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San Francisco Apple Store morning new iPhones launch
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes
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iPhone line at Apple Store

The #iPhoneline the night before

At wireless carrier stores

Past #iPhone & #apple photos

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Victoria's Secret Black Friday at Westfield San Francisco Centre 2009
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes

The Victoria's Secret "brand manager" told me I couldn't take photos of the store.

I told him I had taken many photos already of the store in the Westin St Francis Building.

He said I couldn't take photos there either.

I pointed out Black Friday is a news event & he couldn't stop people from taking photos from a public sidewalk.

He said he still didn't want anyone to and threatened to call security on me, so I didn't get to point out to him that Victoria's Secret publishes 400 million catalogs a year with many of the same images.

Plus advertising, tv shows, and even an iPhone app

Then I took these photos from a distance

12 Days of Shopping

Submit up to 5 Black Friday images to Picture Black Friday until Dec 6th, 2009 (and the best will be displayed sometime after that)

photos from 2007 which included a colorful BND march

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