cool stuff. This news app is my favorite friend during my travels from and to work...with the exception of the ipod feature :))) music is surrounding me, my life is one big melody these day...cycling, train-travelling, all becomes so much more fun!

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